Xtreme Weapons, the Uzi Submachine Gun
by Jack Corbett


Xtreme Weapons calendar

Xtreme Weapons

There's nothing better than getting paid to shoot fully automatic weapons such as the Uzi unless it's shooting and writing about babes with guns.

The Uzi submachine gun was my second gun article for Xtreme Magazine and back then that meant library time so I did my research on the 1967 seven days war when Israel crushed three Arab countries in a blitzkrieg assault that combined air power, and tanks with highly skilled infantry attacks.  In those days, the  Israeli infantryman's battle rifle was the Uzi, a very compact, highly efficient close quarter weapon that offered high volume close range firepower but hardly anything else--or did it?  What followed was a hands on evaluation of the Uzi in the face of the well regarded Jeff Cooper's condemnation of any machine pistol's suitability for combat as a soldier's primary weapon.  Cooper's premise was that well chosen shots by highly trained riflemen were infinitely superior to the "spray and pray approach"  of less skilled soldiers using short ranged submachine guns.  In fact, Cooper went so far as to write that a skilled soldier using a bolt action rifle was far superior to modern infantrymen armed with submachine guns.  Certainly Israel could have armed its 196o's era troops with World War II vintage M 1 rifles, which offered the power and accuracy of the bolt action rifle with the far superior capability of its semi automatic rifle action.  In 1967 a huge supply of M 1 Garand's was available.  For that matter Israel could have armed its troops with the FAL battle rifle that was favored by several European countries.  So, was Cooper right or was he wrong? It was time for me to take on, the great guru himself--or at least to agree or disagree, and who was I, the unknown Jack Corbett, photographer of titty bar dancers, to argue with the great Jeff Cooper, but argue I, would if not in person certainly in my article for Xtreme.

And after that, my career as a gun writer would reach new heights.  For two years I could assure any adult entertainer a spot in Xtreme Magazine modeling any weapon I chose to review--provided she was good looking enough to be approved by Xtreme Magazine's editor and its owner.  The entertainers would often drive hundreds of miles to do photo shoots with me just so they could get in Xtreme.   "Life couldn't ever get better than this," I kept telling myself.   "Let's see, what weapon do I want to write about this month-----uhhh huh.....let's make it a BAR---a fully automatic rifle in 30-06.  Never shot one of those before."  Then I'd supply the babe and any one of several Missouri  or Illinois gun owners would supply the weapon.

Finally Vic Meyer, one of my gun owner friends, and I got together with Xtreme Magazine to produce the 2004 Xtreme Weapons Calendar.  The calendar would become a masterpiece since it was based on two year's gun articles combined with a quest throughout the United States for outstanding models working in topless clubs or as feature entertainers.  One of them would be a future Miss Nude World, but whereas the model posed with natural smallish breasts for the Xtreme Weapons calendar, by the time she won Miss Nude World her breasts had filled out significantly courtesy of breast enhancement surgery.   And whereas my original AK-47 article for Xtreme Magazine used Jada Deville for my model, by the time we produced the calendar both Xtreme and I felt we needed a new model.  For one thing Jada and I did our AK 47  photo-shoot at Big Louie's  a topless club in Missouri.  It was possibly the strangest photo shoot I ever did and I believe Jada would certainly agree.  The bottom line is I wound up shooting pictures of Jada in what turned out to be some rather strange circumstances and the end result is that although Xtreme published the article and the pictures, I could have done so much better than I did.  Jada's terrific, so although I would have liked to reshoot her for the calendar this never happened.   So we replaced Jada with Mirage who I met while shooting the Miss Texas West Pageant for  Club Maximus where she wound up defeating a half dozen nationally known feature entertainers for the title Miss Texas West.  As for Jada, she would continue being one of the most sought after feature entertainers in the United States while Mirage, who had been just a waitress turned house dancer, would choose never to choose the stardom that could have all been hers.

So the AK47 work I did for Xtreme would become a composite of the unknown house dancer, Mirage, who could have become a super star and the great Jada Deville who already had emerged as one of the finest feature entertainers in the world.  I'd become friends with both and of that I will treasure always, just as I have with all the other women who made my Xtreme articles and Photo shoots so outstanding.

Guns and Babes.  Life doesn't get any better than this.

 Uzi submachine gun

We hope you enjoyed reading the excerpt.  Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World is now  available at Amazon in Kindle, full color and black and white print editions.  Here you  will twenty-six gun articles with 115 pictures of  26 strippers and feature entertainers  

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