Delirious Delilah Unveiled as Lost Angels Chat 2000 Woman of the Year


by Jack Corbett


So why does she appear in the Hall of Fame twice?  She's Renee, who Jack met dancing at Stimmelators over four years ago.  Somewhere along the line we got her in the Hall of Fame several years ago as Renee.  Here she reappears as Delilah.   Another thing and we hate to break it to ya---she's not Delirious most of the time.    How can you be Lost Angels Woman of the Year and be delirious or crazy.  Unless one is referring to Delilah's great sense of humor.   Consider back at Dollies over on the St Louis East side when  Jack, Big Howard, and the rest of the crew at Dollies were staging their wacky Dollies trendy Toilet Sex series that many Indiana dancers were saying:  "How can they be so crude down there?"  Little did we know that up in Southern Michigan Delilah was watching the strange photo shoots at Dollies.  Several years later, while Jack was up in Michigan visiting her and the two were in a bar where Delilah and her friends were in a dart tournament, Delilah turned to Jack and said:  "Jack, let's take over this bar and have Trendy Michigan Toilet Sex."   The two grabbed Delilah's sister and a couple of unsuspecting guys for a picture taking session in the bars bathroom ala Dollies style. 


del1.jpg (127037 bytes)Or how about the time when Delilah sold a girl friend one of her computers and went out to lunch with Jack when the girl friend was late?   No problem for Delilah when they returned  to find the girlfriend had accidentally locked them out?   At first she tried to break in using a credit card.  Then she played cat burglar as she went right through a window.  The dancing clothes had been left at home with Delilah for the most part being retired before reaching her thirtieth year.  She was wearing an old pair of jeans, running shoes and a man's cap with a bill on it.  The stage was the furthest thing from her mind.  She had work to do, taking part a computer and making the damn thing work before collecting five hundred bucks from her friend.  


So what does this all have to do with Delilah's being our Woman of the Year? Plenty, because she's a woman who wears many hats.  Little did Jack know when he took that first round of pictures of her at Stimmelators more than four years ago and she called him for the Alphapro url at the club after getting home that she had been into computers since she was fourteen.  Even the girls she danced with had to be clueless that Delilah could build one of the damn things.  


del4.jpg (94920 bytes)Which is our whole point about renaming our Dancer of the Year  award to Woman of the Year.  One cannot stereotype someone like Delilah as being just a dancer.   :Let's put it another way.   When a man thinks of a woman as someone he wants to spend lots of time with and never get bored, who he's proud to be out with----ANYWHERE,  and a woman who's not going to let him down, who he's wanting to put on a pedestal, he's not thinking of someone who does the pole well---he's thinking of an ideal.   He's thinking of someone who's fun to be with and whose mind is constantly challenging his.  Yet a woman like this is not going to settle just for Mr. Average.    Why should she?  



She tells you what she means and does what she promises. Above all she's not a materialistic bitch.  She's always coming up with fresh ideas, but is not judgmental.  She's a prankster yet she's got a wealth of common sense between her ears.   She's a giver and not a taker.  


That's Delilah.  


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