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With over 658 subscribers and over 1.4 million views Jack Corbett’s You Tube Videos have earned widespread international acceptance.

Pattaya bar girls dancing on Drinking Street

This video includes the Pattaya Drinking Street gang of seven and other Drinking Street Pattaya bar girls dancing on the beer bar stages in this Pattaya bar complex.

The video is one of the first Pattaya Drinking Street bar girl videos I shot.  My camera was the Panasonic LX5.   I’m now using the Panasonic LX7.  I think my later videos are superior to these earlier ones.  When you think LX 5 and LX 7, don’t think Panasonic.  Think Leica with the very finest German and Japanese technology inside.  These are very fast cameras with superior low light performance in a small package.  LX5 has a very fast 2.0 lens.  That’s what I used here.  But the LX7 has a 1.4 lens which is absolutely incredible.


Thailand Christmas in Pattaya at the Drinking Street Koracha Beer Bar

This Thailand Christmas video is one of my greatest Pattaya Bar Girl videos ever.  I think you will agree.  Don’t let the title Christmas video fool you because this video sizzles.  This Christmas video is one big drunk with loads of Pattaya bar girl non stop action from a Pattaya Drinking Street favorite bar of ours.


New Year’s Eve young Pattaya bar girl sizzles

This New Year’s Eve young Pattaya bar girl sizzles and so does the dazzling fireworks display lighting up the Pattaya night.  But I’ve heard this Pattaya Drinking Street Bar girl is  just twenty.  This video’s got an incredible show of fireworks, and it showcases Dick Fitswell as a cartoon entering the video itself.  Which I think is very appropriate because the star character of my book, Dick Fitswell the man in Quest of a Perfect Fit is a cartoonish character.  There’s over 25 short Dick Fitswell stories in the book, but I think Dick Fitswell is too often misunderstood.  When you read the book, just think of him in this video, as a cartoon.