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Wongamat Expats at Naklua Bars

Wongamat Expats at Naklua Bars pay 300 baht bar fines and 1000 baht long time, and they get treated far better by Naklua Bar girls than they would by go go girls.

Sexy Tri from Naklua Bars
Tri used to work at the Girl Beer Bar on Naklua Bar which is now the Ryan Bar. Being that this bar was one of our favorites we invited two of our favorite bar girls to join us at a party at the Pen Bar.

This turned out to be a great party.  As if Tri and Pai coming to the Pen Bar from the Girl Beer Bar wasn’t enough, Noi is dancing on a table in the rain.  Years later Noi will steal the show in the  Naklua Bars.  When we visit a much later Pen Beer Bar Party.

But here’s the difference between the Walking Street go go bars and Naklua.  I will use the Pen Bar in the following video as my example of a typical Naklua beer bar experience.  The expat who lives on Wongamat Beach goes to the bar.  More often than not a girl  offers to sit with him.  If he accepts, she will sit with him for an extended period of time.  Oftentimes she’s not even asking him to buy her a drink.  She might give him a short back rub or she will wipe his face down with a moistened towelette that many beer bars keep in sealed packages.

Well, okay.  The following video is not a typical Naklua Bar experience.  And the reason is my Norwegian pal Peter is in it.  And there’s nothing normal about Peter as you will soon find out when you view this video.

She will nurse her drink if he buys her one.  Oftentimes it’s a beer, and it takes a lot longer to drink a beer than say a shot of tequila, B-52, etc.  The bar in this video charges a 300 baht bar fine.  The customer in my example decides he wants to take the girl home with him.   So he takes her back to his condo or hotel room, they do their thing together and eventually both fall asleep.  In the morning he might have another go with her, he might take her to breakfast with him or he might just send her home on a motorbike taxi.  But he pays her 1000 baht.  Until then nothing’s been said about the price.

Your typical girl from  the Naklua Bars assumes the price is 1000 baht for long time.  And she assumes that her customers understand that.  In my personal experience many Naklua beer bar girls will also clean my condo.  Not a thorough job.  But they will pick up the clutter, or run a mop or broom across my living room floor.

But two nights ago at the Pen Bar my friend did not have his motorbike with him.  We had gone drinking together in the beer bars down on Soi 8 and then he took a baht bus taxi to Drinking Street.  I took my motorbike so I did not have to contend with taxis.  I then drove him, to one of  the Naklua Bars.   Then we visited  the Pen Bar in Naklua where we had several beers with a couple of the girls.  He bar fined one of them.  I didn’t because I had my girlfriend back at the condo waiting for me.

Facing more than a 1 kilometer walk back to his condo with the girl he had just bar fined he asked the bar owner to arrange a ride.  A girl who’s worked for this bar owner for years put my friend on the back of her motorbike while the girl he had just bar fined got on my motorbike and the four of us went back to our condo building.  The girl who drove my friend on her motorbike then drove herself back to the bar.  My friend, the girl he had just  bar fined, and I took the elevator to our condos.

Now let’s leave the Naklua Bars and visit the a typical Walking Street go-go bar.

A go go dancer spies her target.  He’s either sitting at the stage or he’s seated at small table or couch close by.  Within five minutes, and oftentimes within seconds upon first contacting her target she’s asking him for a drink.  He offers to buy her a beer.  In most cases she will refuse, asking for a lady drink instead that is usually a small glass of orange juice, or she will ask for a shot of tequila, whiskey, etc.

The reason is it takes too long for her to drink a beer, and since money number one is her entire object, she wants to hit him up for as many drinks as possible in the shortest time possible.

She sits down next to him.  It takes her only a few seconds to gulp her drink down.  Within five minutes she’s asking for another drink.  She knows she must sell a lot of drinks because the go go bar is paying her a big salary, perhaps something like 12,000 baht a month and she must pay him back by meeting a drink quota.  She gets a high percentage of each drink she sells.The customer now feels his libido urging him to take the next step.  Chances are she’s got her hand on his crotch which helps things along.

He agrees to pay her bar fine.  If he’s lucky it might be as low as 600 baht. But it could be as high as 1500 baht.  Meanwhile his beers are costing him 135 to 145 baht each.  If he had gone to a beer bar instead they’d be running him 80 to 90 baht.  He now makes the mistake of asking her how much he has to pay her for sex.  She will probably quote him 2000 baht for short time.  But there’s a good chance it will be 2500 baht.

But this particular customer has got romance in his heart.  He wants a deeper connection to a girl than a short time will give him.  “No sire. Slam bam thank you mam is not for me.

I want the girlfriend experience”.  She quotes him 3000 baht for long time and he accepts.  They go back to his hotel room, have sex together and then she pretends to go to sleep.  An hour later she’s waking him up.  “Tilak.  I must go.  I must take care of my baby.”  Or…”You snore too much.  I cannot go sleep.  Must go to room.”  Or she gets a phone call, and it’s “My friend me.  She have big problem.  She have accident or she sick.  Must go home take care of her.”  But the real classic is the one I put in another post of “Mosquitoes.  I have mosquitoes all over my ass.  Cannot sleep.  Must go room.”  Not that they are Saints but this doesn’t happen too often in the Naklua Bars.

