The Looking Glass Magazine
Sex, Religion and Witchery
By Morgan Hawke

Part Two:

Sex and Horror - The Tentacles are coming.

girl smothered in creature's tentacles

Somewhere in modern Japan...

She is terrified. Her wide lavender eyes are dilated to impossible blackness. Her full, cherry lips part on a scream that refuses to emerge. Her bosom heaves with her panting, panicked breaths. Her full, firm breasts strain against the buttons, threatening to burst from her short-sleeved, white school-uniform blouse.

She takes a single step down the stairs, her shoe tapping lightly on the linoleum. Her pleated skirt flips, showing a long line of thigh. She pauses, biting her lower lip and a single tear streaks down her cheek. A delicate hand swipes away the tear then tucks a flowing lock of her impossibly long, lilac-colored hair behind her ear.

She stops her descent, frozen halfway down the dark stairwell. She can just make out the outline of the steel school doors to the basement gymnasium. The dark windows on the double doors seem like eyes closed in sleep; waiting for her to awaken them.

Her knuckles whiten as she grips the wooden stair banister. She bites her lip, whimpering. She knows that something terrible awaits her, but she cannot seem to stop her descent. Her eyes screw closed and she shakes her head, tossing her knee-length lilac hair. The crayon tinted locks flip neatly over her shoulders.

She takes another cautious step down the stairs. She blinks and finds herself at the bottom of the staisr, her hand on the handle to the double doors. Ominous music plays that she doesn't hear.

The doors are flung open with a loud crash. She screams high and piercing as she is thrown back onto the floor at the foot of the staircase. White panties flash as her legs fly akimbo. She cautiously sits up on her knees.

Long slick ropes seize both wrists and she is dragged into the waiting darkness, writhing and fighting. The doors slam shut behind her, locking her inside. Lights flood the cavernous room and she is momentarily blinded. She blinks and stares, frozen in stunned incomprehension. She focuses on what is before her then screams and screams.

A demonic monster of epic proportions fills the basement. It is a chiaroscuro of color and writhing tentacles dripping with dark ichors. Two of those long slimy snakes have her by the wrists. Inescapably she is pulled closer.

Perhaps the monster was once a friend, now warped and bloated into something barely recognizable. Perhaps the monster is some completely new, unholy terror released on the helpless high school.

Long fleshy wet snakes twist loose from the monster with lightning speed then slither over her body to slide into her blouse, popping buttons and ripping fabric. Her blouse splits and her virginal white bra is revealed then ripped away exposing plump, bouncing breasts and hardened berry-red nipples. The tentacles wrap around her full breasts squeezing rhythmically then wriggle against her nipples.

More tentacles whip out to grab her ankles, slithering wetly up around her creamy thighs. Her cries go unheeded as her legs are tugged wide open, almost to the point of pain and she is raised high off the floor. Tentacles writhe under her skirt and into her panties. Fabric rips, sundered by the exploring wet snakes. A finger of dripping flesh strokes the hairless pink of her revealed pussy then burrows aggressively into the channel of her cunt. She grunts as the tentacle pumps in then out, aggressively fucking her. Another tentacle joins in, burrowing into her dampening, dripping flesh to pump in against the rhythm of the first, stroking in as the other snake strokes out.

She cries out tearfully in both pleasure from the fucking and pain as she is suspended high over the monster. Moisture drips from her abused cunt and drips on the floor.

Another tentacle insinuates itself around her tiny waist. It explores her squeezed breasts and pinched nipples, then slithers up her throat. It presents itself to her frightened eyes. She focuses on the wavering snake then screams. It dives into her open mouth, effectively gagging her screams, bending her head back as it slides down her throat. Her tearful eyes close as it face-fucks her. The tentacle pumps in and out filling her mouth with its seeping ooze which drips down her chin and spatters on her captured breasts.

She is abruptly tipped forward, the tentacles holding her easily as it holds her wide, double fucking her abused pussy as it pumps into her mouth. Yet another tentacle snakes around her body. Her ass is raised high and the tentacle poises over her, waiting. Her ass-crack is shiny with damp from her dripping pussy. The finger of flesh gently explores the seam of her ass.

The girl knows what is coming and writhes in panic, eyes wide, shaking her head in refusal, her mouth too full to cry out. The tip of the tentacle stops over the dark iris of her anus then gently presses. She kicks out ineffectively as pressure increases and the tentacle slowly slides in, quickly growing fatter, stretching the delicate tissue as it burrows in. It pulls partway out then burrows back in, fucking her ass, rubbing against the pair of tentacles possessing her cunt. She shudders, as orgasm possesses her from the overload of stimuli.

She writhes in pleasure and pain. Her pussy juices drip down on the chuckling, rustling monster. This is what it wants. It wants her to cum and cum and cum. It wants her girl-cream to drip down into its fanged and open maw that it might feed on her orgasmic pleasure until she dies screaming from pleasure in its embrace.

Fucked to death.


In the Far East, there are many Gods and Goddesses whose blessings are bestowed with a passionate embrace. In Taoist and Shinto beliefs, the world was created when the Great Mother Goddess and her Divine Consort shared an immense and powerful orgasm. Sex is sacred, a celebration of the creation of the universe with orgasm a divine gift to humanity.

To be cast out alone and unloved is a terrible and terrifying punishment. Forgiveness is divine, literally by Quan Yin, the Mother of Peace. Everyone is entitled to salvation, even the demonically possessed. Anyone can be saved from an existence of lonely torment, with love. Physical love literally, conquers all.

There are also demons walking the earth profaning the divine joy of sex with pain and suffering, excitement without release. Sex barren of orgasm.

According to the religion of the Europeans, to orgasm - to enjoy sex - was to profane the sacred duty of procreating more worshippers for: The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

The Europeans sailed to feudal Japan during the Shogun era bringing the Jesuits. The Jesuits brought The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. The Jesuits also brought the Inquisition, the European, hoofed and horned Satan, flying witches and gargoyle-style devils.

The European monotheistic, orgasm-hating beliefs were added to the beliefs of a pantheistic, sexually oriented people with their own set of gods and demons.

The rest, as they say, is history.


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