Four Regions Pattaya Floating Market
by Jack Corbett

Four Regions Pattaya Floating Market

There's over 100 shops and restaurants to savor at Pattaya's floating market representing the four major regions of Thailand at low prices less than 10 kilometers from Pattaya. 

Here you will find authentic Thai food, ice cream and fruit vendors, and best of all, a wide spectrum of candy you are not going to find in the local Seven Elevens or supermarkets.  There's art galleries and souvenir shops priced well below what you are going to find on Beach Road and Market Street.

But one of the high points of this floating market is it's so relaxing, especially when you compare it to the insanity of close-by Pattaya.  I've been there several times, both by motorbike and by my new car and I can assure you it's very easy place to get to.  It's straight off Sukhumvit Road on the East side of the road which would be on your left side if you are leaving from Pattaya, it's well marked and it's right on the highway. 

Parking a motorbike is no problem and it only takes a few minutes to get here.  But having to deal with my new Honda Civic on this last outing seemed to be another story.  Pulling into the first entryway instantly showed me what little parking there was unavailable.  Before pulling back out onto Sukhumvit I immediately noticed a large sign pointing towards an additional parking area.  Pulling into it, I soon discovered still another sign indicating "No Parking" which should have meant that the area had been filled up.  I soon discovered after ignoring the sign there was plenty of parking left once one drives back thirty meters or so past the parking attendant. 

I think our lunch must have cost me just 100 baht for three Thai dishes, one for my girlfriend and two for myself since I'm twice her size.   After eating one of the first shops we came to offered a selection of small flashlights and novelties.  Although I already own something like three flashlights there never seems to be one within reach when the power goes off.  Figuring that I really need a half dozen flashlights but one more will do, I asked the pretty girl attending the stall how much one of the smaller flashlights cost.  When she told me it was 180 baht I told her I could get one just like it at Luktod  for 100 baht.   I think that got me instant credibility with the girl because they line the tour busses up at Luktod especially the ones they fill up with all those Russian tourists now invading Pattaya.  So it didn't take a lot of haggling to get her down to 100 baht.

If I didn't live here fulltime I think I would have rented one of the small boats taking tourists on the lake from one cluster of shops to the next.  But whichever way one does it, whether by foot along all the wooden gangways circumventing or crossing one small lagoon after another, this is one pleasant very relaxing outing. 

The real icing on the cake came twice.  First was the vendor serving bananas with one's choice of different toppings.  The bananas are chilled to ice cream temperatures and then they are dipped into the topping.   I opted for a chocolate topping upon which the vendor sprinkled ground up peanuts.  Then my girlfriend and I sought out the candy shop we had found during our last visit.  After finding it I purchased two kinds of peanut brittle including one that had little sweetening added, two small bags containing two varieties of  candied fruits, and a much larger bag of candy that I'm not even going to attempt to describe here. 

Although I've never seen it there is a cultural show here so I think we will have to take that in the next time we visit.   Upon closing, I'd like to mention one idea I've just come up with for a terrific outing to those who have either never been to Pattaya before or who have hardly ventured beyond it's bars and night life.  How about hiring a car for a day and have the first stop in the morning at Pattaya Underwater world which is just 2 kilometers before you get to the Pattaya Floating Market.  Then have the taxi driver drive you right past the Floating Market to Nong Nooch Tropical Garden which is only ten minutes farther on down Sukhumvit where you can spend the entire afternoon.  For dinner have the taxi driver drive you back to the Floating Market just before Sunset.  Have a few beers while you are at it and take the boat ride on the little lake right as the sun is going down. 

Four Regions Pattaya Floating MarketFour Regions Pattaya Floating MarketFour Regions Pattaya Floating Market

Four Regions Pattaya Floating MarketPattaya Floating MarketPattaya Floating Market

Pattaya Floating MarketPattaya Floating MarketPattaya Floating Market

Pattaya Floating MarketPattaya Floating MarketPattaya Floating Market

Pattaya Floating MarketPattaya Floating Market

Pattaya Floating MarketPattaya Floating Market

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