Le Jardin Suisse new French Swiss Restaurant and Guesthouse in Pattaya

Le Jardin Suisse (Swiss Garden) is a quiet French Swiss Restaurant and guesthouse close to Pattaya  on Naklua’s prestigious Wongamat Beach

The Swiss Garden is only 200 meters from the Gulf of Thailand on Naklua Soi 16  .  It is the only restaurant on Soi 16 which escapes the  noisiness of Soi 16’s  heavy traffic.  However, it’s the 10 room guesthouse that brings the Swiss Garden to a new level, especially when you consider that its rooms are just 800 baht a night.   And for those who already live at Wongamat Beach and  have guests coming in from overseas, the combination of reasonable prices and the quiet beautiful garden is hard to beat.   For example, if you lived at Wongamat Residence, Parkbeach condo,  Wongamat Tower, the Swiss Garden is less than 200 meters away.   Or if you lived at Northpoint, Zire or Skybeach it’s still only a 600 meter walk.  The combination of the French Swiss Restaurant’s terrific food, low priced guesthouse rooms and unrivaled atmosphere of The Swiss Garden is  nearly impossible to find anywhere else in Pattaya.

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