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With over 658 subscribers and over 1.4 million views Jack Corbett’s You Tube Videos have earned widespread international acceptance.

Hottest Pattaya girls dancing for fun

Hottest Pattaya girls dancing for fun video tops 648,000 views because it realistically captures the ambiance of the beer bar experience.  Yet so far no one has explained why this videos was so successful.

Hottest Pattaya girls

The video took place at the Skytop Guesthouse and Internet cafe on 2nd Road just one block from Pattaya’s famous Soi Six.  My best friend, an Australian named Pete had owned the place.  Unfortunately Pete died leaving the business to his widow, Wan.  But I had lived for 11 months across the guest house’s hallway from Pete and Wan.  I had watched two key employers and the condo’s cleaning woman quit in the same week and Pete could barely turn a computer on.

And Pete was in and out of hospitals due to severe health problems that would later kill him.

It was all up to Wan.  I Watched her clean the entire place single-highhandedly while she picked up the computer skills that are essential to running an internet cafe.  Because of  Wan’s skilled management and hard work the business prospered.  She made two partitions out of the internet cafe on the 1st floor.  Then she rented  one of them  out to Geogio, a Burmese tailor of unprecedented talent.  While she left the other partition as an internet cafe.  Then she started up a beer bar in front of the internet cafe which she ran with the help of her younger sister.

Being great friends of both Pete and Wan I could run riot with mycameras.

Hottest Pattaya girls

After Pete died, I took Wan and my girlfriend over to a Soi 8 bar that had the hottest Pattaya girls on the soi dancing non stop.

I had always found this bar to be jam packed with customers so he said to Wan:  “Wan, you really should consider having a dancing marathon at your Skytop bar.  You could have try outs on a weekly basis, say every Wednesday night and then once a month you could have a special contest with a cash reward.  Say 3000 or 4000 baht for the best dancer of the month. If you got the word out you’d have some of the hottest Pattaya girls competing against each other.  Meanwhile you could limit the contestants to only those who had made it through your weekly tryouts.”

Hottest Pattaya girls

Wan replied, “Jack, the hottest Pattaya girls are not worth anything.  All their lives they’ve been told how pretty they are, so they become lazy knowing they can have anything without working.

They do what they want, they show up for work only when they feel like it.  I don’t want them working in my bar.”

No truer words have been spoken.  I had thought the same way back in the U.S. while taking pictures of hundreds of strippers and feature entertainers.  But now Wan’s words had really sunk in.  From then on, I looked at the hottest Pattaya girls differently.  I had thought the same way before, but Wan’s words kept nagging at me whenever I went into a go go bar.

I’d keep asking myself while observing a go go dancer gyrating around the stage:  “Can she cook?  Can she get out of bed in the morning?  Can she give a good massage?  Just how money hungry is she?

Is she a real bitch once you get to know her?  Can she read a book or do things by herself while I’m busy writing my next book.  Or editing a video, or will she always want to go out at night spending a lot of money and doing things behind my back that I don’t want her to be doing?  Can she hold onto her money?  Is she a spendthrift who throws away all the money she could makes?”

Hottest Pattaya girls

Going to the go go bars never was the same again.

But when it comes to the hottest Pattaya girls, Wan had actually been a bar girl and that’s where Pete had met her, at a beer bar.  And yet, she had turned out to be an incredibly hard working woman.  She also became an excellent long term thinker and planner.  Even though it’s commonly known that most Pattaya girls only think short term.  And that bar girls are short on education with a 6th grade education being all too typical.

Hottest Pattaya girls

Most of the Pattaya girls in this video worked for Wan’s beer bar for years.  She had scarcely any turnover at all, which is perhaps the most solid evidence of  Wan’s management competence.  This video captures the true spirit and sense of fun in a well managed beer bar.

You can see Wan hamming it up throughout the video with the girls.  While her customers urge everyone on, which is one of the main reasons for this video’s success.  For a two week period it had been averaging over 6000  views a day

until you tube decided to put age restrictions on it for whatever reason its moderation team had come up to keep it out of sight of under aged viewers.


Drinking Street Bars have 2 terrific Pattaya girls dancing

Whether they are really sisters or not, the Drinking Street bars have 2 terrific Pattaya girls dancing at a heart stopping pace.  Kwan and Mam are just two examples of why we can’t think of a better all around place to hang out than the Pattaya Drinking Street bars, which in our estimation has eclipsed Soi 7 and 8 which had been our favorite stomping ground for years.

Drinking Street Bars so not have anyone like Mam
So far no Pattaya Drinking Street has been able to match either Mam or Kwann. This is Mam

There is a single sound system and D.J. for all of all the Drinking Street bars for starters.  That means you are not going to have  noise coming at you from all directions.  Which is generated by multiple music sources.   Drinking Street is compact as there are two rows of bars with 10 to 15 bars in each row.  But for us, another huge plus for the Drinking Street bars is Greg’s Kitchen, which is in its own way a wolf posing in a sheep’s clothing.