If you want the girlfriend experience the Walking Street Go Go bars are the worse kind of places to find it

It’s always something and these girls constantly rehearse such lines.  The trouble with the “I must take care of baby” line is if she’s got a baby her mamma is taking care of it up in the village in Sakhon No where land.  The reality is she’s sharing a small room with at least one other Thai bar girl or with her Thai boyfriend.   Now, it’s true that even if you frequent Naklua Bar you will still be getting some of the same lines of horseshit.  But you will be paying a lot less for the experience.

You just paid your Walking Street heart throb 3000 baht for long time.  That’s $100.00 American dollars not to mention the bar fine of $20.00 or more, and all those high priced drinks you had together.  So what does she do next?  More often than not she will go to a disco and pick up another falang.  The disco’s stay open very late at night.  A lot of cheap charlies go there to pick up free lancers, which is exactly what that sexy little go go dancer has become.  But chances are he will pay her 1000 baht.  Or she might go out to a Thai karaoke bar where she will cavort with a bunch of Thais drinking what’s left of the night away.

In general tourists go to go go bars because they don’t know any better.  The guys who live here all the time know the score and they avoid them unless they are called upon by their neophyte friends to show them around.  They will choose Naklua Bars instead, or Sois 7 and 8.  Soi Six.  And just about anywhere so long as it’s not Walking Stree


Drinking Street number one for Pattaya Drinking Bars

Drinking Street has recently eclipsed Soi 7 and 8 as a number one choice for Pattaya Drinking Bars.

Pattaya Drinking Bars Drinking Street Kwan
We will be putting up a couple of new Kwan and Mam Pattaya Drinking Bars videos soon. Perhaps a slideshow or two also.

Sizzling Kwan is still at Pattaya Drinking Street but she’s moved over to the Koracha Bar with sensuous Mam still at Drinking Street’s Frog Bar.  The new girl in this video is at one of the bars just kitty corner from the Koracha Bar. So take your pick. Either one will show why Drinking Street has recently become the top choice of Pattaya Drinking Bars.

But stay tuned for some oldies but goodies from Pattaya Drinking Street.  I have found a few videos I’ve not put on You Tube.  These will be classics.  And mainly because Mam is no longer in Pattaya.  The rumors are she’s in Hong Kong.  Meanwhile Kwan shows up every now and then on Drinking Street.  But the crowd has changed on Drinking Street over the past couple of years.  Lots of Arabs there now.  And lots of fat Pattaya bar girls who have taken over.  Then there’s the da da music.  Man….I hate that electro noise.  The United States does not play it.  Americans would not put up with this abomination that many Thai women love to dance to.

Now I’m out of Pattaya drinking bars where can get video good enough to match the old Kwan Mam classics.  And man, am I frustrated

My problem is this.  I can probably meet Kwan on Drinking Street.  But even if she puts on a great show.  That da da music is going to offend me.  So whatever video we produce on Drinking Street is going to be piss poor.

A couple of years ago, we took Kwan to Best Bar on Soi 8.  Kwan had never gone there.  After a couple of tequilas she asked me:  “Can I dance here?”  I got permission and Kwan got right up on the bar and put on a tremendous show.  But the music was Da Da noise.    So here’s what I did.  I got two different versions of “All Along the Watchtower”.  One of these versions was from the Grateful Dead.  Here it is.

In my video editing program I mixed both All Along the Watchtower sound tracks with the originally totally shitty da da music.   I got terrific results from this.  No one can really identity the music Kwan was dancing to in my video.  So You tube couldn’t red flag me for copyright violation. You tube has oftentimes done this to my videos before.  Sometimes you tube completely stripped all the audio in my videos.  So I came up with this.  I got music that was worthy of Kwan’s talent.

So where am I doing to go next to shoot great video?  I can’t think of a place where I can find the girls and music to match the old Mam and Kwan classics.   I suppose it’s time to write a new book.  A sequel to Welcome to the Fun House.

For now I’ll leave you with one of the Old Drinking Street classics.



Pattaya BarGirls meet East Saint Louis Cement Mixer

Not only can Pattaya Drinking Street bar girl Kwan down an East Saint Louis Cement Mixer, She can also compete with the best American Feature Entertainers?

So who came up with this special concoction I call the East Saint Louis cement mixer?

East Saint Louis cement mixer
Delilah, who danced at Stimmelators as Renee got me started on  the East Saint Louis cement mixer.

I took this picture with a Kodak digital camera that produced only 375000 pixels.  Compare this to my Nikon 750 which creates 24,000,000 pixels and you will see how outmoded that camera was.  But that was twenty years ago when NOBODY was shooting digital  in strip clubs.  But back then Renee was the cat’s meow as far as I was concerned.  Renee, however, didn’t dance long.  She didn’t even live in Indiana.  Renee lived in a small Michigan town 73 miles from the club.

It turned out that Renee was much more than a hot looking stripper with a beautiful body.  Renee could completely take a computer apart and rebuild it.  She also shared my completely whacked out sense of humor.   We had a lot in common.  So we became fast friends.  But in Michigan she was now living the “normal life” of a small town gal taking care of her family.

She got married.  But she asked me to take her wedding pictures.  Her husband and I became friends.

Even so, she accompanied me to Nudes A Poppin as my photography  assistant.  With her husbands blessing.

