Do not behave like a foolish tourist by overpaying Pattaya girls


Walking Street is renowned  for tourists who are guilty of overpaying Pattaya  girls.  Most of my expatriate friends view such tourists as total idiots when it comes to the women here. The reason so many expats despise sex tourists is the majority of them act as if they know it all.  Then fail to seek advice from the guys who live here.  And even if given well meaning advice, ignore it.

My favorite girl from Super Girls.  Unfortunately today finding girls like her on Walking Street is like finding a needle in a haystack.

But the worse thing about  foolish tourists is most of them are guilty of overpaying Pattaya girls for sex.    This is very bad for everyone including the women who work in the bars and night clubs in this city.   And ultimately for the fools who caused the problem who will no longer be able to afford the girls.  As for the girls, if most men can no longer pay for them, the majority of them will soon find themselves out of work.

Take the example last week of an American who accompanied an expat friend of mine to  Walking Street. I really don’t know this man at all although I just met him.

Perhaps he’s used to paying California prices for prostitutes of hundreds of dollars for just twenty minutes of sex. Perhaps he doesn’t pay California sex workers at all thinking that he cannot afford their services.

I really don’t know, but this I do know. He went into a go go bar with his expat friend and found a girl he wanted to have sex with.

Straight off, either the girl or the go go bar establishment told him it would cost him 2,000 baht for short time ($60.00). And then since he already had a girlfriend or wife staying with him at his hotel, he needed a place to take the go go dancer. The nearby short time room cost him another 300 baht. Then he had to pay the go go bar a bar fine of 700 baht for so that the go go girl could leave the bar with him. So he paid a total of 3000 baht or $100 American dollar for thirty minutes of short time. But he was not quite finished yet. Feeling sorry for the girl for having to work in such miserable circumstances, he gave her a 1000 baht tip.  Which raised his cost to $133.00.

His expat friend, another American, who just happens to live full time down the street from me probably warned him to go elsewhere to look for a girl.

But this guy’s a tourist, and as I’ve mentioned before, tourists know so much more than we expats.

Gene and I could have taken him to an entirely different area of Pattaya where he would have wound up paying between 500 and 800 baht to short time a girl and just 300 baht for a room with no bar fine whatsoever. His cost for short timing a girl would have been just $33.00. Chances are the girl would have been just as good looking, and I can virtually guarantee that she would have been much better in bed than the spoiled go go girl he had gone with instead.

Did I mention spoiled go-go girls? Yes, I most certainly did because most of you tourists are spoiling them to the point that most of us who live here and know better want absolutely nothing to do with them.

Typical tourist overpaying Pattaya girls
Don’t be a bonehead by overpaying Pattaya girls

What the American who had just spoiled the go go girl didn’t realize is that once he had bar-fined her and turned her loose after having sex with her, she was now free to find her second customer. She might have returned to the go go bar looking for her second bar fine of the night.  Or now free to go wherever she pleased she might have gone to Lucifer’s,  Tony’s or Insomnia as a free lancer to go with any man willing to pay her asking price.   A price that did not include a bar fine.

I give you 80 percent odds she has a Thai boyfriend waiting for her at home.

But whether she does or not you will notice that most go go girls have no interest in spending the entire night with a customer.  Versus your typical beer bar girl whose goal is the opposite.  Which is to spend the entire night so that she can impress her customer to spend additional nights with her.

With most go go dancers the name of the game is constant turnover. Instead of impressing a man so that he might pay her for a week.  A month.  Or even years of companionship.

Do you think I’m joking? I live here, so I know. I used to frequent a beer bar near my condo that had the best looking group of bar girls around. Time and time again after midnight or so, if the night was going slowly and the girls were not getting bar fined, I’d watch a group of them leave the bar and stand together waiting for a baht taxi to take them down to Walking Street to go to Insomnia for customers.

Ten years ago  overpaying Pattaya girls was not very common

When I first moved here to Pattaya 500 baht used to be the  accepted price for short time. With go go dancers, the price for short time would have been 500-1000 baht.  While an all night long time cost up to 1500 baht. Go to the same go go bars today and the girls are quoting  2000 to 3000 baht short time.   And sometimes even more.  Especially if their go go bar attracts mostly Japanese and Korean men for their customers. Japanese men in particular are widely known on Walking Street to pay stratospheric prices for sex.