Greg’s Kitchen is an English restaurant that specializes not only in English food, but also in Thai and continental cuisine.  Greg’s got the best meat pies in Pattaya starting with his superb Cornish pasties at 240 baht.  A second favorite of mine is his beef goulash.  But whatever you are getting the portions are more than ample. While  the food is absolutely first rate.  But the real icing on the cake is that you can order your food at Greg’s.  And then have him deliver your food to whichever one of the Drinking Street bars you prefer.  You will be the envy of nearly everyone at your bar when your huge plate of food arrives, but oh well, you read this post and they didn’t, so it’s McDonalds for them.

Drinking Street Bars have no one to match Kwan anymore
Photographed together is Jack Corbett’s Yamaha SR 400 motorcycle and the author’s favorite Pattaya star of the stage, Kwann, from Drinking Street

The best thing about the Drinking Street Bars are the women because if you can’t find a Pattaya bar girl on Drinking Street who appeals to you, then it’s time you either join a monastery or start chasing lady boys on Soi Six.  On that final note, I’m going to ask all of you who have viewed this you tube video. “Have you ever found girls in the Walking Street Go Go bars who can deliver better performances than Mam and Kwan?” Bar fines are typically 300 baht here and after that it’s between you and the girl.  Compare that to the new wave of Drinking Street Coyote dancers.


  1.  Kwan is sometimes still working in the Drinking Street Bars while Mam has moved to Hong Kong

2.   Greg’s Kitchen is no longer operating on Drinking Street

3.  The music is now piss poor at Drinking Street as it now caters to Arabs and Indians.  Expect a lot of Da Da music (Noise) here for instance

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Pattaya Thai girl Mam is dancing on Drinking Street at the Frog Bar

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Best Pattaya entertainer is Kwan on Drinking Street

Drinking Street Kwan performs at Pattaya Best Bar on Soi 8

When the East St. Louis Cement Mixer Meets the Drinking Street Bar

Christmas video from Drinking Street Koracha Bar


Best Pattaya entertainer is Kwan on Drinking Street

She’s not found in a Pattaya go go bar.  The best Pattaya entertainer we’ve found is Kwan on Drinking Street.  Which just goes to show that some of the best gems work in beer bars.  Bu you must look harder to find them.  So just how good is Pattaya entertainer Kwan?  Let me put it this way.  She’s the only Thai girl I’ve found here who I’d put on the same level as the best feature entertainers I’ve met in America.

And I’ve known lots of the best feature entertainers in the United States.  This is no idle boast.

Just check out the Hall of Fame pages on my alphapro web site or buy Extreme Guns and Babes for an Adult World, which features over

2004 Xtreme Weapons Calendar
In 2004 Xtreme Magazine, a gun owner friend, and I produced the Xtreme Girls with Xtreme Weapons calendar. While writing gun articles for Xtreme Magazine I could choose just about any weapons I wanted to write about and virtually guarantee any topless dancer or feature entertainer free publicity in the article I’d write for Xtreme Magazine.

twenty-five weapons for my “Xtreme” gun articles.

Back in those days I routinely traveled with feature entertains across the United States, stayed at the same hotels with them, often roomed with one of the stars, had them stay with me in my apartment for weekends for photo shoots.  Above all, I was lucky enough to get the chance to do articles about them for Xtreme and other adult magazines.

When I wrote an article about an American  feature entertainer, the first thing I’d do was to focus on what made this particular adult star different from the rest.  I’d keep asking myself, “What is this girl’s finest attributes that make her such a great entertainer?”  For me, that was the key.

Pattaya entertainer Kwan
Pattaya entertainer Kwan on Drinking Street

With Kwan, I keep asking questions such, “Why do my friends and I like her so much?

Why is this Pattaya entertainer so exciting?  How would this Pattaya entertainer stack up against America’s most successful feature entertainers?Kwan clicks all the right boxes.   Watch her, just watch her, and not just for one night.  Go to Drinking Street and check out who’s dancing and how much time is each Pattaya bar girl spending on the stage.  One girl will impress you, but it’s just for one night.  You might not see her for the rest of the week.  Or if you do see her, she’s taking the easy way out doing practically everything except dancing.  But you will see Kwan putting in a lot of hours dancing on the stage, then you come back the next night and there she is again.

Who makes more money for a bar?   The girl who’s always up on center stage putting both herself and her bar in the limelight, or the wall flower who’s too busy chatting up her bar girl friends than to get up and showcase her talent?  Kwan is tall, being five foot six without her heels.  She dances on the bar’s stage and she dances on the bar.  When she does, she’s visible from all the other Drinking Street bars.  There’s no doubt who’s the superstar of Drinking Street.  That’s how I found her.  I saw this tall slender girl dancing across the room from me, and I thought to myself, “That girl is one helluva dancer.  I must go over and meet her.”

The best American feature entertainers are not stand offish.  And now it’s about time to explain the difference between a feature entertainer and a house dancer.

In America’s topless and strip clubs the dancers you normally encounter there are house dancers.  The local club employees them. And it is their job to work their shifts night after night for that particular club.

A feature entertainer is as her name suggests someone who is featured by the club that has hired her.  Her performances are typically scheduled for three or five successive nights.  She is paid for each featured show, say $200 per show.  She might perform three shows a night over the period of time she has contracted for.

Feature entertainers are typically represented by a professional talent agency such as Pure Talent.

