Visual Differences between editions of Death on the Wild Side

Three Novels

On the left is the new 2nd edition of  Death on the Wild Side.  In the middle is Welcome to the Fun House To the right is the 1st edition of Death on the Wild Side  Note the massive size of the new edition of Death on the Wild Side.  Whereas the old edition came out at roughly 465 pages, the new one comes in at 615.  The text is larger in the new edition, the line spacing is wider and there is greater space between the letters all of which means vastly greater readability over the old version.

The first edition recently disappeared from Amazon after selling for up to $150 used.  After personally completely redesigning it I believe the 2nd edition surpasses the original in every way.

Jack Corbett

This second edition crystalizes over ten years of experience shooting up to 100,000 pictures of adult entertainers.  As a professional adult photographer I had to learn many new skills using Photoshop like graphics arts programs.  This new second edition represents the cumulation of all those skills I had to learn as a photographer.  So, if you would ask me, how does it feel self-publishing your book with, my reply would be, "I would not have it any other way.  This book is entirely my own creation, from its initial composition as a writer back in 1995, to the choosing of the model for the front cover out of the hundreds of entertainers I photographed, to the thousand plus pictures I took of the girl in Illinois, Missouri, and Alabama and finally to the cover designs, the layout of the pages and the text itself." 



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