I visited Renee and her family in Michigan several times.  And every time I went to Stimmelators to take pictures of the topless dancers, Renee and her husband would drive 73 miles from Michigan to see me.  And my friends.  But mostly me.  Once or twice Renee would visit her stripper friends and go to Indiana alone.

And so it went.  With a whole lot to tell.  But one night Renee and her husband joined all of us at Stimmelators.  Keith was one of the guys in our group.  And as I said before Renee had a totally whacked out sense of humor.  She bought Keith and me two cement mixers.  Which was a shot of tequila in a shot glass and another shot of Bailey’s Creme.  Then she made Keith and me gulp a shot of Baileys with an immediate follow up of lime juice.  Now that just about made Keith and me sick on the spot.  Because Renee asked us to keep both shots in our mouths.  Then she had us hold the Baileys and Lime in our mouths without swallowing.  For over twenty seconds before she told us we could swallow.

Then she just sat there laughing her ass off at us

Renee’s little prank inspired me to introduce the East Saint Louis Cement mixer.  Renee was and she would always be my favorite stripper ex stripper of all time.  So when I went back to the Saint Louis Metro East I thought of a new improved cement mixer.  I went to Dollies Playhouse in Washington Park Illinois.  Which was a black suburb of East Saint Louis.  And I started buying a special concoction for several of my best friends in the club.

The East Saint Louis cement mixer became one shot of tequila and one shot of Lime juice

Which we all put in our mouths without swallowing either shot.  While I instructed my friends to hold in their mouths for 30 seconds or so.  Shake our heads to the two liquids mixed in our mouths.  And swallowed.   And man what a kick that was.

Alabama at Dollies Playhouse. She would become one of Dollies foremost advocates for the East Saint Louis cement mixer. In this picture Alabama pretends to be Sister Margarita, a Catholic nun who got lost driving in East Saint Louis. And who wandered into Dollies to ask for directions. In this little skit I produced and put on the internet, Hawk the manager of Dollies goes into the toilet to take a whiz. And while urinating he spots the nun on the toilet. This was the first episode of what became Trendy Toilet sex at Dollies

Our favorite drink at Dollies Playhouse was tequila.  The strippers were drinking it.  And so were a couple of the strip club managers.  Especially Big Howard, who became my best manager friend of all.  So it wasn’t long before customers started coming into Dollies asking for an East Saint Louis cement mixer.

I always did hang around some of the hottest house dancer strippers and feature entertainers while writing for American adult magazines and shooting pictures of them on stage.


At the Pure Talent Feature Showcases

We’d stay at the same hotels together and sometimes I’d room with one of the features while the clubs foot the bill. Sometimes there would be as many as 19 feature entertainers in the same hotel, the feature entertainers coming in from across the U.S.  to perform in feature showcases for the Pure Talent Agency.

The way it would work is Pure Talent would convince a topless club owner to host the event.  It might cost the topless club owner  $15,000 to $20,000 to cover all the costs including his fee to the Pure Talent Agency.  The owner’s costs would include hotel rooms for all the feature entertainers performing at the showcase.  Typically Pure Talent would pair off the adult entertainers two to a room.  Sometimes it would assign one of the entertainers to me so the girl and I would share a room together.   Other times I’d get a room to myself which the topless club owner would wind up paying for.

For two of three nights straight each feature entertainer would do her shows to other topless club owners and the club’s customers.

Each entertainer had to do two carefully choreographed shows, the idea being to completely impress the visiting topless club owners so that they’d want to book her shows.   The owner booking one of the Pure Talent features would wind up paying the feature entertainer say $2000 to $12000 for say a three day period as well as her hotel and airfare expenses and out of that Pure Talent would get a 15 % booking fee.

I traveled with Pure Talent to Club Oasis in Philadelphia, Las Vegas where I shot the stars at Club Sapphires, Club Fantasies in Providence, Rhode Island, the Candy Store in Mobile, Alabama, and several times at one of the Pure Talent favorite clubs, Big Als in Peoria, IL. to mention just a few.   So why would Big Al want to fork over all that money to Pure Talent, and not just once, but at least three times?

For one thing he’d spend even more money advertising the event on radio and television.  It all got to be pretty expensive.  Well, compared to Chicago, IL, Peoria is a pretty small place, so here’s what Big Al got out of it.  Big Al and his club acquired the reputation for being the absolute finest gentlemen’s club in Illinois.  When it came to enjoying the respect of the talent agencies, the feature entertainers from all over the U.S., his fellow topless club owners, and his club’s customers as large a city as Chicago is, the clubs there could not begin to acquire Big Al’s reputation for excellence.

I shot one of my first Pure Talent feature showcases at Reginas, in Springfield, Missouri and it was there that I met Big Daddy who was then the general manager of something like 14 clubs across four states.

We would become best of friends, and it would be Big Daddy who’d later travel with me to Thailand.  So what does this all have to do with Kwan and the Pattaya Drinking Street bars?  Trust me, she’s right up there with the best of America’s feature entertainers and she’s a great drinking companion as well.




Jack Corbett

More Pattaya Drinking Street Sizzling Kwan Video

Kwan could easily be one of Pattaya Walking Street’s highest paid go go dancers.  Instead she  performs at a Pattaya Drinking Street beer bar.