Now I just don’t understand most of these Japanese guys I see down on Walking Street overpaying Pattaya girls.  Sometimes they throw baht right at the girls dancing on the stage.  And they often purchase ping pong balls  which they throw at the girls on the stage.  The girls  scramble all over stage.  Groveling on their hands and knees to gather up as many ping pong balls as they can which they redeem at the bar for cash. To me, there’s nothing more stupid than throwing money away at go go girls.

And yet, so many Japanese customers enjoy overpaying Pattaya girls

Perhaps it’s a modern Asian version of the old Indian Potlatch ceremony that’s at play here. The Potlatch used to be a form of celebration practiced by Pacific Northwest Indians to demonstrate their wealth and status by giving away gifts to their peers who would then try to outdo their rivals by giving away even greater amounts of wealth.

So when it comes to throwing away lots of money at the girls, ping pong balls or paying more for sex than the rest of us are used to paying, many Japanese just might be demonstrating, “I have more money than you, more power, or more status. In effect they are trying to tell the world, “I am a real man because I can afford to throw my money away.”

Or perhaps these Japanese sex tourists are getting a certain malicious pleasure out of seeing all these women humiliating themselves by groveling around on the floor for a few baht.

To be honest, I really don’t know, but I am going to Japan one week from now where I will be seeing a very old Japanese friend of mine. I will be asking him, What is it with so many of these Japanese guys wanting to throw their money away at women?” One thing for sure though is that many of these Japanese are spoiling things for a lot of men by driving the price for sex upwards to levels most men either won’t want to pay or who cannot afford it.

Now I really don’t have it in for the Japanese. They build great cars, They produce wonderful cameras. They are clean and orderly.

And I am going all the way to Japan just to see a very good friend of mine, who happens to be Japanese, who I’ve not seen in years. I can go on and on about their wonderful attributes. But I absolutely fail to understand their ridiculous and stupid behavior when it comes to the go go bars here in Pattaya. We Westerners revel in getting value for our money. Even when it comes to women. And throwing ping pong balls at the girls simply doesn’t equate to anything approaching value. But in the end as stupid as so many of these Japanese men seem to be, I find most American and European tourists to be just as stupid by failing to seek the advice of those who know better or upon getting such advice, completely ignoring it.

One more bit of advice, however. If you think Walking Street go go girls are top drawer you will wind up overpaying Pattaya girls for sex

I remember a slender girl who used to dance at Heaven Above Go Go.  A good friend of mine had the hots for her so he bar-fined her. But he went out with us to a couple more go go bars.  After he returned to Heaven Above, he found out that another man had bar-fined her.  The club gave him the option of picking another girl.  But he wisely declined the offer and was given his bar fine back.   So this night he was able to avoid overpaying Pattaya girls and get a second shot at her later.

A couple of months later we found her working at a Soi Six Bar.  There’s no bar fine.  One only has to pay for  a room upstairs for 300 baht.

But here on Soi Six he would have had to pay her just 500 baht for short time versus the 2000 baht she was getting as a Walking Street go go girl

Another Soi Six girl worked for a couple of weeks at Baccarat Agogo on Walking Street, a club that has a very heavy Asian customer base. At Baccarat the Soi Six girl’s bar fine was 1000 baht.  And she would probably be asking another 2000 baht for short time. Not able to make nearly as much money at Baccarat as she had been making on Soi Six she soon returned to Soi Six where a man can have sex with her for 1000 baht.  700 baht for her and 300 for the room upstairs.

Go to Soi Six and avoid overpaying Pattaya girls

These are the same girls. They have the same brains, the same bodies, and the same hearts.  But when they work at Walking Street go go bars you spend a hundred American dollars for them.  But when they work on Soi Six you pay just one third the price. That’s why so many of my expat friends are so contemptuous of the Walking Street go go bars.  And men who are overpaying Pattaya girls.

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