The agency will typically get a booking fee of 15 %.  A good agency will make sure that each feature entertainer it represents gets paid the entire contracted amount once she has delivered on her shows.  It will make sure that her travel expenses are reimbursed by the night club.  Such travel expenses will almost always include the feature entertainer’s hotel expenses.

A feature entertainer will typically travel all across the United States to perform for those clubs she has contracted with.  The clubs will  promote and advertise her heavily with signs and posters in the club.  In neon lights across the building by the club’s entrance.  And in newspapers, radio and sometimes on television.  Getting the largest amount of publicity possible is the name of the game for both the club and the visiting feature entertainer.  So what does all this have to do with Kwan who’s just a Pattaya entertainer?  Kwan more than any other Thai bar girl I’ve ever met knows that publicity is terrific both for her and whatever bar she’s working for.

I was once chased down by a security guard while shooting video of the girls dancing in a Drinking Street Bar.

The girls didn’t want their video taken so they had complained to Drinking Street security.  Another time I sat in a Drinking Street bar drinking my beer while shooting video of one of the girls dancing on the stage.  She was fine with that for about a minute or two.  And then she rudely made a sign as if she were cutting her own throat thus signifying to me her displeasure and that she had had enough with the publicity I was giving her.  The behavior both times was that of country bumpkins.

And as for the mamasans or whoever it was who was managing the two bars, nothing could be more stupid than chasing away a good photographer who could make her bar famous all over the internet.

From the first time I met her, Kwan would tell me, “Shoot all the video you can of me.  And when you get done, shoot more.”  That’s the difference between a true professional and a country bumpkin.

One of the primary reasons so many bar girls do not want photographers shooting their pictures or video in the bars is they have boyfriends.  And these boyfriends are sending them money.   With  the understanding that they will be “good girls” and quit working in a bar.

However, and here everyone needs to read what I’m writing and believe every single word of it.  When a bar girl promises to quit working in a bar once her Western boyfriend starts sending her 10,000 or 15,000 baht a month, chances are she’s going to keep working in the bar anyway.  Either that or she will be off picking up paying customers in Pattaya discos.  For most bar girls, there is no such thing as having enough money.  When someone shoots their video and puts  it up on you tube and social networking web sites such as facebook proves to their gullible boyfriends that they are still working in the bar.

But Kwan is a pure Pattaya entertainer who deserves recognition among America’s finest feature entertainers.

Let me show how true this comparison holds.  When a feature entertainer contracts say for $200 a show for five nights of shows at three shows a night, this means she’s getting $3000 plus her travel expenses.   But when she’s performing her shows, she’s selling her merchandise to the club’s customers.  While an accomplice is taking her pictures with the customers at so much a picture.  She’s also oftentimes getting tips while performing her shows.

But whether she’s selling key chains with her picture on them or pictures, the customers aren’t wanting to buy much from her if she wasn’t in adult magazines.  Or if she didn’t win M.S. Texas or Miss Nude Illinois.  And it really helps to be the Penthouse Pet of the Month.  Unfortunately for Kwan, she wasn’t lucky enough to have been born in the U.S. where the big money in night club entertainment lies.  But she knows that the more people that see her performing on you tube, the more customers will be coming to her bar to watch her perform, buy her drinks (she makes a commission on each one that she sells), and perhaps even to take her out of the bar.

This Pattaya entertainer could care less how many people know she’s working for a bar or what her boyfriends might think of her.

I’ve met a couple of her boyfriends during the past year.  She brings them right into the bar.  Then she comes over and drinks with my friends and me. And given a little time she’s right up on the stage again dancing like the energy bunny.  I’m sure she tells all the guys, boyfriend or not, “This is what I do.  I am what I am.  And I am damn good at it.”

Ask me why I shoot so much video of Kwan.  She’s the only real professional Pattaya entertainer I know.  And like some of the best feature entertainers I’ve come to know in the United States, in spite of her obvious gift for showing off and being full of herself, down at her inner core she’s very down to earth and so much fun to be around.  I love Thai women.  For me they are the most beautiful women in the world.  But the American feature entertainers I had the pleasure of getting to know were simply fabulous company to be around.  I cannot begin to describe how much I’ve come to miss them.  So for me it’s a real breath of fresh air to find someone who reminds me of them.


Thai girl lady boy can you tell the difference?

The Thai girl lady boy is dancing on the stage.  Can you tell the difference?  Between her and a “girl”?

At Pattaya TG Bar  we are betting you’d call the Thai girl lady boy  a girl.  Her voice was a woman’s.  She danced like a woman without all the extra motions and show most lady boys put on.

Thai girl lady boy
I only wish I had gotten a few digital stills of this Thai girl lady boy. And more video. Unlike a lot of Lady boys, she had all the mannerisms of a woman. She was beautiful. She didn’t last long at TG bar either. I’m betting someone snapped her up. It could even have been a guy who likes women a lot more than lady boys.

Even my Thai girlfriend couldn’t tell if she was a Thai girl or lady boy.  If you took her out in public everyone would take her for a lady.

Thai girl lady boy

The tip off was she was working at TG Bar in Naklua where nearly every good looking lady you see is a lady boy.  She didn’t stay there for long so other than asking her if we could put her in a video, we never even talked to her. Thai girl lady boy?  Sometimes it’s difficult to call.

