More Pattaya Drinking Street Sizzling Kwan Video

Kwan could easily be one of Pattaya Walking Street’s highest paid go go dancers.  Instead she  performs at a Pattaya Drinking Street beer bar.

This and many other videos demonstrate that some real gems can be found in a Pattaya beer bars

Pattaya Drinking Street
Kwan and Mam were the two big stars on Pattaya Drinking Street. There were a lot of bar girls here, considering there’s over 30 beer bars. But Kwan and Mam eclipsed them all by a considerable margin.

I’ll tell a little secret on Kwan.  For a few months she pretty much disappeared from Pattaya Drinking Street.   Because she was living in my condo building up here in Naklua.  Now don’t get the wrong idea.  Kwan was never my girlfriend.  But she is a good friend who has loads of talent working the bar.   And she made me look good as a photographer.  But I believe she realized that I made her look good also.  So we had a symbiotic relationship.  And, we both really enjoyed the tequila.  Or for that matter drinking just about anything together.

Take that video I shot of Kwan over on Soi 8 at the Best Bar.  She was living in my condo then.

A small group of us had dinner on the beach at the Pullman Hotel.

Our group has gotten used to watching Kwan dance at Pattaya Drinking Street

So tonight we decided to do something a little different.  Although none of us hang out at Soi 8, we decided to go to Pattaya Soi 8 Best Bar because the bar girls do a lot of dancing there.  And I figured with luck I could get Kwan up on that bar.  And sure enough she couldn’t stand to be in the background.  So with all those other bar girls getting all the attention due to their dancing, Kwan asked me:  “Will the bar allow me to get up there and dance?”  It did.  And Kwan performed great, as always.

Jack Corbett


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