Tec 9 assault pistol shoot out at Peter's Corral
by Jack Corbett

This story starring feature entertainer Leah Layne and a mythologized Peter the Great is a review of the fully automatic TEC 9 assault pistol--as originally published in "Xtreme Magazine"


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Leah Layne in Xtreme Magazine

Leah layne with gun

Leah Layne with gun


Above is Jack Corbett's satire exactly as it appears in "Xtreme Magazine" Online. In hard copy it's been distributed all up and down the East Coast from Maine through South Caroline. Consider, that the real life Carlos Bullshit is now a superior court justice in New Jersey, which goes to show who often gets ahead and is rewarded in our not so illustrious legal establishment. Carlos and another lawyer representing Camden County initiated suit against over 15 gun manufacturers to keep all guns out of the county in direct violation of our second amendment rights to bear arms. The county sought monetary damages against the gun companies because they were semi auto, had too short of a barrel, too long of a barrel, etc.


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