There was another lady body we got pretty well acquainted with.  She worked at the Leo Blues Bar on Soi 18.

Thai girl lady boy

I wound up eventually doing a photo shoot of her in my condo.  She had silicon breasts which my pictures show off.  She was more fun than any other girl at the Leo Blues Bar.  And in her own way, probably the most attractive.

Thai girl lady boy

I never had sex with her.  And to tell you the truth a good friend was with us while we shot the pictures.  Afterwards he told me he wanted to have sex with her.  But neither of us did.   I gave her a thousand baht for doing the shoot.  She met me in the parking lot of a nearby hotel, and then I took her on my motorbike back to my condo.

Click here to view the slide show Lady Boys Thailand’s Third Sex

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Pattaya Lady Boys and us at Naklua TG Bar

Pattaya Lady Boys and us at Naklua TG Bar is just a typical evening for Jack Corbett, two of his German buddies, Luddy and Michael and Robby Liverpool’s Don Juan.  Our girlfriends are with us, May May and Luck.  That is Luddy’s and mine while Robby’s romancing one of the few real bar girls at TG’s.  The rest are Pattaya lady boys.

TG’s is widely known in Naklua Thailand as a Pattaya Lady Boy Bar.  Aside from our girlfriends, if you see a good looking Thai girl in this video, she’s one of the quieter Pattaya Lady Boys.

Our gang is all from the same condo building at Wongamat Beach, and TG Bar is just a favorite neighborhood pub to us.  As for MIchael, he’s in the background, barely seen in this video.  Does he have really have a thing for Pattaya Lady Boys?  One of the Pattaya Lady boys is sitting next to him.  The question is, does he bar fine her?

A strange thing occurs once a man has lived in Pattaya very long.  Pattaya Lady boys become accepted as just part of the scenery.  Oftentimes called Thailand’s third sex, many men even develop a preference for Pattaya Lady Boys over women.

I once asked one of TG’s owners why so many men go with Pattaya Lady boys.  She responded:  “Pattaya bar girl burn many men.   And even if they don’t, most Pattaya bar girls express little real interest in them.  But most Pattaya Lady boys take very good care of such men.

Several years ago I  asked one of my fellow co-owners in my condo building, “Before you started going with Pattaya Lady Boys when you were living in England, did you realize then that you were a homosexual?”

The man replied.  “I never even thought of being with a man.  Liking Pattaya lady boys and being a homosexual are two different things.”

I have often seen friends of mine go into a bar full of Pattaya Lady Boys and watch them kissing the lady boys.  While lady boys fondle them  between their legs.  These are not men who enjoy having sex with men.  These are men who have Thai women as their steady live in girl friends.  If they really preferred Pattaya Lady boys to their girlfriends they’d be living with them instead.

I can just imagine Eddie who had been a combat U.S. Marine in Vietnam telling his fellow Marines, “Yeah, I’d go with a guy.”

Back in those days, he’d rather slit his own throat than even admit that he’d come within three feet of one of a guy even if he was a lady boy.

But I’ve seen Eddie, now in his sixties, kissing Pattaya Lady boys on more than one night out with the guys.

If a man thinks about it hard enough, Pattaya Lady boys can be a real mind bender when it comes to one’s sexual identity and preferences.  Two weeks ago, one of my friends asked me to visit him in his condo.  I had two American men with me.  One was interested in either buying or renting a condo similar to Bill’s.  When we arrived at Bill’s condo, Bill took my two friends onto his balcony where the three men got into a long discussion about renting or buying condos at Wongamat Beach.  I stayed in the living room with Amy.  Who was the main reason Bill wanted us to come to his condo in the first place.

Amy is not Thai.  She’s Cambodian.  Notice also that I just referred to Amy as she.

Bill would like to take Amy with him to the United States, and after hearing that my Thai girlfriend recently managed to get a visa for an upcoming visit to the U.S. in August, Jim had asked me on the phone if I could give Amy advice on how we had managed talking the U.S. Embassy into giving my girlfriend a visitor’s visa.  Amy’s English was excellent.  But the more I talked to Amy about her getting a U.S. visa the more obvious it became to me that her chances of getting one were slim to none.  But I liked Amy immensely.  She was far more interesting and perceptive to talk with than over ninety-five percent of the Thai women I’ve met.  Amy was also extremely attractive.

The question is “would I do her?”  Yes.  Absolutely. Except for two reasons.  1. I already had a Thai girlfriend and 2.  I’d never move in on a friends territory and Amy was after all Bill’s.

In my conversation with Amy I found her to be very direct and willing to discuss just about anything without a hint of shyness.  So I asked her, “Have you been cut?”

Amy replied:  “Yes, I have.”

So Amy no longer had a dick.  Was she a woman after all?

“Did it hurt an awful lot?” I asked Amy as I cringed holding onto my groin as if someone were about to take a straight razor to my penis.

“Yes.  It hurt so much that I couldn’t even walk for a month.”  I didn’t ask myself how Amy could get around.   I imagined Amy not even walking one hundred meter stroll for a pack of cigarettes. I was so busy still imagining having my own penis cut off while still clutching my own penis.