This and many other videos demonstrate that some real gems can be found in a Pattaya beer bars

Pattaya Drinking Street
Kwan and Mam were the two big stars on Pattaya Drinking Street. There were a lot of bar girls here, considering there’s over 30 beer bars. But Kwan and Mam eclipsed them all by a considerable margin.

I’ll tell a little secret on Kwan.  For a few months she pretty much disappeared from Pattaya Drinking Street.   Because she was living in my condo building up here in Naklua.  Now don’t get the wrong idea.  Kwan was never my girlfriend.  But she is a good friend who has loads of talent working the bar.   And she made me look good as a photographer.  But I believe she realized that I made her look good also.  So we had a symbiotic relationship.  And, we both really enjoyed the tequila.  Or for that matter drinking just about anything together.

Take that video I shot of Kwan over on Soi 8 at the Best Bar.  She was living in my condo then.

A small group of us had dinner on the beach at the Pullman Hotel.

Our group has gotten used to watching Kwan dance at Pattaya Drinking Street

So tonight we decided to do something a little different.  Although none of us hang out at Soi 8, we decided to go to Pattaya Soi 8 Best Bar because the bar girls do a lot of dancing there.  And I figured with luck I could get Kwan up on that bar.  And sure enough she couldn’t stand to be in the background.  So with all those other bar girls getting all the attention due to their dancing, Kwan asked me:  “Will the bar allow me to get up there and dance?”  It did.  And Kwan performed great, as always.

Jack Corbett


Shooting Pattaya bar girls dancing on Drinking Street with the Panasonic Lx10

This video includes the Pattaya Drinking Street gang of seven and other Drinking Street Pattaya bar girls dancing on the beer bar stages in this Pattaya bar complex.  But I’m not shooting with the Panasonic Lx10.  Not just yet.

Pattaya bar girls dancing
I shot a lot of video of Pattaya bar girls dancing when I got this picture of Mam over at the Frog Bar on Drinking Street. My Panasonic Lx10 would have done even better here. And so would my Nikon D750. But when I got this picture of Mam I had neither of them.

The video is one of the first Pattaya Drinking Street bar girl videos I shot.  My camera was the Panasonic LX5.   I’m now using the Panasonic LX7.  I think my later videos are superior to these earlier ones.  When you think LX 5 and LX 7, don’t think Panasonic.

Think Leica with the very finest German and Japanese technology inside.  These are very fast cameras with superior low light performance in a small package.

LX5 has a very fast 2.0 lens.  That’s what I used here.  But the LX7 has a 1.4 lens which is absolutely incredible.

When I’m videoing Pattaya bar girls dancing  I must ratchet the quality of my videos up even more.  My latest camera is my Panasonic Lx10.

Like its predecessor, the Panasonic Lx7 the Panasonic Lx10  has the terrific Leica 1.4 lens.  Which enables it to shoot most of the time without flash.  But the Panasonic Lx10 produces 20 megapixel images whereas the Panasonic Lx7 is limited to 10.  The Panasonic Lx10 also has a sensor that’s more than twice the size of the Lx7.  The Panasonic Lx10 can also shoot 4 k video.  And it boasts an array of gee whiz features that’s simply mind boggling.

However, if I really want to get serious with video I go for my Nikon D750 SLR.  With my favorite lens, the Nikon 24-70 2.8, it’s a professional rig.  I’m much more used to it than the much smaller Panasonic Lx10.  There’s a lot more external controls that eliminate digging into the cameras menus.  And the controls are so much larger.  Which makes them so much more usable for my big fingers. Its heavy.  The lens alone weighs an entire kilogram.  And it’s intimidating.  But so far I’ve never used it to shoot Pattaya bar girls dancing, with the exception of at the Pen Bar.

Panasonic Lx10 picture of Kwan

I just had to sneak this latest picture and video in here.

I put my own music at the beginning and end of this video.  For one thing most of what’s playing now on Drinking Street is unacceptable.

Big Daddy, Big Bruce and I left Drinking Street even though we really like Kwan.  Da Da is simply pure noise and that’s what’s playing practically everywhere now.

You might also enjoy watching Kwan performs on top of the bar at Best Beer Bar on Soi 8 (she had never been in this bar when our crowd took it over)

Pattaya Christmas video on Drinking Street with Kwan and friends

This  Pattaya Christmas video is one of my greatest Pattaya Bar Girl videos ever.  I think you will agree.  Don’t let the title Christmas video fool you because this video sizzles.  This Christmas video is one big drunk with loads of Pattaya bar girl non stop action from a Pattaya Drinking Street favorite bar of ours.

Three or was it four very pretty bar girls show up at the Drinking Street Koracha Bar.  With me and four or five of my pals.  And our favorite bar girl is here.  Kwan, and she’s full of herself.  But Kwan is more than just a favorite of the guys.  The girls we brought with us love Kwan to death and vice versa.

Pattaya Christmas video

The tequila is flowing.  And before long several of Kwan’s bar girl friends are totally wasted.

We even got our condo manager here in this Pattaya Christmas video

But I’m not about to reveal which girl she is.  She’s no bar girl though.

This Pattaya Christmas video moves at a relentless pace.  The action never lags.

