Online Magazine Advertising unlike Print keeps giving and giving
by Jack Corbett

Online Magazine Advertising that keeps giving and giving

Online Magazine Advertising gave Nudes-A-Poppin 258 daily exposures in 2002.  11 years later, it's still getting 900 views a month.   

 Over 317000 viewers  have seen the Looking Glass Nudes-A-Poppin pages.  Name one adult print magazine that can match this kind of superior results from online magazine advertising that's been pioneered by the Looking Glass Magazine.

A good Online adult magazine completely overwhelms the ability of almost every traditional adult magazine to get that content out there, every day, each month, every year.  The hard copy magazines get thrown in the trash bin--the adult event is forgotten, and it's all History from then on, but not in the Looking Glass.  The pictures, the people, and everything else that made the event compelling lives on. 


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