The Jack Corbett You Tube Channel and the infamous Tie Guys

The Tie Guys go out each week risking their lives and sanity to give you the finest video of what it's like living in Pattaya, Thailand--perhaps the most interesting, wildest city on Earth. 

So Who are the Tie Guys and what is it exactly that the Jack Corbett Channel offer that has brought in over 500 subscribers and more than 1,300,000 views and that now comprises over 40 videos?

There's Uncle Bufford.  He's the one doing the Walking Street Go-Go Reviews in the Looking Glass Magazine here at Alpha Productions, but he keeps a low profile.

Then there's Uncle Bufford's Brother Billy Bob, but there's nothing Low Profile about Billly Bob.  The Tie Guys often call him, "The Bait" and that's because whenever the Tie Guys venture into Pattaya's Go-Go bars, whenever they get around Pattaya's bar girls, it's Billy Bob who attracts all the gals first. 

Next up is Big John who lives in Central Pattaya right in the thick of all the action, close to the beer bars of Soi 7 and 8. Big John's got the latest camera equipment and computer gear and the computer skills to use them.

Rivaling Billy Bob as a babe magnet is Morris--who's another American we might add.  He's the real monger of the group, and the closest thing we've ever met to Dick Fitswell in real life.  Morris is the only one of the group who hasn't yet moved to Thailand  full time so when he does get here, he makes it his mission to experience as many Thai women as he can racking the women up on his scorecard to a half dozen every few days.

Then there's me, Jack Corbett.  I'll just let this picture explain everything.

Jack Corbett wanted for debauchery in 42 states

The Tie Guys can often be recognized in Pattaya's bars and night clubs by their wearing colorful ties around their necks as they  make their grand entrances truly memorable for the Thai bar girls whose jobs are to service much far less memorable men. 

But all of this isn't all that important to all of you reading this page.  What is important that the Jack Corbett You Tube video channel is concentrating more and more upon Pattaya's unforgettable bar girls wherever they encounter them and that they can get far superior video quality to what you will normally find over on You Tube.  Their cameras are specialized tools that have been developed to do their best work in low light situations which is normal for bars everywhere.  We think that you will agree that the Tie Guys are now offering video that is clearly superior to what is most often found on You Tube, especially all the amateur video that is all too common these days. 

Meanwhile there's still a lot of video here on the Jack Corbett You Tube Channel that really doesn't have anything to do with babes in Thailand.  For example there's his most recent weapons reviews on Roman swords and spears, and the fearsome kukris from Nepal.  Then there's his vacation videos covering such idyllic island paradises as one finds in Koh Chang, Krabi and the Phi Phi Islands, and even his boxing video which explains why traditional boxing is so superior to the martial arts. 

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