The Seduction of Sergei

by Jack Corbett

Lotharina tells Sergie she hates Peter the Great because he's planning on moving the from Washington to St. Louis


The restaurant was unusual. Very few cities have anything like it. But here out in Washington's close by suburbs anything was possible. The food was Guatemalan. Less spicy than Mexican, it was the stuff one doesn't run into short of taking a trip down to Central America. And the restaurant itself ran counter to what one normally ran into this far north. Sergei and Lotharina sat in an open courtyard as the sky started to darken above them.  

It would often rain at which times the restaurant's guests would simply move to tables inside or at the edges of the courtyard where they were for the most part protected by a tiled roof, which was still another vestige from the land far South of the border one hardly ever saw in this part of the country. Then, when the weather started to get cold late in September the courtyard was closed off until Spring.  

Lotharina was already on her third Margarita and starting to get tipsy. Sergei was starting to begin to believe that he had found someone who often thought like he did. Lotharina had little use for the Nation's politics of which Washington was the center. She was too busy hatching her own. 

"Have you ever noticed how so many men in this city have pointy chins?" said Lotharina.  

"No, to tell you the truth, I haven't," Sergei replied. "Now do tell me why the men here have pointy chins." 

"Well, they are so busy trying to prove that they actually have a purpose and are somehow pointed in the right direction that they develop a kind of earnestness about their faces, as if their bodies were leashed to a tree and their faces were left pointing at the sun." 

"I will admit that most people around here do take on airs of self importance, but that's the way it is about practically any capital city," said Sergei. "It's no different in London or Paris."  

"But it is. You see the English and the French are living in the past. The upper classes of London are overcome with the History of England and the place the upper classes have held there. But down deep they know that time is over yet they cling forlornly to the past hoping it will all repeat itself yet knowing deep down that it's not meant to be. The French are even worse. You see in Paris, it's not just the upper classes. Everyone seems to have their heads up their asses there as if the French all feel they are a superior breed. Yet they too have to feel that they are inferior. They know the real economic and military power is in the U.S. so they take their superior airs from elsewhere, as if the water in France is superior to the water everywhere else. But here in Washington there really is something to this feeling of being in power. Washington is after all the hub of the most powerful country on earth. But what makes these people around here so ludicrous is that they actually think this power has resulted because of them when in fact it has evolved in spite of them."  

"I've noticed that but I've never thought of it exactly that way," said Sergei. "These people don't notice how ridiculous they look because they are all part of the same society of leeches. It's only those who are completely outside their circle, who actually are productive who notice how ludicrous all these pointy chinned parasites are."  

"Have you ever wanted to do something about all of that?" Lotharina asked.  

"Yes. Everyday. That is why I work for Peter." 

"And do you think he is actually going to change all of this?" 

"He's going to change all of it. For one thing the Nation's capital is not going to remain that much longer in Washington." 

"Oh really now. Now where is Peter planning on moving it?" Lotharina asked

 "He's moving it to St Louis." 

"You have to be kidding."

"No, I'm not."

"But it's so far off from either Coast."

"And that's the whole point. If the capital were in Washington such as it is now or if it were to be moved to New York or to San Francisco or Los Angeles, it's as if the U.S. were admitting that the nation is not looking inward but instead it's looking outward to other nations. Airfares are cheaper from the Coasts than they are from cities in the interior. Thing about St Louis is that it's centrally located you see, if only the U.S. is considered. So it's really in the center of practically everything in the U.S. Which is why the world's busiest railroad station used to be in St Louis at the turn of the past century."

"So what's the point of moving the capital?" asked Lotharina.

"For one thing it would be as if the United States were announcing to the rest of the world that it would have to come to the U.S. to get noticed. To St Louis to be exact. Dignitaries and politicians from abroad would first have to fly to our Coastal cities and then find their way from their to St Louis a distance of at least 1,000 additional miles."

"That seems to be pretty arrogant," said Lotharina.

"Not really," said Sergei. The U.S. has been the brightest star on the horizon for over a hundred years now. And a thousand miles or more is not that much further really..not when you consider the new railroad system Peter's been busy on."

"How is that?"

"Figure these new trains are traveling at over 200 miles per hour. One can easily go 1,000 miles in less than six hours including stops. So one can go from either Coast to St Louis by train in six hours or so. Chicago's an hour and a half. Houston is four and a half hours. Louisville and Memphis are an hour and a half easy train rides. And for someone flying in from overseas why not fly all the way into St Louis?"

"One would avoid Washington or New York that way."

"Yes, and good riddance. We can do without both of them." 

"But won't that make the New Yorkers mad?"

"Sure it will. In fact it will make a lot of people mad. It's going to change the entire power structure in the U.S."

"Well, I vote against it," said Lotharina. "I don't much care for St Louis. It's too hot and muggy there for one thing."

"So's a lot of places. " 

"Then once you and I get to like each other a lot I'll have to come all the way to St Louis to visit you. I don't know if I am going to like that all that much," said Lotharina as she placed her hand on Sergei's wrist and started to run her fingers across his skin playfully.  

"But if you are going to like me all that much you will do that for me, won't you?" asked Sergei. 

"I don't know. I might have to bend you over my knee and spank you like the little boy you are at heart," Lotharina replied as she picked up his hand and put his thumb into her mouth which she started to suck gently.  

Sergei's reaction was instantaneous. He looked into her face while she did it and saw that she was watching him intently, measuring him. He felt her liquid saliva upon his thumb and the warmness of her mouth. Her eyes remained glued into his. He felt the suction all the way to his groin and became instantly erect.  

"I have him now," thought Lotharina. "I can do anything I want with him. I can invite him back to my place and kill him there. I can have him sprawl all over me on my bed thinking he's my conqueror and entwine him with my body and crush him easily with my strength. I can suck the lifeblood right out of him while he's coming between my legs and feel him getting weaker with each thrust. I can do that slowly so he enjoys a slow death or I can get him right as he's coming into me and slash his throat across with my fangs, decapitating him if I wish. And Peter will be without one of his main allies." 

"I want to sleep with you now. Tonight!" Sergei whispered urgently into her ear. 

"Next time. We will have to wait till next time," she replied. "I want you to really want me. I want you to dream about me tonight, and the next night and the next until you cannot stand it anymore," she said with conviction.  

And while she said it, she thought. "I hate him. I hate Peter the Great. That insufferable arrogant, pompous ass. I am going to go for his jugular. And I'm going to torture him into a slow death."

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