Most of our crowd is wearing Santa Claus garb.  The girls keep prodding Kwan.  While Kwan keeps teasing her bar girl friends.  She keeps slapping one of best friends on the ass.  Hard.  One of the older bar girls starts walking across the bar.  She is wobbling. Drunk drunk drunk.  Then Kwan’s dancing on top of the bar.  Showing off in front of over 20 other bars here on Drinking Street.  With her fine ass constantly pulsating.

At last, when Kwan is not looking one of her bar girl friends puts ice down her pants.  At first Kwan doesn’t notice.  But when she finally does, she throws a fit.  In this Pattaya Christmas video you might guess that Kwans got ant in her pants.  But it’s too chilly outside for the insects.

You might also be interested in reading When the East St. Louis Cement Mixer Meets the Drinking Street Bar


Drinking Street Kwan performs at Pattaya Best Bar on Soi 18



New Year’s Eve young Pattaya girl sizzles in sensational Jack Corbett video

This New Year’s Eve young Pattaya girl sizzles and so does the dazzling fireworks display lighting up the Pattaya night.  But I’ve heard this young Pattaya  girl is  just twenty.

young Pattaya girl
This is not the young Pattaya girl in the Jack Corbett you tube video. When I took this picture, she was working with Mam at the Frog Bar.

This video’s got an incredible show of fireworks, and it showcases Dick Fitswell as a cartoon entering the video itself.  Which I think is very appropriate because the star character of my book, Dick Fitswell the man in Quest of a Perfect Fit is a cartoonish character.  There’s over 25 short Dick Fitswell stories in the book, but I think Dick Fitswell is too often misunderstood.  When you read the book, just think of him in this video, as a cartoon.

We are celebrating New Year’s Eve at the Koracha Bar.  In this video Kwan is not taking center stage.  Instead, she’s cavorting with our gang.  Which includes several of our girlfriends.

Kwan not Young Pattaya girl in this video
I don’t have any pictures of the young Pattaya girl in the video. But here’s Kwan. The gal in the black dress is one of our girlfriends. Make no mistake, Kwan is the star attraction here, no matter how pretty another girl might be. She might be one of two stars of Drinking Street, but she’s one of our pals also. We would go to Drinking Street to have fun with Kwan. And this is what brought us all here for New Year’s Eve.

The other big star on Drinking Street was Mam.  For awhile Kwan and Mam worked together at the Frog Bar.  Later, Kwan started working at the Koracha Bar a few bars up from Frog Bar.  Back then I think Kwan was around 25.  While Mam was around 29.   We all got to know Kwan a lot better when she moved into my condo buldiing.  But my impression of Kwan when we were getting to know her on Drinking Street is she was much less experienced than Mam.

Mam is no doubt the better dancer than Kwan.  Once Mam showed me a few pictures that had been taken of her in a professional photo shoot and in those pictures she was a knockout.  Although Kwan would wind up being my personal favorite, in many ways I could relate to Mam better.  She was older.  Mam was more mature.  She was also more conniving.

Example in point.  One night my pal, Ross, and I were drinking at the Frog Bar.  Ross wound up with a bar bill of around 1500 baht even though he was only drinking beer and not much at that. I can’t remember what stunt Mam had pulled on him, but neither of us were happy with Mam.

Ross and I went to another Bar.  Still on Drinking Street but a few bars away.  We started smoking a few cigarettes together but we quickly ran out of cigarettes.  So Ross went back to the Frog Bar to borrow cigarettes from Mam.  Not once but two or three times.  And we wound up getting something like 15 cigarettes from Mam.  Then Ross turned towards me and laughed:

“At least it’s something Jack.  A little revenge against Mam is better than nothing.”

After that Mam never tried to pull a stunt on either of us again.  Ross didn’t have enough money to pay his bar bill at the Frog Bar so I paid half of it.  I felt I should have foreseen the stunts Mam would pull on him.

Mam absolutely terrified one of my good friends from my condo.  He thought she was crazier than a loon.  But it takes people a lot scarier than Mam to make me uncomfortable.

But one night Ross and I went to the Frog Bar.  Where I wound up having many drinks with Mam.  We were drinking tequila.  Drunk (and so was I) Mam made some pretty strong sexual advances on me.  And I started responding.  Mam was looking awfully good and she really knew what she was doing.  Well, maybe not.  But my pal Ross persuaded me to leave the bar.

“All eyes are on you,” Jack.  “And you can be sure someone is going to tell your girlfriend about you and Mam.”

Anyway, Mam has moved to Hong Kong.  I’ve heard she’s married now.  And Kwan’s not working the bar on Drinking Street all that often.  The crowd on Drinking Street is now mostly Indians and Arabs.  I’ve heard they prefer fat women.  I don’t know if that’s true or not, but now there’s hardly one decent looking gal on Drinking Street.  The music’s about all Da Da now.   This is pure electro noise.  Which is very offensive to my friends and me.  So, Drinking Street is no longer even close to what it was.  With no Mam and hardly any of Kwan,  Drinking Street is no longer a place where we want to all get together.

I still see the old gang, but we are never all together anymore.  What drew us together in a single group was Kwan and Drinking Street.  Drinking Street was very good back then, but now it’s completely unacceptable.

Mam is not the Young Pattaya girl in this video
This is Mam when she was working at the Frog Bar. I have absolutely no pictures of the Young Pattaya girl in the video. But you will see a lot her in the video.