“Well, you can’t get any lubrication, can you?” I asked Amy.  “At least not any lubrication that’s coming out of you.”

“No I can’t.  I need to put something on,” Amy replied.

“Do you really enjoy sex?  Do you come?” I asked.

“Yes.  I really enjoy and yes, I do come.”

“I’d do Amy in a heartbeat.  She was just so perceptive, so Intelligent, and so direct without a hint of self consciousness about her.

I think almost any man reading this post would want to have sex with Amy.  Along with all her other killer assets, she had a beautiful body–a woman’s body.  But suppose she had a dick?  She’s already got breasts and she’s admitted to taking hormone medication.

Here’s a slide show for you.  I entitled it Thailand’s Third sex.  It’s of one of the Pattaya lady boys I met at the Leo Blues Bar here in Naklua.

She was the best looking and most personable bar girls in the bar, and I wound up paying her a thousand baht for the photo shoot.  The lady boys got silicon enhanced breasts.

Amazing Thailand.  Now you see it.  Now you don’t.  It’s a land of smoke and mirrors where your greatest fantasies can come true.

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Pattaya Thai girl Mam is dancing on Drinking Street at the Frog Bar

Pattaya Thai girl Mam is dancing on Drinking Street at the Frog Bar showing she’s got the talent to be one of the most sensational Pattaya bar girls ever.

But the video gets even more exciting when Mam’s younger sister, Sizzling Kwan, joins Mam on stage.

It’s tough to choose one Pattaya Thai girl over the other.  Because either Mam or Kwan could easily top every other Pattaya bar girl on Drinking Street on the stage. But one superstar is enough for any bar.  It won’t be long before Kwan starts dancing several bars up from the Frog Bar at the Koracha Beer bar leaving sensuous sister, Mam, as the incontestable number one Pattaya Thai Girl in her beer bar.

Pattaya Thai girl Man at Drinking Street bar
The Frog Bar on Drinking Street is where we first met Mam and Kwann




Thailand Sexy Dancing at Pattaya Drinking Street

Thailand Sexy Dancing takes place on  Pattaya Drinking Street. Cartoons add to the fun even if I can’t draw.

Do cartoons belong in the same video in which exhibitionist Kwan and Mam  excel in Thailand Sexy Dancing ?

I can’t draw.  That’s a proven fact ever since Jeremy at Xtreme Magazine asked me to do a cartoon to dramatize my latest Dick Fitswell short story.  I told Jeremy, “I can shoot pictures and I can write, but I sure can’t draw.  But I’ll give it my best shot.  So I sent Jeremy a cartoon I had drawn up of Dick Fitswell porking a Sun Valley Snow Bunny in a snow drift. My editor shot an e-mail back that read:  “You are right, Jack.  You really can’t draw”.

Thailand Sexy Dancing on Soi Six?
Come on guys. Wouldn’t you love to find a place like this on Pattaya Soi Six?In the Fitswell saga, Dick Fitswell ends up starting his own bar on Soi Six. And he has Angry Pussy as his manager-mamasan. To be a special customer here you get to have a cast made of your dick. Then the cast is put on the wall behind the bar with your name on it.

So why have I put my cartoons in this video,  Thailand Sexy Dancing?

And here I’m  at it again.   My eardrums keep resonating with dire warning.  “Mr. Corbett.  Mr. Corbett, didn’t you learn your lesson years ago from your editor at Xtreme Magazine?”

I didn’t.  My cartoons are god awful.  But here’s what’s good about them.

How many cartoons have you seen in  the you tube videos you’ve watched?

Not many.  So I wanted to offer all of you something different.  To break up the boredom of so many videos you have watched.  And I want to show off something you have never seen before.

And that’s Dick Fitswell, the man in search of the perfect fit.  So let’s face the facts.  Most of you reading this either live in Pattaya or you really want to come here.  No pun intended.


In this video from Pattaya Drink Street, Dick Fitswell appears as a cartoon character

The reality is this.  Most men who visit Pattaya to have sex with the bar girls, are wanna bee Dick Fitswell’s.  So when you read the misadventures of DIck  Fitwell, you are looking at yourselves in a mirror.

But do you really have an 18 inch cock?  I doubt it.  But that’s what you really wish you had.  And when you are ramming it down some tiny little Thai girl, face it guys.  You are imagining yourselves to be Dick Fitswell, except you have never heard of him yet.  But take enough Kiamagra and you might come close to the mighty battering ram of Fitswell.

But is he real?  Dick I mean.  Yes he is, in most of you.  But you really won’t know what the hell I’ve talking about until you have read all 24 Dick Fitswell’s misadventures with the opposite sex.  And reach the end of the book when Fitswell buys a bar on Pattaya Soi Six which he calls “BIg Dicks”.

Out of my four books Dick Fitswell is my best writing yet.

You can buy Dick Fitswell, the Man in Quest of the Perfect Fit here at Amazon.  In either paperback or Kindle.

But back to my video on you tube.  Sizzling  Kwan is dazzling.  And trust me, she can really put the tequila down.  While Mam, Kwann’s older sister is absolutely sensational.


