The Underwater World Pattaya Aquarium is the Seventh Wonder of Pattaya
by Jack Corbett

Inside the Underwater World Aquarium

The Underwater World Pattaya Aquarium is Jack Corbett's is Number Seven of Jack Corbett's Ten Wonders of Pattaya

While walking through a one hundred meter  tunnel with water on three sides, as you peer upwards to view sting rays, sharks and too many varieties of fish to count gliding just six feet above your head, you will find Pattaya's Under Water World to be a spectacular Marine showplace,


especially when you consider Pattaya's much better known for its unrivaled night life, the Underwater World Pattaya Aquarium is a first class act one expects to find in such world capitals as New York or London.

There's over 2500 species of aquatic life in this spectacular Pattaya Aquarium, but rather than my traveling over the same ground that's already covered on Underwater World's web site, I'll just show off a few of my own pictures I've taken of this Pattaya treasure house while providing you with the link below.


Click here to view slideshow

Click here to view video taken from inside the Aquarium


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