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Your Horror Scopetology

February 2002
A completely demented new look at horoscopes and all those who pretend they can foretell the future

If you don't like what you read here, who cares. After all, it's the truth. Unlike all those other Mickey Mouse horoscopes, which is no more than a single writer's inept ramblings about something he thinks he believes in or has "seen" in the stars we are giving you what all of our writers see at once in our simultaneous vision quest as we tune our minds and imaginations into what the Cosmic Void osmotes to our collective consciousness.

Each month your Horror Scope will be delivered unto you by one of our writers. But you won't know which one, will you? This is being done so we can give you what you deserve, a true vision into what you can hope for, or dread, without our writers feeling any fear of recrimation from you.

Just remember, we didn't invite you here. You came because you wanted to.



It is here where you cannot escape
the eternal truth being revealed


Libra Unlike other signs, Libra, you tend to be overeager to share yourself with others. Just because someone shows an interest in you does not necessarily mean they want to know your entire life's story. Not everything in life can be balanced; TIP those scales, and see what spills out!


AriesAs an Aries, you can tend to be overwhelming. Stop it!! You will not find romance or TRUE Love by running over people. You tend to view your loved one through rose-colored glasses. Not all people are that color, take 'em off and see people as they really are.


ScorpioSigh. What can I say? No one can tell Scorpio's anything, they want to experience it. So, why bother?


TaurusTaurus, instead of plodding along like you usually do, take a note from your sign and CHARGE into this Romance month. Instead of waiting and letting things come to you as you are wont to do, let your passions show. Use that highly developed tactile sense and reach out and TOUCH someone!


SagitariusSagittarius,yes, everybody loves puppies, but sometimes they can be a trifle overwhelming. Slow down, think things through. We KNOW you only want to help, but some people don't need it. Try to learn more about a situation before forming an opinion. You might be surprised to find out you can be wrong.


GeminiWell, Gemini, in order to make any headway, you must quit arguing with yourself. Let the stable side of you prevail. Yes, we KNOW you have the need to travel and roam, but maybe now is the time to settle down. Be grateful for what you already have; grab onto it and hold it with all the strength both of your selves can!!


CancerAs theatrical as you are, Cancer, applause is not always necessary. Put your diplomacy to use, and you will find the life and love of which you are so fond. SEX IS NOT EVERYTHING, Gemini, so relax and just enjoy what comes to you!


CapricornCapricorn, learn to assert yourself a bit. No one likes a door mat except to wipe their feet on. Not everyone will take the time to get to know what a wonderful person you can be, sometimes, you have to show them.



Leo. Leo, when you take things apart, you sometimes end up with nothing….Quit analyzing everything to death!! Your over-analyzation is primarily to hide the shyness and inadequacy that you feel. Try giving of yourself and see what happens. You MAY be surprised.


AquariusOkay, Aquarius, this month is the month of Romance. A time for you to explore your sensual side and find out that other people CAN be as important in your life as you are. And, there REALLY are people who know as much as you do!!


VirgoVirgo, your attention to detail is for the most part, applaudable. BUT this can very easily be construed as fussiness. Rules and routine are nice, but try letting go; spontaneity can be fun. You get upset when someone imposes on you, so, stop allowing it!


PiscesHello, my Fishy friend. As I pointed out, February is the month of Romance. You need to wake up and join the world. As you learn better by experience, go out and immerse yourself in Love, quit dreaming about it……can we say "Nocturnal Emission"?

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