Let’s give Thai bar girls a break for honesty.

It’s been four years since being on the committee in my condo and starting Welcome to the Fun House  But come on, no doubt 95 percent of all Thai bar girls are playing with a crooked deck. But that’s a great achievement.  I”m back on the committee, heading it in fact, and from what I’m seeing 99 percent of all condos in Pattaya are being ripped off by their managers and other office personnel, and for repairs that cost 2.5 times what they should be.  Embezzlement is ripe.  Well don’t hold me to those figures.  Perhaps only 89 percent of all Thai bar girls are dishonest and only 92 percent of the condo offices are.  So let’s give gold stars to the bar girls for setting an unprecedented record here for honesty and integrity that is practically unknown by the powers that  be.

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