Beautiful Walking Street go-go girl wearing glasses

I never sat next to the beautiful Walking Street go-go girl wearing  glasses.  She never sat at our table.  And she never spoke with me. She would have probably tried to  milk me out of  all the drinks she could get.    Figuring I was a tourist who didn’t know better.

Huh, a beautiful Walking Street go-go girl wearing glasses

But Billy Bob and I kept noticing the beautiful Walking Street go-go girl wearing  glasses whether she was dancing on the stage or sitting across the room from us with her latest customer.  But it was the glasses that made this girl stand out from all the other girls. Sure, she had a beautiful trim little body.  But many other go go dancers at the Light House were equally attractive. Thing is, not many Thai women wear glasses, or at least not here in Pattaya where reading is totally unimportant.

Many customers coming into the Light House no doubt felt that she was sharper than the rest.  Therefore she was worth   getting to know for her brain as much as her looks.

But tonight we never bothered to go into the Light House.  Even though it has great eye candy and is good for a happy hour priced drink or two.   Bottom line is nothing eventful ever happened to me there , and at 150 baht for a beer, I at least expect the girl I’m sitting with to do her best to titillate me.

Take the last time I was at Crazy House for example. It was that Jacuzzi girl who got to me.  As she showed off her beautiful naked body while giving me the eye from across the room.  Our eyes met, she smiled at me.  Fifteen minutes later she came over to me and sat in my lap. Then she started touching my stomach.  Then she took my nipples into her mouth and started biting down on them.

Now that got my attention real fast. But the Light House? “Nada. Nothing. Zilch. No action.  So screw it,

I’m taking a pass on it tonight.” So we went to Crazy House where the Jacuzzi girl wasn’t.  Then we went to the Palace A Go Go where  the Beautiful Walking Street go-go girl wearing glasses joined us.

I hadn’t realized that Billy Bob already knew her.  But Billy Bob likes the go-go bars a lot more than I do, so here she was sitting across from me. She was friendly enough. She was even polite to me, but I knew she was one of those high dollar girls.

Billy Bob told me once that she had told a man that she would quit working in the go go club if he paid her family 50,000 baht a month. Which didn’t even count what he’d have to pay her.  But but you gotta figure it’s going to be 75 ,000 to 100,000 baht altogether. So we are talking about $2500 to $3000 a month now, which is one helluva lot for a girl who probably doesn’t have more than a sixth grade education.  But…who knows? Perhaps she’s worth it if a man’s got a lot of money to blow.  And she’s got a brain and some good conversation ability.

Most of the girls in the Palace Go go were up on the stage were looking across at themselves in the mirror

while hardly noticing the customers. Which didn’t bother me in the least. I was with Billy Bob and whenever we are together we are going to have a great time no matter what happens. Straight off, Billy Bob buys the girl wearing the glasses a drink.  Which surprises the hell out of me because Billy Bob is cheap when it comes to the wimmen.

But this one,  this beautiful Walking Street go-go girl wearing glasses got an attitude.

It’s not that she’s talking too much or talking trash. And it’s not that the beautiful Walking Street go-go girl wearing glasses is pushy. It’s just too obvious to me that she has a very high opinion of herself. I look at her, studying her intently.

And oh yes, she’s got a great body. But she’s very pretty also. I imagine her not wearing her glasses and decide that she’s going to look a lot better with them than without. Suddenly I come up with a mischievous thought. I take the bill for my drink out of the bin, hold it up in front of her, and ask: “Can you read this bin without your glasses?” But then Billy Bob, he pulls her glasses straight off her face so he must be thinking the same thing I’m thinking. After laying the bill down on the table, he suddenly blurts out: “This is just plain glass. These glasses are non-proscription.”

We’ve caught the girl with the fake glasses out.  Billy Bob says, “Last week you were telling me you were wearing contacts so you were not wearing your. Are they made of non-prescriptive glass too?” Without hesitating the girl replies: “I need to wear glasses because of the light in here.”

To which I might reply, “This is not LOS” (the land of smiles)–it is LOL (the Land of Lies). But no matter. We’d hit a couple of more go go bars afterwards where I’d find a new conquest.  Perhaps a waitress with a perfect body.  And trust me, there will be none of that coyote go go high dollar pricing to go with the terrific time I’ll be having with the service girl.

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