East Saint Louis Cement Mixer meets Pattaya Bar Girls

If you cannot get this video on your tablet download this version. By far my best version of this Pattaya bar girl video is over on my You Tube Channel.  Unfortunately the You Tube censorship team decided to disallow it on mobile devices such as smart phones.  There is music playing in the background over on Drinking Street and that background music is part of this video.  So….some might claim there are some copyright violations here.  I disagree.  The music is part of what is happening in the Drinking Street beer bars.  I can take the music out and leave this as a silent movie, but then I’d be inaccurately portraying the action on Drinking Street.  I can substitute in elevator music but once again my video would not ring true.  Since my goal is to take all of you into the real Drinking Street experience, I will not and cannot sacrifice art simply because someone might want to sue You Tube.  Like my other videos you will find here, I shot the video, and I did all the video editing.

Download it here  But do not abuse it.  Speaking of copyright violation, the entire process from the shooting of the video to its editing is mine  And the girls who were good enough to help me create this outstanding video.  If you like go to my you tube channel, get the embedding code and put the You tube window and video  on your site, but do give me credit and a return link to this site at http://www.pattayabargirls.net  

Segments of this video are watermarked



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