(My) Latest on the Pattaya Restaurant Scene

The Taverne Restaurant

Contrary to appearances the Taverne Restaurant at Naklua Soi 18/1 on Naklua Road is not closing. In fact it’s the complete opposite, but recently I’ve had people comment on not being able to see the restaurant or who have recently viewed the demolition of the place and this included my Thai girlfriend. This is straight from the Thai manager during several conversations with her during the past couple of weeks and personal observation. The Thai woman, who I view as an excellent manager (she’s been there for over six years now and the Taverne does a very steady business particularly at night) informed me that the Taverne might not renew its lease. The owner of the property wanted a lot of its money up front….which is commonly referred to as ‘Tea Money”. She was unsure of how it would go as she had to discuss the subject with Tony, who’s an astute German who owns a number of businesses in both Pattaya and Bangkok with other partners. For instance the Heidelberg Restaurant here in Naklua is owned by Tony and his partners and so is a German Restaurant on Naklua Soi 33. The new lease period would be for nine years. The final word was that both the manager-co-owner and Tony had agreed to renew the lease, but they’d also substantially modify the building by adding rooms upstairs while giving the restaurant a complete facelift in front. Two days ago while driving my motorbike past Taverne on my way to the Harmony Massage I noticed that the place I had been accustomed to and had long regarded as a landmark was missing so I stopped. There were around half a dozen Thai women sitting at one of the outside tables and I recognized a couple of them as employees so I asked them how long the Tavern would be close. They said the Taverne would be closed for only a few more days.

For those who are interested in good Pattaya restaurants, especially in Naklua, I highly recommend the Taverne. It has excellent German food and breakfast’s starting at 99 baht. It also has excellent Thai food, the service is fast and efficient, and it has a pleasant atmosphere, especially in its outdoor seating area.

Greg’s having his birthday party at Greg’s Kitchen on the fourth of July.

Greg's Kitchen

Greg’s is located on Drinking Street about halfway down on its South side. Drinking Street for those unfamiliar with it, is across from Tiffany’s roughly two blocks North of Big C. For the most part it’s a bar complex comprising over 30 bars. I’ve recently shot four videos of the Drinking Street Bars which I’ve put up on U Tube. The latest on Greg’s Kitchen is Greg has just discontinued his 60 baht per bottled beer happy hours from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. His prices will now be 85 baht per bottle, which is about the same as all the other bars on Drinking Street. The big difference however is that Greg’s Kitchen is a full service restaurant specializing in English cooking. That is you can expect Kidney and other meat pies here, Cornish Pastries, Yorkshire Pudding, an English breakfast, Fish and Chips, etc, But Greg also has continental cuisine associate with countries outside the British isles. For example his Beef Goulash is simply outstanding and there’s Italian fare such as Chicken Parmigiana. There are a number of excellent Thai dishes as well. So call it an English restaurant if you will, after all Greg’s from Birmingham (but I can actually understand him) and he’s been a London chef, but some of my German friends really love the place. The food is first rate here. I know, because I’ve known Greg as a very good friend for over eight years now. As for Greg’s birthday party, he’s asked me to shoot video and take pictures and he’s actually threatened to do a little singing to entertain his guests.

Le Jardin Suisse free food party on July 5

Le Suisse Jardin
Le Jardin Suisse is located right on the curve on Naklua Soi 16 as the Soi turns abruptly North roughly 1 kilometer down from Naklua Road. Its owners are French Swiss, not German so their native language is French and so is their cooking style. I personally enjoy the breakfast’s for 120 baht. There should be a buffet table at the upcoming party and I’d think the food will be on the house. I’ve eaten well at a couple birthday parties in the past. I would expect this party to be its best one yet because it’s Le Suisse Jardin’s First Year Anniversary Party. For me the best single feature of the restaurant is that it’s the only restaurant on Naklua Soi 16 that is quiet. Although there’s some good restaurants on Soi 16 they are all close to the road and the noise of all that traffic can get pretty horrendous especially from all the buses and trucks that do not seem to be muffled at all. Le Jardin Suisse is set back further from the road and as its name suggests there’s a garden here, so it’s a very pleasant experience eating and drinking here.

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