Oldie but goodie Sexy Pattaya Drinking Street Video

Now with sound, this Sexy Pattaya Drinking Street Video features sizzling Kwan, Pulsating Mam as return to  the action in my four books books, “Death on the Wild Side”, “Welcome to the Fun House, “Dick Fitswell”, and “Extreme Guns and Babes” which you can buy now at

I have put this Sexy Pattaya Drinking Street Video on you tube many months ago.  That’s when I was first getting to know Kwann and Mam.  Who were both dancing at the Frog Bar on Pattaya’s Drinking Street.

Sexy Pattaya Drinking Street Video thanks to Mam and Kwan
This is one Sexy Pattaya Drinking Street Video. Thanks to Mam and Kwan in particular. This picture is of Mam. Who was probably the best dancer Pattaya Drinking Street ever had.

However I recently learned that You Tube had red-flagged me for possible copyright violation resulting in You Tube’s.  So You Tube  deleted the entire audio track for the whole video. This ruined the entire video.

I don’t think I violated anyone’s copyright  in this Sexy Pattaya Drinking Street Video and here’s why

I don’t think I ever violated anyone’s copyright for the audio in my video as the audio provides only the background music for the Drinking Street Beer Bar complex. Certainly the quality of this background music falls far short of the  original source material.  Because there is no way that the small LX-5 camera’s tiny microphone can reproduce acceptable commercial quality audio. Therefore it’s not commercially viable, and I wasn’t selling the video anyway. I finally decided to delete the existing video from the You Tube server and to replace it with a drastically reworked version of the old video. It’s only about 6 and a half minutes long now and the background music that triggered you tube’s censurers has now been chopped in little bits and pieces.

I have also plugged four of my books in this video. I’ve got close to 1.4 million views on You Tube for my videos. Many of them are well liked so why not? If someone likes the videos, there’s an excellent chance he will read one of my books.   I have over 1000 subscribers to my video channel.  But I doubt if many of them know that I am the same guy who has written and Published four books.

You will find more Kwan and Mam video here

Drinking Street Bars have 2 terrific Pattaya girls dancing

Pattaya Thai girl Mam is dancing on Drinking Street at the Frog Bar

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Thailand Sexy Dancing at Pattaya Drinking Street

Prudish YouTube censors gun down two Jack Corbett videos

Prudish YouTube censors gunned down two of my Jack Corbett Productions videos four years ago.    So my videos at YouTube were obviously getting too dangerous for general public consumption at nearly 1,300,000 views.  According to the Mothers for A More Boring Nation prudish YouTube censors both videos committed the same heinous crime.  By showing groups of slender attractive Thai women dancing and having a good time in both of these Pattaya beer bars.

How Prudish YouTube censors can destroy anyone’s video audience in four days.

Now let me show you what Prudish YouTube censors can accomplish. The graph below shows my popular video’s daily views plummeting from over 6000 per day to 500 in four days and  to less than 100 over the next several months.

Prudish YouTube censors
I shot this video at the Skytop Guest House and Internet cafe five years ago. An Australian, owned the place.  After Pete died, his widow, Wan, took Skytop over.  And Wan turned a bar just outside Skytop into a successful beer bar.   Then the greedy landlords  put the whole section of buildings up for sale. Five years later the entire section is still boarded off, and unsold. Everyone had to move, including Dr. Belen who had her medical office in this complex.  Most of the women in this video will never work together again while my tailor had to move his shop. The video was generating 6000 hits a day until the Prudish YouTube censors struck. A Mothers for a boring Nation prude must have complained to YouTube which immediately classified it as an adult movie. I have no idea of who complained or why. Perhaps it was the underage gal in the video. Which would be Wan’s daughter who is not working in the bar or drinking.  Years later Wan’s daughter earned a four year university degree.  And now she’s teaching school.  My Thai girlfriend is in this video and she’s not working at a bar either. One of my favorite waitresses who used to work at the Girl Beer Bar in Naklua is also in this video. This video shows a lot of friends having a great time. There’s no nudity whatsoever. I don’t know. Maybe it’s the cute girl shaking her butt to the music that caused someone to complain to YouTube. Which drove the Prudish YouTube censors to classify this video as an adult movie.

If only Hitler and his Nazi minions had YouTube censorship eighty years ago.  They could have purged all voices of dissent to extinction in one month.

There would be no need for concentration camps or gas chambers, firing squads or torturing the opposition. The mechanism is simple.

Most people are unthinking, lazy automatons who believe what they hear from any seemingly well meaning organization whether it’s the Nazis, the Republicans, Facebook, You Tube or Google.  Which owns You Tube. So if I am able to control Google I am able to control what the entire world sees, hears and believes by restricting my content.

The fact is that when you age restrict a YouTube video most people will not want to have to sign in with their email address to attest  they are over 21. And if you don’t believe that, you had better look at that graph again.

Which now bring up how the Prudish YouTube censors destroyed my audience in the second YouTube video

Two of the girls, Pai and Tri are friends of ours.  My girlfriend and I had called Pai to invite her to a party at the Pen Bar and Pai brought Tri along with her. It’s Tri and Pai who are doing the most dancing in this video. I had known both Pai and Tri for years, and  my girlfriend and I were plying them with alcohol at this party. Neither was working for the Pen bar so I really don’t understand how You Tube could possibly claim this content was adult or improper.

