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July 2003 Looking Glass Issue

Coming Special Events that might make a big difference in your career as an exotic entertainer

To all entertainers asking me, "how do I start featuring or get in a magazine?" It's time to stop talking about it and jump in. Start participating in a few contests, go to a few feature talent showcases.  Watch the professionals perform and get to know them.
Jack Corbett

MS. West Texas III at Club Maximus

May 14-17, 2003. Famous for its MS. Texas contests with Exotic Dancer in which the winner wins a sizeable cash award. the Prestigious title as Exotic Dancer's M.S. Texas, and a free trip to Exotic Dancer's Feature of the Entertainer of the year in Las Vegas, expect to see steroids introduced into Maximus's Pageant series. This one's in Abilene with the Exotic Dancer M.S. Texas to be held in the Wichita Falls Club in the Fall. This pageant is open only to female contestants eighteen (18) years of age and older. You must be eighteen by the date of check-in. A $35.00 non-refundable entry fee must be received no later than 12:00 NOON on the first day of the pageant. Your contest packet with rules and registration information will be sent to you upon our receipt of this application. The deadline for submitting your application is May 1, 2003. All applications must be received by us no later than May 1, 2003. We reserve the right to limit contestants to the first 25 paid entries. The dates of the contest are May 14-15-16-17, 2003 and will be held at Maximus, 4417 Crawford, Abilene, Texas 76902. For more information call our pageant hotline at (915) 691-01777 You must possess and present valid State issued identification at the time of check in. Be sure to reserve your chance early to make your presence known.

Cavalcade of Stars at Big Louie's May 21-May 24th. Big Louie's is near Robertsville, Missouri roughly 20 miles West of Rolla Missouri just off Interstate 44. Take the Dixon exit and turn left. This is a Continental run event with Big Louie, a Continental Agency Showcase. Here you will see for the most part a different group of entertainers than you might at the Pure Talent Showcases. Call Ken at Continental Agency for the scoup. If you are an enterprising house dancer this is another event that can make a big difference in your career.

Big Als in Peoria, Illinois April 30th through May 3rd, 2003. After just hosting a Feature Talent Showcase here several months ago, the Pure Talent girls return. Last time there were 18 national feature entertainers. Big Als is an Illinois icon, known as one of the top clubs in the nation and it seems to have been that way forever. And from my personal experience, Big Al himself is a gracious host and his staff has been terrific. I don't know about the rest of you but I am going to make sure I'm going to be there with my Nikon.

The Lumberyard in Des Moines, Iowa June 18-21st, 2003. Another Pure Talent Agency Feature Showcase. For details call the club at 515-265-1019 or call Pure Talent at 727-796-9600

Pure Talent Feature Showcase, Club Fantasies, Providence, Rhode Island July 30th-August 2nd. This is another Pure Talent event in Xtreme territory which gives you double the chance to get noticed. Here on the East Coast, the atmosphere is decidedly different. Club owners from across the United States will be here to watch you perform if you are part of the Pure Talent crew. This means bookings and money in your pocket if you are already featuring. And if you aren't a feature already now is the chance to meet the owners of this superior agency along with some of the top features on the circuit. Representatives from Xtreme will be here which means double the reason to be here as you will not only be able to get noticed by Pure Talent but also by the most up and coming adult magazine on the continent.

Nudes-A-Poppin, Roselawn, Indiana July 19th-July 20th and on August 16th-17th. Billed as the largest outdoor beauty pageant in the world, Nudes-A-Poppin is totally nude. Expect something like 90 feature entertainers and club dancers on both dates and around 4.000 spectators. There will be magazine editors and photographers representing magazines such as "Club", "Cheri", "Xtreme", and many others. Just South of Chicago this is not far for Midwesterners to travel, but believe me entertainers come here from across the U.S. to compete. This is a must do to get noticed...that step in your career that can make a big difference. Check the Nudes-A-Poppin Web Site for more details or call Ken at Continental Agency for the full low down at 727-363-7100

Exotic Dancer's Expo 2003 August 26-28. Once again it's in Lost Wages and this year we all return to Caesar's Palace. Tons of feature entertainers will be here so this is your chance to get one on one with your favorite. But the big win here is for industry professionals of all kinds. Definitely strongly recommended for any club owner. There will be a trade show with over 250 booths representing all aspects of the multi billion dollar adult entertainment industry and seminars for club owners on how you can improve your bottom line, and stay open while doing it n the face of all those Mothers for a More Boring Nation types who want to close you down. There will be feature talent showcases and parties galore. Call Exotic Dancer for details at 727-726-359

What is a Feature Talent Showcase?

Talent Agencies will often showcase several or more of their feature entertainers at a hosting club which will benefit from the increased traffic the feature entertainers provide. These clubs are often club chains which can further benefit from the close look they will get of the visiting features some of whom they will book for their own featured events. Features typically pay their own travel and other expenses to these feature showcases, gambling that they will be able to line up roadtrips with the visiting club owners and managers they will be meeting and dancing for at the hosting club. So why should some of you housedancers be interested in a feature showcase? Simple...You will have the chance to meet the owners or chief talent scout of the agency close and personal.

In the middle of November, 2001 I was Pure Talent's photographer at their Feature Showcase at Regina's in Springfield, Missouri. Ten to fifteen club owners showed up to watch the features perform here and every club made at least one booking. A house dancer from one of the St Louis Metro East Clubs followed me to the event. She was able to meet the owners of Pure Talent and the club allowed her to do a special set for them. Some of the Regina's house dancers interested in featuring were able to meet the owners of the agency and have special photography done both for the agency and magazines catering to the exotic dancing industry. This event will be covered in more detail in a later issue of the Looking Glass. My stories and pictures are now being published in both "Exotic Dancer's Bulletin" and "Xtreme Magazine".


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