Need help from someone who reads Japanese to help me with theft of “Extreme Babes and Guns for an Adult World”.

I am putting the details at the bottom of this post. The problem is that I cannot read or write Japanese. However someone is offering an electronic version of my book on the internet. I have tried to find email addresses I can address this theft to. Download Provider is offering the download of my book and one can complain there via “customer service”. I have done this two weeks ago and 24 hours ago I have done this again without any response. The way it works is a person goes to download provider so that he can download my book. He must enter his credit card and then he gets a trial membership for something like $1.99. He can then download my book but after the very short trial period is over his credit card is billed monthly for a much larger amount. I tried to complain to Kindle over at Amazon about this hoping to get a little help but there is no customer support phone number. This is not the case with the other Amazon division handling my book in its printed editions, Createspace. Its tech support is excellent. My next step was to go to a Kindle community board and to bring this up there. The only help I got was from several members who advised me to request that my book be taken off the offending web site or to just ignore it.

Since Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World is only available in Kindle format as an e book and I have digital rights protection invoked there it might be somewhat difficult for anyone who does not have a lot of experience to actually steal this book. In such a case the downloader web site might not actually have the book in the first place but has decided its a hot item with a lot of sales potential so it is only using my book as a ploy to get people to sign up with their credit card so they can defraud their customers. In any case….downloader has not responded to my informing it that it offers to deliver my copyrighted book. As far as the Japanese web sites involved, I am at a loss on that one as I cannot even decipher an email address I can complain to. Here’s the details of my request I sent to the downloader web site.

This web site apparently has stolen my book, “Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World”, which is advertised on my web site and which is being offered for sale at in three editions, a printed full color edition, a black and white paperback edition and in Kindle format. This is my author page at Amazon, complete with pictures of myself here in Thailand.
Obviously your customer who is using you for his web site is guilty of copyright violation which carries criminal penalties. I am therefore asking you to take my book off your server, and that you do whatever you can in Japan to help me see this criminal to justice.

You will notice that my book is being offered for download at download provider from a link from your server on the “Gaynell Mcwhorter” web page. I have signed and dated this file as Jon F. Huntman because Jack Corbett is a pseudonym I use as a writer and that Jon F. Huntman is the owner of the web site at and that I have an account with Amazon as Jon F. Huntman as the author Jack Corbett. That is Jack Corbett and Jon Huntman are one and the same person.

I would appreciate your sending me a reply e-mail on what steps you have taken to take care of this. There are severe penalties in the United States for such a clear violation of copyright. I would think the same is true of Japan where I will hopefully join some very good friends in the Tokyo area before the New Year.

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