Sahara's poetry

Selena and Sahara worked together in the strip clubs.   Sahara constantly tried to keep her friend from self destructing.

We remember Sahara best  for working both as a waitress and adult entertainer at Visions until it became a club of male strippers servicing guys

although she's worked at many other noteworthy Saint Louis Metro East Strip Clubs such as Hustler, Platinum, and the Jewel Box


What is a Soul?


What is a soul?

A soul is a gift

From God above

And in my soul I find


Strength and



Everyone has one

But not all see.

Your soul is yours

It is who you’ll be


A soul is the definition of who you are

It is up to you to push for the stars

And what I mean,

And what I say

Is to share a part of you

With someone each day

A stranger

A friend, or

Someone you love.

It may help them to see

What their soul can become


A soul is that smile on your face

That ray of light so the days aren’t so gray

It’s that feeling you get

When you give someone a hug

It’s that special thing that we call love

So hold your head high

Let yourself shine

Your soul is who you are.

Your soul can’t be denied


The Door

I see the door

Should I walk in?

After all, I don’t know

What lies within


Will my life change?

Will it stay the same?

I’m scared to find out.

I’m so afraid


I see the door

I should walk in?

Will it change who I am?

Will a new life begin?


Life is a door.

A different one everyday.

I should walk in and

Yet I’m still afraid.


Unspoken Words

Unspoken words I meant to say.

When your love was mine,

Now it slipped away.


Would they have made a difference?

Would our love still remain?

If I had said those words I meant to say.


I should have told you.

You were special in my eyes.

My knight in shining armor.

The love of my life.


The happiest of times I spent with you.

How I thought our love would shine through

For eternity together was ours to share,

Together, forever, was the dream

I love in despair.


For those unspoken words, I did not say.

For you were the love I lost that day.

So remember, "My love So True",

Those lost few words were unspoken too.


Oh my Love

Oh my love

What we had.

A love so sweet

Somehow turned bad


To feel your warm embrace

To see the smile on your face.


What happened to our love so sweet

you and I,

We were complete


Oh, how I miss our love

It seemed to have been touched

by God above.


Then one day to my despair

Your love for me faded away.


Oh my love

What can I do?

Day after day, I feel so blue.

I try to smile, but only cry

How I pray our love won’t die


Oh, my love, I’ll love you forever.

So always remember, I’ll always be there.

Because my love I care.


By Jennifer Lindsey

Copyrighted August 10, 2000



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