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The 11th Wonder of Pattaya, the Sri Racha Pattaya Tiger Zoo

by Jack Corbett

The Sri Racha Pattaya Tiger Zoo is home to 10000 crocodiles and over 200 Tigers

This is not to be confused with the Khao Kheow Zoo which is also in Sri Racha.

The Khao Kheow Zoo is huge as in gigantic whereas the Sri Racha Tiger Zoo is much more manageable--one doesn't need a golf kart to get around.  It also has shows--obviously there's going to be a tiger show which is to be expected considering the place's name.  But there's also a crocodile show and an elephant show.  And there's tigers and apes to pose with, and unexpectedly since not far away Pattaya has its own crocodile farm, there are a couple of thousand crocodiles here.   One can even watch baby crocs being hatched out of eggs and tigers cavorting with pigs.

The Sri Racha Tiger Zoo comes well advertised.  One can get a mini bus tour of the place at any one of Pattaya's travel agencies.  There's little brochures everywhere.  This is not true of the Khao Kheow Zoo so do not be confused.  Just remember--Siracha equals two zoos.  One is the wrong answer. 


Tiger at Siracha Tiger Zooelephantelephant painting

elephantTiger ZooTiger Zoo

Tiger ZooTiger ZooTiger Zoo

Tiger ZooTiger ZooTiger Zoo

Tiger ZooTiger ZooTiger Zoo

Tiger ZooTigerTiger

TigersTigerTiger Zoo


crocodileTiger ZooTiger Zoo

Tiger ZooTiger ZooTiger Zoo

Tiger Zoo

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