Nevertheless Mothers for a More Boring Nation misfits flagged the video which brought it to the attention of Prudish YouTube censors.  Who decided to age restrict the video by requiring potential viewers to sign in with their email addresses that they were over 21 .

The bottom line for their doing this is that certain people were jealous of the attractive sexy Thai women dancing in the video.

Some of these might have been women. On the other hand they might be men who are upset  because they will never be able to be with some of the women in the video or other women who look a lot like them due to their having a wife and kids at home or not having enough money to travel to such places as Thailand where sexy attractive women still exist.

One thing’s for sure, though, and that is there’s nothing pornographic about this video. In fact it’s about as far from deserving an R rating as a Mickey Mouse cartoon,

and if you don’t believe me, just check out this video for yourselves and make up your own mind. As for me, I’m thinking of changing this video’s meta tags over at YouTube to include such key words as adult rated, ultra sensuous, too wild for You Tube and so forth. After all, if YouTube says this video is adult and requires people to attest to their not being children by signing in with their email addresses.    Then obviously this video has to be adult.

Here’s the exact email I just got from You Tube. Pay attention though to the bold test which will tell you all you need to know about You Tube’s censorship policies.

Regarding your account:Jack Corbett

The YouTube Community has flagged one or more of your videos as inappropriate. Once a video is flagged, it is reviewed by the YouTube Team against our Community Guidelines. Upon review, we have determined that the following video(s) contain content that may not be suitable for all viewers:

Impressive Thai dancing Girls at Naklua Pen Bar Party

As a result, we have age-restricted this content.

What the email says is that whatever Prudish YouTube censors don’t agree with will be age restricted.

Let me emphasize the key words here, “contain certain content that may not be suitable for all viewers.” Well here’s what I got to say about that.

 Returning to my home here in Thailand yesterday afternoon from a two week trip to the U.S., I was appalled.  And horrified to find that Americans had gotten to be fatter than ever.

On one flight alone, from Phoenix to Seattle there was only one woman on the plane who wasn’t fat. Most were what I’d call obese. It is a fact, and you can check this out on the internet if you don’t believe me.    The average weight of Americans has risen twenty-five pounds over what Americans used to weight twenty-five years ago. And on that flight, most of the women  were human sausages.

Now I think all YouTube videos depicting women and men as human sausages should be age restricted.

I would like to appoint a group of my Pattaya based friends  to the YouTube panel of judges who will then be able to age restrict any videos they don’t agree with. That way I can be a paragon of virtue. And to be finally be able to accomplish what is really best for my fellow Americans. I can then get a small group of people to flag the content of all videos on YouTube that I don’t like.  And then I can get my panel of friends to age restrict these videos.

So where shall we start?  Well….first of all I think it should be a matter of public interest that all YouTube videos that show fat people should be flagged.

We don’t need to have fat people in the movies posing as role models for young people today.  After all too many of our young men are obese as it is.  And we certainly don’t want to have any more fat kids growing up who are unable to pass our military services’ physical fitness tests.  Now don’t laugh.  This is a matter of our nation’s national security.

These  YouTube judges  must certify only those videos that show physically fit, slender young men and women.   And age restrict all videos that show the unfit, and overweight sad sacks that are poor examples of American might.

The reason for doing this is that we will achieve a real measuring stick for what men and women need to look like.  The way they appeared for thousands of years before television, the internet, three cars in every garage and fast food transformed  them into a bunch of couch potatoes who are barely able to walk across the street.

Only then can we produce the same kind of physically fit cannon fodder that the United States was able to field during World War I and II.

As it is, Americans are the laughing stock of the world.   Just remember that I live in Thailand.  And even though the Thais and practically everyone else in this world are getting fat, the U.S. still leads the pack.

When Thais and other Asians think of Americans they see them as grossly overweight creatures who need golf karts  to get them from one end of the supermarket to the other.

As for me, it’s really starting to get embarrassing.  That’s because whenever someone asks me where I come from, I keep telling him I’m from Canada.  Or from somewhere else where people believe in still getting a little exercise to keep their weight down.

I really dislike Chinese. I find that most Chinese are rude, unscrupulous, arrogant pricks who are among the most uncreative people on earth. When they produce anything it’s usually of such cheap quality that it falls apart in one tenth the time that American and German products disintegrate into worthless junk. They are good at copying and selling products that other countries originated and that’s about it. They are dirty and their morals are truly in the basement. And the Chinese sell children’s toys laden with poison.  Their cars, trucks and coal burning furnaces pollute the earth.  And their waterways and beaches are choked with polluted garbage.

So in my videos that I  allow on YouTube with no age restriction will not have any Chinese in them. Why by the time I get done you will think  that Chinese food is inedible.

We won’t show any fat people either. And no fast food restaurants. And while my chosen group of  Prudish YouTube censors are at it, we will purge all videos of anyone drinking beer or overeating.  Meanwhile we will allow without restriction any videos that show people exercising and eating wholesome and healthy foods can accomplish.

So when me and my friends put ourselves on the You Tube Board of censors we will be able to restrict the number of viewers that will be able to view fat people or Chinese to less than 2 percent of what they would otherwise be.   Don’t believe me?  Just remember, most of you are sheep.  Therefore you are hopeless non thinking automatons who are too lazy to actually think for yourselves.