Wongamat Expats at Naklua Bars

Wongamat Expats at Naklua Bars pay 300 baht bar fines and 1000 baht long time, and they get treated far better by Naklua Bar girls than they would by go go girls.

Sexy Tri from Naklua Bars
Tri used to work at the Girl Beer Bar on Naklua Bar which is now the Ryan Bar. Being that this bar was one of our favorites we invited two of our favorite bar girls to join us at a party at the Pen Bar.

This turned out to be a great party.  As if Tri and Pai coming to the Pen Bar from the Girl Beer Bar wasn’t enough, Noi is dancing on a table in the rain.  Years later Noi will steal the show in the  Naklua Bars.  When we visit a much later Pen Beer Bar Party.

But here’s the difference between the Walking Street go go bars and Naklua.  I will use the Pen Bar in the following video as my example of a typical Naklua beer bar experience.  The expat who lives on Wongamat Beach goes to the bar.  More often than not a girl  offers to sit with him.  If he accepts, she will sit with him for an extended period of time.  Oftentimes she’s not even asking him to buy her a drink.  She might give him a short back rub or she will wipe his face down with a moistened towelette that many beer bars keep in sealed packages.

Well, okay.  The following video is not a typical Naklua Bar experience.  And the reason is my Norwegian pal Peter is in it.  And there’s nothing normal about Peter as you will soon find out when you view this video.

She will nurse her drink if he buys her one.  Oftentimes it’s a beer, and it takes a lot longer to drink a beer than say a shot of tequila, B-52, etc.  The bar in this video charges a 300 baht bar fine.  The customer in my example decides he wants to take the girl home with him.   So he takes her back to his condo or hotel room, they do their thing together and eventually both fall asleep.  In the morning he might have another go with her, he might take her to breakfast with him or he might just send her home on a motorbike taxi.  But he pays her 1000 baht.  Until then nothing’s been said about the price.

Your typical girl from  the Naklua Bars assumes the price is 1000 baht for long time.  And she assumes that her customers understand that.  In my personal experience many Naklua beer bar girls will also clean my condo.  Not a thorough job.  But they will pick up the clutter, or run a mop or broom across my living room floor.

But two nights ago at the Pen Bar my friend did not have his motorbike with him.  We had gone drinking together in the beer bars down on Soi 8 and then he took a baht bus taxi to Drinking Street.  I took my motorbike so I did not have to contend with taxis.  I then drove him, to one of  the Naklua Bars.   Then we visited  the Pen Bar in Naklua where we had several beers with a couple of the girls.  He bar fined one of them.  I didn’t because I had my girlfriend back at the condo waiting for me.

Facing more than a 1 kilometer walk back to his condo with the girl he had just bar fined he asked the bar owner to arrange a ride.  A girl who’s worked for this bar owner for years put my friend on the back of her motorbike while the girl he had just bar fined got on my motorbike and the four of us went back to our condo building.  The girl who drove my friend on her motorbike then drove herself back to the bar.  My friend, the girl he had just  bar fined, and I took the elevator to our condos.

Now let’s leave the Naklua Bars and visit the a typical Walking Street go-go bar.

A go go dancer spies her target.  He’s either sitting at the stage or he’s seated at small table or couch close by.  Within five minutes, and oftentimes within seconds upon first contacting her target she’s asking him for a drink.  He offers to buy her a beer.  In most cases she will refuse, asking for a lady drink instead that is usually a small glass of orange juice, or she will ask for a shot of tequila, whiskey, etc.

The reason is it takes too long for her to drink a beer, and since money number one is her entire object, she wants to hit him up for as many drinks as possible in the shortest time possible.

She sits down next to him.  It takes her only a few seconds to gulp her drink down.  Within five minutes she’s asking for another drink.  She knows she must sell a lot of drinks because the go go bar is paying her a big salary, perhaps something like 12,000 baht a month and she must pay him back by meeting a drink quota.  She gets a high percentage of each drink she sells.The customer now feels his libido urging him to take the next step.  Chances are she’s got her hand on his crotch which helps things along.

He agrees to pay her bar fine.  If he’s lucky it might be as low as 600 baht. But it could be as high as 1500 baht.  Meanwhile his beers are costing him 135 to 145 baht each.  If he had gone to a beer bar instead they’d be running him 80 to 90 baht.  He now makes the mistake of asking her how much he has to pay her for sex.  She will probably quote him 2000 baht for short time.  But there’s a good chance it will be 2500 baht.

But this particular customer has got romance in his heart.  He wants a deeper connection to a girl than a short time will give him.  “No sire. Slam bam thank you mam is not for me.

I want the girlfriend experience”.  She quotes him 3000 baht for long time and he accepts.  They go back to his hotel room, have sex together and then she pretends to go to sleep.  An hour later she’s waking him up.  “Tilak.  I must go.  I must take care of my baby.”  Or…”You snore too much.  I cannot go sleep.  Must go to room.”  Or she gets a phone call, and it’s “My friend me.  She have big problem.  She have accident or she sick.  Must go home take care of her.”  But the real classic is the one I put in another post of “Mosquitoes.  I have mosquitoes all over my ass.  Cannot sleep.  Must go room.”  Not that they are Saints but this doesn’t happen too often in the Naklua Bars.

