Hilarious excuse from Pattaya Go Go girls to avoid long time

Walking Street Pattaya go go girls have a bad reputation for cheating customers out of long time sex they paid for.  ming short time sex for many years by using a variety of excuses to “go home early”. A couple of the lines I was fed were, “I have my baby in my room and must go home to take care of it (the baby is with the Thai family and nowhere near Pattaya)” And “my girlfriend has a problem so I must go home to take care of it for her. But this latest line of bull from a couple of nights ago takes the cake.

A friend of mine negotiates with both the mamas-an of the go-go bar and the girl for what he wants. There’s a short time room in the go go bar itself for 350 baht. And of course there’s the bar fine which is 600 baht in this particular go-go bar. But my friend wants the intimacy of his hotel room and unknown to me he wants long time instead of short time and this means an all-niter. But he makes a mistake and this is to pay the mamasan. The way it should work is the customer pays the bar fine to the go go bar while he negotiates a price that is acceptable to both the girl and himself.

So the three of us head down to Pattaya Tai where we board a baht taxi to Naklua where the pair get off at the Lek Villa Hotel. My friend’s room is on the 4th floor and he has his windows and door open to the balcony to let the fresh ocean breeze in. He has sex with the go-go girl and then he goes to sleep. One or two hours later the girl wakes him up. She has shut the door to the balcony and closed the window, but she hasn’t turned the air conditioner on.

She cries out at him, “Mosquitoes, I got them everywhere.” Then she shows him a pimple on her ass, and tells him, “I cannot sleep because of the mosquitoes so I must go home (to my Thai boyfriend or disco such as Lucifers, Tony’s, Insomnia, Marine, etc to pick up still another paying customer). This really pisses off my friend who by now cannot wait to get rid of the bitch so he tells her, “Go, get out of here. Next time I don’t go to your go-go bar. I got to Beach Road for good lady for just 500 baht.”

I recall his saying he paid her 3500 baht for the long time plus the 600 baht bar fine plus another 300 baht to the mamasan for setting up such a great deal for him. But trust me, his experience is all too typical for Walking Street Go-Go girls. I remember a friend of mine who paid 2000 baht to a Living Dolls go go girl expecting to have her spend all night with him, but she kept telling him, “I cannot sleep. You snore too much. I must go home (to Thai husband).

There are three lessons to be learned here. Number one–Do not go to go-go bars, number 2. If you must never have the mamasan or waitress negotiate the price for you. She will try to get the highest dollar for the girl at your expense, and 3. Never pay for sex in advance. Negotiate your price and then pay the girl when she leaves you or you are finished doing what the two of you agreed on. If she falls asleep on you without performing don’t pay her and if a girl cheats you out of a long time by going short time, pay her only for the short time.

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