In the meantime Jack Corbett Productions no longer has to put up with Prudish YouTube censors.  Fortunately I did not cut any corners with my Alpha Productions web site.  Which has the power to stream video the same way YouTube does.   Here’s too examples the Prudish YouTube censors banned which you can now view from Alpha Productions whether you have a smart phone or computer.

The Naklua Bar video YouTube banished because of so called copyrighted audio, which was merely background music in the bar complex

and My non cruelty cockfighting video YouTube purged because of complaints from nonthinking human rights activists.

Sexy Pattaya bar girls Video introducing Mam and Kwan for the first time

Choosing a Pattaya Drinking Street bar at random, we shot this Sexy Pattaya bar girls video for the first time, featuring Mam and Kwan.

two Sexy Pattaya bar girls
Introducing Kwan.  This is the first video I took of the two Sexy Pattaya bar girls, Kwan and Mam.

I spotted Kwan dancing on the bar across the Pattaya Drinking Street bar complex.  And out of more than twenty bars, Kwan was the most sensational woman in this entire complex.  I had to meet her.  So I took my companions to the bar and immediately bought Kwan a tequila.  Little did I realize back then, that Kwan and I would be having many tequilas together after that first night.  Or that Kwan would move into my condo building a year later.  But not in my condo.  Kwan moved in with an Englishman, in an  identical condo to mine four floors above me.  But he was in England most of the time, so Kwan oftentimes visited me and my gf.  As in nearly every day.

I’m getting ahead of my story though.  And this Sexy Pattaya bar girls Video.  Two Sexy Pattaya bar girls dance in this video.  Mam and Kwan.  And this is where I start lying to all of you.  Back in the United States I used to write for three adult magazines.   I shot pictures of sexy American feature entertainers and strippers professionally.  All over the United States.  That’s when Big Daddy and I became great friends.  I can go on and on about Big Daddy.  You can use the Alpha Productions search engine to find get a lot of good info on him.  How he managed 15 strip clubs in the U.S. when we first met.  And how he hired me to shoot his new club in Missouri, Big Daddy’s Cabaret.

But I gotta get back to my point.  About how I started lying about Kwan and Mam.  Big Mike, the general manager at the Lumberyard strip club in Des Moines, Iowa, Big Daddy and I started SPEW.  Which is an acronym for Sexy Professional Exotic Wrestling.  Now Big Daddy might have been a strip club owner, but he was also an ex professional wrestler who used to appear on television.  He used to be a strip club dj until his voice gave out.  And let me tell you, Big Daddy loved getting behind the microphone.  And still does.  He’s also a terrific bullshitter.  And that’s where all my lying about these two Two Sexy Pattaya bar girls starts.

This is just one of thousand of pictures I shot covering S.P.E.W. Notice how close I am to the two strippers. Paradise the girl on the right worked for Big Mike at the Lumberyard in Des Moines Iowa. The girl on the left worked at Big Daddy’s Cabaret. 420 miles separates the two clubs. We used to get five Missouri strippers travel to Iowa. And then two weeks later five Iowa strippers would travel to MIssouri to wrestle against the Missouri girls. As the official Spew photographer I used to travel in the van with Big Daddy and the girls.  Big Daddy appears in a red tuxedo in the blurred background.  I would blur the backgrounds deliberately to protect the identities of the customers.

We’d get two strippers wresting totally nude.  While Big Daddy’s on the microphone dressed in a tuxedo announcing a “fight to the finish” between the two strippers.  The two strippers are sisters.  And one of the sisters starts banging the other sister’s boyfriend.  And that’s when Big Daddy decides to pit the two strippers against each other to see who gets the boyfriend.  But it’s all a line of total horse shit.  The two strippers are friends.  Hours before the grudge match we are all rehearsing this grand farce.

While the two strippers are wrestling, someone slices the forehead of one of the two wrestlers with a razor.  But the audience doesn’t see this.  The crowd goes wild as the blood begins to flow.

But back to Kwan and Mam.  I put a couple of videos of Mam and Kwan on YouTube.  In which I am billing the two Two Sexy Pattaya bar girls as sisters.  Mam’s the older sister while Kwan is the younger sister.

Sexy Pattaya bar girls
Kwan in the red dress over to the left. We usually had a group in those days, and Kwan was very much a part of our group. Sadly Drinking Street has changed. The music’s terrible there now. Because it’s geared to Thai bar girl tastes, the Indians and Arabs who now comprise most of the customer base there. Mam is long gone. And Kwan only works sporadically on Drinking Street. And our group has dispersed. Each of us preferring other bars

They aren’t sisters.  And I don’t think Mam and Kwan ever liked each other.  They are the two stars of Pattaya Drinking Street.  They are the two best dancers.  And Drinking Street has never seen the likes since.

Coming soon.   The original grudge match that started SpewDirty Heather against Killer Kloey.  And I guarantee that YouTube will never show this video because it’s totally nude.  The problem is that I could never get this video to stream on my Alpha Productions web site.  Until now.   In this match the blood is going to flow.

Krazy Ted. Big Daddy’s just cut Ted with a razor during the first S.P.E.W. death match.