If you want the girlfriend experience the Walking Street Go Go bars are the worse kind of places to find it

It’s always something and these girls constantly rehearse such lines.  The trouble with the “I must take care of baby” line is if she’s got a baby her mamma is taking care of it up in the village in Sakhon No where land.  The reality is she’s sharing a small room with at least one other Thai bar girl or with her Thai boyfriend.   Now, it’s true that even if you frequent Naklua Bar you will still be getting some of the same lines of horseshit.  But you will be paying a lot less for the experience.

You just paid your Walking Street heart throb 3000 baht for long time.  That’s $100.00 American dollars not to mention the bar fine of $20.00 or more, and all those high priced drinks you had together.  So what does she do next?  More often than not she will go to a disco and pick up another falang.  The disco’s stay open very late at night.  A lot of cheap charlies go there to pick up free lancers, which is exactly what that sexy little go go dancer has become.  But chances are he will pay her 1000 baht.  Or she might go out to a Thai karaoke bar where she will cavort with a bunch of Thais drinking what’s left of the night away.

In general tourists go to go go bars because they don’t know any better.  The guys who live here all the time know the score and they avoid them unless they are called upon by their neophyte friends to show them around.  They will choose Naklua Bars instead, or Sois 7 and 8.  Soi Six.  And just about anywhere so long as it’s not Walking Stree


Drinking Street number one for Pattaya Drinking Bars

Drinking Street has recently eclipsed Soi 7 and 8 as a number one choice for Pattaya Drinking Bars.

Pattaya Drinking Bars Drinking Street Kwan
We will be putting up a couple of new Kwan and Mam Pattaya Drinking Bars videos soon. Perhaps a slideshow or two also.

Sizzling Kwan is still at Pattaya Drinking Street but she’s moved over to the Koracha Bar with sensuous Mam still at Drinking Street’s Frog Bar.  The new girl in this video is at one of the bars just kitty corner from the Koracha Bar. So take your pick. Either one will show why Drinking Street has recently become the top choice of Pattaya Drinking Bars.

But stay tuned for some oldies but goodies from Pattaya Drinking Street.  I have found a few videos I’ve not put on You Tube.  These will be classics.  And mainly because Mam is no longer in Pattaya.  The rumors are she’s in Hong Kong.  Meanwhile Kwan shows up every now and then on Drinking Street.  But the crowd has changed on Drinking Street over the past couple of years.  Lots of Arabs there now.  And lots of fat Pattaya bar girls who have taken over.  Then there’s the da da music.  Man….I hate that electro noise.  The United States does not play it.  Americans would not put up with this abomination that many Thai women love to dance to.

Now I’m out of Pattaya drinking bars where can get video good enough to match the old Kwan Mam classics.  And man, am I frustrated

My problem is this.  I can probably meet Kwan on Drinking Street.  But even if she puts on a great show.  That da da music is going to offend me.  So whatever video we produce on Drinking Street is going to be piss poor.

A couple of years ago, we took Kwan to Best Bar on Soi 8.  Kwan had never gone there.  After a couple of tequilas she asked me:  “Can I dance here?”  I got permission and Kwan got right up on the bar and put on a tremendous show.  But the music was Da Da noise.    So here’s what I did.  I got two different versions of “All Along the Watchtower”.  One of these versions was from the Grateful Dead.  Here it is.

In my video editing program I mixed both All Along the Watchtower sound tracks with the originally totally shitty da da music.   I got terrific results from this.  No one can really identity the music Kwan was dancing to in my video.  So You tube couldn’t red flag me for copyright violation. You tube has oftentimes done this to my videos before.  Sometimes you tube completely stripped all the audio in my videos.  So I came up with this.  I got music that was worthy of Kwan’s talent.

So where am I doing to go next to shoot great video?  I can’t think of a place where I can find the girls and music to match the old Mam and Kwan classics.   I suppose it’s time to write a new book.  A sequel to Welcome to the Fun House.

For now I’ll leave you with one of the Old Drinking Street classics.



Pattaya BarGirls meet East Saint Louis Cement Mixer

Not only can Pattaya Drinking Street bar girl Kwan down an East Saint Louis Cement Mixer, She can also compete with the best American Feature Entertainers?

So who came up with this special concoction I call the East Saint Louis cement mixer?

East Saint Louis cement mixer
Delilah, who danced at Stimmelators as Renee got me started on  the East Saint Louis cement mixer.

I took this picture with a Kodak digital camera that produced only 375000 pixels.  Compare this to my Nikon 750 which creates 24,000,000 pixels and you will see how outmoded that camera was.  But that was twenty years ago when NOBODY was shooting digital  in strip clubs.  But back then Renee was the cat’s meow as far as I was concerned.  Renee, however, didn’t dance long.  She didn’t even live in Indiana.  Renee lived in a small Michigan town 73 miles from the club.

It turned out that Renee was much more than a hot looking stripper with a beautiful body.  Renee could completely take a computer apart and rebuild it.  She also shared my completely whacked out sense of humor.   We had a lot in common.  So we became fast friends.  But in Michigan she was now living the “normal life” of a small town gal taking care of her family.

She got married.  But she asked me to take her wedding pictures.  Her husband and I became friends.

