Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World inspires gun category in this blog

The real center point for this gun related category of the Jack Corbett Blog is this page, which outlines the 22 guns I wrote about in my book,

    Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World

Some of the guns in the book are the M 1 Garand battle rifle, the M 16, the AK 47, the Kentucky rifle, the Browning 50 caliber machine gun, the M 1 carbine, the Colt 45 Single Action Army and the 1911 forty-five automatic. All the guns mentioned here and most that have not are what I’d consider to be ground breaking weapons, each one interesting in its own right, and which had a considerable effect on the development of weapons design. So right here and now I do want to get across that the book I wrote really is a serious gun book and that my greatest joy while writing the original magazine articles for Xtreme was not so much the photo shoots themselves of all those adult entertainers many of whom became good friends of mine but in actually deciding what gun I’d write about next, and doing the research on that particular weapons.

If I had not been writing for Xtreme Magazine about strippers and feature entertainers I would never have ended up doing so much research on guns. For example, I test fired on full auto the Uzi sub machine gun, the Thompson, the AK 47, the British Sten Gun, the Reising Gun, and the German MP 5 machine pistol for my gun articles in Xtreme. And while doing all those gun articles I could really get to the bottom of things, such as “why was the German M 42 42 considered to be the best light weight tripod mounted machine gun during the Second World War”? or “Does the M 16 American battle rifle really have the stopping power required” My book got into the comparative twist rates of various .223 loadings and why one might be superior to another, the difference between spitzer shaped bullets and no Spitzer types and why a 30-40 Krag rifle might have been deficient at stopping determined Moro warriors during the Philippine insurrection right after the Spanish American War.

So, in spite of its many pictures of so many attractive adult entertainers, this book really was serious about the guns covered. Hopefully this category of my blog with all ensuring discussions will be equally serious.


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