When the East St. Louis Cement Mixer Meets the Drinking Street Bar

Meet Kwan and with her a number of other cute Pattaya Beer Bar Girls in the Drinking Street bar complex. But what separates Kwan from all the others in this entire complex of over forty bars is she’s the complete entertainer, starting with her being the absolute finest dancer here. I’ve got a few other videos over on You Tube with Kwan in them, but this one’s been long overdue and very necessary because I think it captures some of her personality which I can share with the world. It is also a bridge between two worlds I have experienced because this video starts with Delilah who always had been my favorite ex stripper in the United States. And it was Delilah who started this entire East St. Louis Cement Mixer thing which is pretty odd considering that Delilah never lived anywhere near East St. Louis, Illinois. Delilah who went by the stage name of Rene when she was stripping at Stimmelators in Northern Indiana actually lived in Southern Michigan about 50 miles from the club. I’d drive over 400 miles to North Webster, Indiana about every 6 weeks or so from my Collinsville apartment which was near East St. Louis and the strip clubs there and I’d usually stay with the club’s owner Sam Stimmel. I soon met the three prettiest dancers in the club, Heaven, Katt, and Rene and it wasn’t long afterwards that Heaven and Katt became regulars in my Lost Angels chat on my alphapro website. But my favorite always had been Rene and I was so disappointed that she rarely showed up in the chat room. Rene didn’t strip at Stimmelators for very long either but she did ask me to drive up to Michigan to take pictures and video of her getting married. I did while Sam Stimmel gave Rene away to her new husband at the wedding. That should have been the end of everything between Rene and me. One would expect her to slip into married conformity and live a life in the backwaters of that little backwater Michigan town she was living in, but no….it was just the beginning.

It turned out that little ex stripper Rene was a computer guru. She could take a computer apart, trouble shoot it and fix it, and I soon learned that Rene would oftentimes lurk in the background on my web site to see what I was up to. I’d oftentimes drive up to Michigan to stay overnight with her and her husband and go drinking with them in the small town’s bars. And the first time I covered Nudes-A-Poppin which is billed as the largest outdoor nude beauty pageant in the world, her husband allowed Rene to travel there with me in my sports car where we booked a nearby motel room. Rene and her husband even traveled with me to Las Vegas to represent my exhibitor’s booth at the Exotic Dancer Expo at Caesar’s Palace.

But one weekend when I brought three East St. Louis strippers with me to northern Indiana, Rene came down with her husband from Michigan to be with our group, one of whom was Keith, who lived near the Indiana club. During one night’s partying Rene suddenly told Keith and me, I’ll buy you both a drink but you must drink it exactly the way I tell you to drink it. After Keith and I agreed she had the bartender fix us up with on shot of Tequila and one shot of Baileys Cream each and then Rene ordered us to put one shot of liquor in our mouths telling us not to swallow the shot but to hold it in our mouths. Then she had us pour the other shot in our mouths, hold the mixture in our mouths for a few seconds and then shake our heads to blend the two together before allowing us to swallow. Keith and I could barely get both shots into our mouths, and Rene just sat there laughing at us as we downed those shots.

I might have loved little ex stripper Rene to death, and I held the club owner, Sam Stimmel in the highest regard but I just lived too far from North Webster, Indiana so my hangout of choice was much closer to home at the Dollies Playhouse near East St. Louis in Washington Park, IL. THere was a huge amount of fraternization in this club back then and I’d often take strippers home and oftentimes split the hotel costs with one of the girls before I moved off my farm into the area. One of the managers, Big Howard, became one of my best friends and I’d be in this club three times a week at least. And we all drank a lot of Tequila in those days. But after Rene had bought Keith and I those Cement Mixers at Stimmelators, I’d start buying what I called “The East St. Louis Cement Mixer” which was a shot of Tequila with a shot of lime juice. And we’d all start toasting Rene up in Michigan who could only be with us in spirit. EVentually customers would start coming into the club and actually ask for an East St. Louis Cement Mixer.

Rene was and is very special. Beautiful with a wonderful whacky sense of humor and a keen intellect, she was simply the best companion I ever had in those days, and believe me, I had a lot of beautiful American strippers as my friends back then. Which finally brings me to Kwan. Simply put, so far, Kwan is the ONLY Thai girl who’s been able to capture the spirit of someone like Rene. At the bar she will be the most dominant personality. All the mens’ eyes will be upon her, and she’s a true pro. Unlike most of the other girls in the entire complex it is very rare for her to miss a night in the bar she represents. Her appearance is striking. She is five foot six or seven which is tall for a Thai woman and in her heels she stands over five feet eight. And she has the most sensuous trim little body. But she’s far more than a pretty little thing. Her personality is simply contagious. Her English is quite good, but even more important she has a true sense of what she’s doing. If I tell her she’s in a new video on You Tube out comes her cell phone and she’s pulling the video up to watch it right at the bar. She’s alert, she has a quick intellect and she knows she’s there to entertain and to make money. Out of all the Thai women I’ve met in the go go bars and beer bars she’s the only one I’ve ever met who has in my estimation the blend of qualities including the requisite drive to be a widely known feature entertainer in the United States.

This video captures Kwan as much more than a two dimensional good looking Thai girl putting on a dancing performance. It shows the complete entertainer who is capable of captivating an entire bar complex.

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