Even so, she accompanied me to Nudes A Poppin as my photography  assistant.  With her husbands blessing.

I visited Renee and her family in Michigan several times.  And every time I went to Stimmelators to take pictures of the topless dancers, Renee and her husband would drive 73 miles from Michigan to see me.  And my friends.  But mostly me.  Once or twice Renee would visit her stripper friends and go to Indiana alone.

And so it went.  With a whole lot to tell.  But one night Renee and her husband joined all of us at Stimmelators.  Keith was one of the guys in our group.  And as I said before Renee had a totally whacked out sense of humor.  She bought Keith and me two cement mixers.  Which was a shot of tequila in a shot glass and another shot of Bailey’s Creme.  Then she made Keith and me gulp a shot of Baileys with an immediate follow up of lime juice.  Now that just about made Keith and me sick on the spot.  Because Renee asked us to keep both shots in our mouths.  Then she had us hold the Baileys and Lime in our mouths without swallowing.  For over twenty seconds before she told us we could swallow.

Then she just sat there laughing her ass off at us

Renee’s little prank inspired me to introduce the East Saint Louis Cement mixer.  Renee was and she would always be my favorite stripper ex stripper of all time.  So when I went back to the Saint Louis Metro East I thought of a new improved cement mixer.  I went to Dollies Playhouse in Washington Park Illinois.  Which was a black suburb of East Saint Louis.  And I started buying a special concoction for several of my best friends in the club.

The East Saint Louis cement mixer became one shot of tequila and one shot of Lime juice

Which we all put in our mouths without swallowing either shot.  While I instructed my friends to hold in their mouths for 30 seconds or so.  Shake our heads to the two liquids mixed in our mouths.  And swallowed.   And man what a kick that was.

Alabama at Dollies Playhouse. She would become one of Dollies foremost advocates for the East Saint Louis cement mixer. In this picture Alabama pretends to be Sister Margarita, a Catholic nun who got lost driving in East Saint Louis. And who wandered into Dollies to ask for directions. In this little skit I produced and put on the internet, Hawk the manager of Dollies goes into the toilet to take a whiz. And while urinating he spots the nun on the toilet. This was the first episode of what became Trendy Toilet sex at Dollies

Our favorite drink at Dollies Playhouse was tequila.  The strippers were drinking it.  And so were a couple of the strip club managers.  Especially Big Howard, who became my best manager friend of all.  So it wasn’t long before customers started coming into Dollies asking for an East Saint Louis cement mixer.

I always did hang around some of the hottest house dancer strippers and feature entertainers while writing for American adult magazines and shooting pictures of them on stage.


At the Pure Talent Feature Showcases

We’d stay at the same hotels together and sometimes I’d room with one of the features while the clubs foot the bill. Sometimes there would be as many as 19 feature entertainers in the same hotel, the feature entertainers coming in from across the U.S.  to perform in feature showcases for the Pure Talent Agency.

The way it would work is Pure Talent would convince a topless club owner to host the event.  It might cost the topless club owner  $15,000 to $20,000 to cover all the costs including his fee to the Pure Talent Agency.  The owner’s costs would include hotel rooms for all the feature entertainers performing at the showcase.  Typically Pure Talent would pair off the adult entertainers two to a room.  Sometimes it would assign one of the entertainers to me so the girl and I would share a room together.   Other times I’d get a room to myself which the topless club owner would wind up paying for.

For two of three nights straight each feature entertainer would do her shows to other topless club owners and the club’s customers.

Each entertainer had to do two carefully choreographed shows, the idea being to completely impress the visiting topless club owners so that they’d want to book her shows.   The owner booking one of the Pure Talent features would wind up paying the feature entertainer say $2000 to $12000 for say a three day period as well as her hotel and airfare expenses and out of that Pure Talent would get a 15 % booking fee.

I traveled with Pure Talent to Club Oasis in Philadelphia, Las Vegas where I shot the stars at Club Sapphires, Club Fantasies in Providence, Rhode Island, the Candy Store in Mobile, Alabama, and several times at one of the Pure Talent favorite clubs, Big Als in Peoria, IL. to mention just a few.   So why would Big Al want to fork over all that money to Pure Talent, and not just once, but at least three times?

For one thing he’d spend even more money advertising the event on radio and television.  It all got to be pretty expensive.  Well, compared to Chicago, IL, Peoria is a pretty small place, so here’s what Big Al got out of it.  Big Al and his club acquired the reputation for being the absolute finest gentlemen’s club in Illinois.  When it came to enjoying the respect of the talent agencies, the feature entertainers from all over the U.S., his fellow topless club owners, and his club’s customers as large a city as Chicago is, the clubs there could not begin to acquire Big Al’s reputation for excellence.

I shot one of my first Pure Talent feature showcases at Reginas, in Springfield, Missouri and it was there that I met Big Daddy who was then the general manager of something like 14 clubs across four states.

We would become best of friends, and it would be Big Daddy who’d later travel with me to Thailand.  So what does this all have to do with Kwan and the Pattaya Drinking Street bars?  Trust me, she’s right up there with the best of America’s feature entertainers and she’s a great drinking companion as well.




Jack Corbett