Topless Dollies Playhouse dancer, Alabama, serves Methyl Blue Communion at Chinese Restaurant

And yes, it does make you piss blue

by Jack Corbett
Alabama, stripper nun wearing habit while drinking a beer

It was a time to party and with this group, the Lost Angels, not just to party, but to meet the other members most of us doing what is insane to ordinary mortals. For us, just ordinary stuff to remember the weekend by. It starts at a Chinese restaurant only half a mile from our motel and we all wonder who is going to be there. Some of the guys meet at the motel first. Satin who is a dancer at Dollies is there and talks to Philip21. Getting a ride from someone else she tells him.

Pl/One hasn't come in yet from San Francisco so it is Dawg, Philip21 and myself going over to the restaurant to get everything ready in the banquet room they have reserved for us. We have thirty-six of the "Trendy Toilet shirts at Dollies in a large box. The t-shirt has a picture of a nun sitting on a toilet on its front. The nun seems to be drinking whiskey from a bottle that she is hiding in a brown paper bag.

I am first to enter the banquet room in the back and the nun is sitting there waiting for us. Early. "No ordinary nun. This is Alabama since that is her stage name. Alabama is a very pretty blonde, slender, almost too slender and she is or was a topless dancer at Dollies. After all she and Crazy Czech started this whole Trendy Toilet Sex thing at Dollies. How can any of us forget the first photo shoot Tornado and I did of her upstairs between two sets of mirrors at Dollies. I had done the last shots when she went over to the little restroom saying: "I have an idea." and squatted naked over the toilet bowl. I don't think any of the group have forgotten the pictures of her smiling as she hovered over the bowl. Then, just weeks later, Crazy Czech visiting the East St. Louis club from Indiana and convincing Hawk, the club's GM to fill up one of the clubs johns with dancers and customers. To get a crowd in the mens' room Hawk saying: "Come on, I'll give any man a beer who goes in there for the pictures. We will put them up on the Internet tonight."

Which is easy to do with a chat setup like the Lost Angels, my laptop computer, and the digital camera. We can put pictures up into our messages and can do it within ten minutes of when we take them. That started it-----"The Trendy Toilet Sex Series at Dollies." And although we try to have a plot with one club manager playing God while the other plays the Devil, it usually ends with a group in the bathroom, with the girls kissing each other, the men, and sometimes showing off their breasts. One never knows what they are going to do.

Brandy who used to be a Dollies dancer comes in with Sher. She's only eighteen and Sher's quite a bit older and never was a dancer. But the two women have become friends on the computer during our chats in in their ICQ instant messages to each other. Brandy's boyfriend, Joey is there with them. Brandy is as cute as they come and is rapidly becoming a computer whiz kid. Dancers don't become computer whiz kids but then, most dancers aren't like Brandy. A shapely friend of Alabama's joins us. She used to dance at Pt's. Another young woman comes into the banquet room but like Sher she is not a dancer. Finally, Pl/One arrives from San Francisco and I figure we can start.

Hey--we've got people from all over the world for this party which is going to last all weekend with more people coming. Like Tornado, from Indiana. Have to have a priest or minister present for occasions such as this. Who needs em? We've got Alabama who plays Sister Margarita and she's much prettier. Philip21 and Pl/One had been having a debate in the Lost Angels chat two days running about whether bars should allow smoking. Brandy has an idea for some shots with the digital camera. She inserts a lit cigarette in a small Chinese statue on the wall. Philip21 has brought along two masks to poke fun at Pl/One who he has never met before. We shoot the pictures and then it is time for Alabama to bless the food, anoint it with her holy water or do something we can all laugh about later.


I put methyl blue in an aspirin bottle. She will serve communion from this, a blue dye that will make people piss blue afterwards, sometimes for two days. "Kneel at my feet Jack," she orders. Which I do since I'll kiss her frock anytime. She puts the bottle to my lips and pours the bitter stuff down my throat. Then drinks some herself. She then stands before the group and pours the rest of it into everyone's glass. Alabama gives a little speech. Can't really remember it since so much happened as the weekend regressed from there but it was something like: "Bless you my children and sin no more." Alabama and I have blue lips, teeth and tongues coated with blue dye.

A dancer is to win the web tv which we have bought. Later on at Dollies are the drawings with the other winners getting oak framed pictures, the novel I wrote and published, Mary Kay make overs from Sher, a sheep blow up doll, and t-shirts. The group decides Alabama is the one who should get the web tv. But she can't join us later at Dollies. Not her after being laid off (I hope temporarily) for underage drinking. But Brandy can go in with us. After dinner the rest of us head out for the club.

The party lasted two more days. Dawg and I spent three nights in a row in the clubs before he went back to Toronto. Some of us ran into the real Lori Mellon around four on a Sunday morning at Pops. James had broken her nose a few times and she was still with him. The Lost Angels men despise guys like that. So I went after him. I know. I know that it is considered immature for a man to come at another guy in a bar. But men like him have no right to exist. Should never have been born in the first place and considering that they are here among the living someone should kill them. But there are laws against this. Which means we have the right to break the law. He backs down. In front of Lori and their whole group. Coward. Kept moving in on him as he backed up as I told him to have it out with me right there.

Lori has just turned thirty yet looks much older. That's what drugs will do to you. If I had knocked James down----had he not chickened out, she would have jumped me from behind. So what. Over with now. New girls in the group. Heaven whose pictures Penthouse noticed at the 1997 Gentlemens Club Owners Convention last September. Her roommate, Ruby, now dancing with her in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Katt from Cruisers who was the Lost Angels dancer of the year. Satin dancing at Dollies in East St. Louis. Brandy, who at 18 is the youngest of the group and the latest to go online from her home. And Lori, a creature of a past, never to be reclaimed. Forgotten? Not quite. Only replaced. For myself and for all of us----the next adventure, or misadventure--wherever it shall lead us.    

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