Pick of the U.S. Howard, studmuffin to beat
by Jack Corbett

Howard, he's the man to beat----crowned twice in a row as U.S. Studmuffin champion obliterating the competition

He's the quintessential woman's man, and if there's any doubt just check the pictures below.  Dollies Playhouse topless club manager, some of his girls call him Dad.  Others see him as the lover they want but never could have.  But to everyone of them he's God.

They had to put an inside lock on the Dollies bathroom just because of him.  Couldn't even take a private leak.  The girls kept swarming all over him.

 Howard in Dollies Playhouse restroom cavorting with topless dancers

Back eons ago when the world was one vast primordial forest and  men had not yet donned their first loincloths, women were looking for the man who could make them forget all others.  With no success.  We are proud to present to all you women out there...Howard

It wasn't his idea to hold court in the Dollies restrooms.  They just can't leave him alone.  Since I am his campaign manager against the Canadian upstart one of my jobs is to look after his health.  And that's the only reason I'm in this picture. Believe me, I'm not taking the heat for this one so I'm blaming Jett for jumping in my arms and Tigger who forced Howard and me into the Dollies rest room.

 Jack Corbett and Howard cavorting in the men's room with Dollies Playhouse strippers

But there is a man who thinks he's got Howard beat.  From that little country up there called Canada where it's so cold people can get it on only two months of the year comes Dawg.   Now we don't know what Dawg's got but we've heard tell he's pulling something over on those Canadian girls.

Now....unprecedented and never seen before we give you Studmuffin III for the world's crown.  Howard versus Dawg.  It is going to be a battle to the finish as millions of women in the U.S. and Canada pant as they watch these two giants among men compete.  


Howard at Dollies Playhouse

From Howard--------"See that little thing on my tongue?  If you can't figure out what it advertises, don't ask."
 They won't let Howard alone

And these are uncommon girls, not the garden variety housewife types you would want to leave with your pet Dawg just so you can get out of the house.   (Thank God there are Dawgs around).   Like Dollies dancer, Diamond who just turned down offers from 21 topless clubs in the last week alone just so she could be with Howard.  

Big Howard licking Diamond's breasts

Howard was just in the john minding his own business shaving his chin when Diamond launched herself through the door.  Well........who can refuse a girl like Diamond?

But Diamond has to take her turn on the Dollies stage.  In barges Alabama.  Howard never had a chance to finish shaving.  

Big Howard kissing Alabama

Well......you just gotta know Alabama.  An instigator from day one and they don't get any prettier than her.  Something our Canadian friends are starting to find out.  The bathroom's not enough for her.  She has to get Howard up on the stage.  The customers gathering around wishing they were in Howard's shoes and then Howard turns the tables.

A true heavyweight king of studmuffins, no girl's a match for Howard, not even the incomparable Alabama.  He decides to teach her a lesson.  After all, it's considered bad form for a manager to remain unshaven.  At first she's titillated.  Then he makes her cry. 

Big Howard makes Alabama Cry

Stay tuned.   This one's going to be hard fought.
And if for some reason you just have to see what the so called competition, Dawg, is trying to mount, check out Dawg's site.    Look for the Canadians to cheat. It's the only way they have a chance.

Fresh off the press, "The Studmuffin Times".  As the battle between the two studmuffin champions heats up we will give you the low down.  You can't get this anywhere else.    And for even more background as the contest heats up check out the previous issue of "The Studmuffin Times".   Or the first issue that started the whole thing off. This thing is getting to be so bitter that you are going to want to know  the whole story about what at first appeared to be Dollies entertainer Alabama's (Sister Margarita's) defection to the Canadian team, how Dawg and his nefarious henchmen framed her, and our finding a new savior, Alex, the Dollies dancer who can rivet you in your seat with her poetry not to mention her other obvious talents.



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