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This blog started off as “Welcome to the Fun House” because I had just finished writing my second novel as an American retiree living in Thailand.  Writing Welcome to the Fun House probably saved me from spending my remaining years as a complete hedonist in pursuit of whatever feels good at the moment.  Instead I studied my fellow retirees who had bought condos near me, and decided that they were no different from the party animals I had known back in my college years. Unwilling to completely devote myself to a life of dissipation I turned back to writing instead.    Meanwhile,  I’ve had four live in Thai girlfriends, the first for 10 months, the second for 1 year 7 months, the 3rd for 10 months,  the last (She’s still with me) for over 5 years while serving on my condo community’s governing committee for 2 years,  and am presently serving as committee chairman.  I’ve had to deal with embezzlement and unrelenting corruption on behalf of the other condo owners here.    I’ve come to know a lot enough about the hiring and firing of Thai employees, Thai lawyers, the police, thieving insurance companies, and dishonest managers to speculate that Money is Indeed Number One,  not just with Thai sex workers but on nearly every level.  But I still prefer to live here above all other places because nowhere else in the world can you get so much excitement along with the sexiest women on the planet.

Pattaya is like no other place on earth.  You will find more beautiful available women here than anywhere else.  Pattaya is neither Western or Thai. It’s a smorgasbord of cultures and perhaps more than anywhere else in the world, a place where the excitement never ends.  It’s probably got more bars, night clubs, restaurants, and atm’s per square meter than anywhere else.  Its dangerous.  People get killed crossing the street here.  And not just sometimes but often.  Its streets and roads are the 2nd most dangerous on earth.   But once you live here chances are you aren’t going to want to live anywhere else.

So what’s it really like living in Fun City? What is it really like selling one’s home and car in the U.S. and  taking the big leap into buying a condo here in Pattaya? Or to be in charge of managing a condo in a foreign land where the values are 180 degrees different from one’s own? That’s what the Jack Corbett Pattaya Expats Blog is all about.

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