Topeka Strip Club Cabaret hosts marathon nude pageant

Club Cabaret

Topeka Strip Club Cabaret and Pure Talent Feature Enertainers dance nude for four days in Miss Nude Great Plains Pageant
by Jack Corbett


For four nights the amateurs (house dancers) and the feature entertainers competed here for a trip to Hawaii for two and a thousand dollars cash--and even more important, the all important credit that comes from being the best out of all the contestants. Carrie Bare from Wisconsin would finish third, but you wouldn't know it from her pictures or great performances. K.C. Cannons would once again show why she's one of the consistent favorites with the fans in the country today, after bringing the whole house on its feet before she left the stage each night. But for these four nights the best of the best was to be Samantha Starr, a young blonde from Kansas City, Missouri, an almost complete unknown in today's adult entertainment world.

K.C. Cannons topless

But Samantha's crowning achievement is to be the subject of another article here in "The Looking Glass", to be followed in a week in "Xtreme Magazine" over on the East Coast, in my latest dancer profile. This is about our Landmark of the month, Club Cabaret U.S.A., which hosted the event which was meticulously prepaired by feature entertainer Lexy Lamour.

Lexy La Mour topless
Lexy LaMour

It wasn't that long ago that I used to say, "You know why God is not God? The reason is that whenever we go out West is that we often drive on highway 70 and have to go all the way through Kansas which is long and narrow. Now if God were really God he would have inverted it so we would only have a short drive through this long and narrow state and get onto the good stuff in Colorado and beyond." But after visiting Club Cabaret and being around the place in Topeka for four days and nights I'm changing my mind.

Carre Barre topless
Carrie Bare

As a photographer and guest of a club NEVER have I been better treated as I have here. A lot of the credit has to go to Lexy for putting us all in the right motel. There we didn't have to pay for phone calls or to use the laundry facilities--or practically anything else for that matter. And it was just a few short miles down an idyllic winding road from Club Cabaret. It seemed that everything was so relaxed and laid back throughout the area.

Club Cabaret U.S.A. will remind you of the Platinum Club over in the St Louis Metro East. And it should be since it was owned by the same owner. Inside, all the lights, the club's bars, the vip room, all of it spells glamour bearing the mark of its recent owner. But just a few months ago the owner sold Platinum to PT's and only three weeks ago he sold Club Cabaret to a nice fellow named Ross who also owns a club in Emporia, Kansas.

Samantha Star wins the title
Samantha Starr


Now Ross doesn't look like a club owner at all, or the way the general public thinks a club owner should look. Let's see.....what's a club owner supposed to look like? For one thing he's supposed to have dark beady eyes, and he's gotta look Italian, preferably Sicilian, like those actors in all those Godfather flicks. Well, Ross, is just going to have to disappoint the public that expects a club owner to look like one of those Mafia types. For one thing, he's an ex college basketball coach which makes him look more like a kindly teacher than about anything else I can come up with right now. A white haired gentleman with an affable air about him, he looks you right in the eye. He's just one of those people you know right off who has nothing to hide and who's true to his word. A man with a zest for life and getting to know the people he meets in that long journey we all must take.

While I was shooting pictures for these four nights, the old owner was there too, which made me feel good since I've known him for years. And Spring was there too, Spring who used to work for him at the Platinum Club. Spring who got into seven adult magazines before her 21st birthday, who was recently almost crushed to death in a tragic car accident that claimed her boyfriend. Last year Spring won all the marbles at Miss Nude of Illinois which was held at Platinum. After the accident she lay in a coma for two weeks, suffering numerous injuries and was told she would never dance again. Told she would never regain the full use of her body. But she's dancing again and here she was at Miss Nude Prairie after being warned not to compete because it was too soon. She had to hurt inside knowing she wanted to be up on that stage going once again full bore for the crown. Then the club owner she used to work for me asked me to interview her for a magazine telling me...."This is what it is all about. Her story must be told."

I knew Spring. Had even done a photo shoot of her way out in Missouri before she even came to Platinum. For a short time she even lived in my apartment complex. And Jim, who had owned both clubs, kept asking me, "Have you taken pictures of her yet? Have you interviewed her yet?"

Spring and I sat outside the club in my Miata with its top down. The night air was warm and no one bothered us while I ran the tape recorder as I asked her questions. But I didn't have to ask her many. She talked a lot about the accident and about how short life was, how unimportant money was, and how it should be experienced for all that it is, because it all could end so suddenly. I had also known her boyfriend, who was a good guy as far as I was concerned. And then she was in tears, and after we were done, I walked with her back into the club--my eyes misted over.

Spring and author Jack Corbett
Spring and the author

He wants that article done. The man that just sold Platinum and Club Cabaret U.S.A. Usually I run into him at the Platinum VIP room upstairs in its bar, neither of us very serious about anything. It was great having him there while I was going full speed ahead, working at 100 percent to get the best pictures I could possibly get. I had a lot of help--from the club's house dancers many of whom put in a great show and an exceptional group of features. And a lot of encouragement from the club's owners, the man who recently owned the club and the man who's just taken over and a great staff. It doesn't get any better than this.

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