Three Soi Six Bars welcome Koy, Lin Jang and Mali

Repent Bar, Hot Shots and Sweet bars are the three soi six bars that Lin Jang Mali and I visited on July 8.

So, they must be three of my favorite Soi Six bars. Which is not 100 percent true. One night another bar might even be better. Or a favorite lady, mamasan or manager leaves and goes elsewhere. But right now, I visit these three Soi Six Bars more than I visit the others.

Mali keeps telling me, Soi Six is number one. And so does Phang who used to work at Smoke and Kisses and knows about everything there is to know about Pattaya.

HOt Shots is the first of the three Soi Six Bars we visit
Jin Jang, Marc and Mali at Hot Shots.

But I’m not getting to the point of why I took Mali and Yin Yang to three Soi Six bars.

I take Mali to Soi Six pretty often. Because she’s just about the perfect drinking partner and enjoys the bars so much. We will be having a special birthday party at Hot Shots on July 7. And if we have it our way it will be right in the middle of Soi Six in front of Slice Pizza.

We will be having a sexy pushup dancing contest. I’m not sure how much prize money we will be giving away for that one yet. But we will also be giving prize money to the best team of two dancers who will dance to “Get Down Saturday Night” by Oliver Cheatham.

Mali and I both think Lin Jang’s pretty hot. While Lin Jang seemed to really enjoy dancing with us on my birthday. Another reason we wanted to take Lin Jang to Soi Six is she’s a new face with a body that’s not been viewed much on my video channel. We also thought she stood a good chance of doing well at the upcoming contests at Hot Shots. And that she might help bring new contestants to the competition from the Soi Bukoi area.

Watch Get down Saturday Night on YouTube

Watch Mimi and Mali dancing to Get Down Saturday Night at Nikky Bar. (Notice how Mali and Mimi are watching Oscar Issac and Sonoya Mizuno dancing to Get Down Saturday Night on YouTube.

Jack’s Birthday on steroids

Dinners at Pattaya’s Surf and Turf but when the girls join him at the Crazy Fox they put Jack’s birthday on steroids.

Crazy Fox might be on Soi Chaiyapoon but it’s run by Anna who many of you might remember as the mamasan at Smoke and Kisses down on Soi Six. But Jack’s birthday party doesn’t start out at Crazy Fox. Because dinner’s for 14 at the Long Beach Garden Surf and Turf restaurant. Bruno, Jack’s favorite waiter is there with his wife and eight-year-old daughter. And so is Lenny and John. But they are not drinkers and they prefer the somnambulant atmosphere of Pattaya’s go- go bars to beer and Soi Six bars.

Mali’s nearly totally addicted to Long Island teas. It takes six shots of six different alcohols to create a Long Island tea. Which is a real thirst quencher being not too sweet with a tropical flavor that seems benign in spite of Whiskey, Vodka, Rum, Gin, Tequila, Triple sec and sweet and sour mix. filling up a single glass. Just take my word for it. It’s potent and way too potent for the slender Mali to manage. But somehow, she does as she runs around the table convincing as many people as she can to try one.

Jack’s paying a lot of money for dinner and all the bar drinks we will be drinking afterwards. So, there’s no holding back. This party’s heading into the stratosphere. Nikky bar’s finished thanks to all the Thai hi so’s shutting down all the bars and other businesses between Dolphin Roundabout and Naklua Soi 33. So, there’s not going to be any Pattaya Dancing Queen competitions for 2024. But I won’t let anything stop me from putting Jack’s birthday on steroids.

I’ve got the most vivacious girls coming with me.

There’s pretty. And there’s vivacious. And the girls with me are real livewires. Such as the Mischievous Phang who I’ve known for seven years now. And Koy who I figured out two years ago is the top girl at Soi Six’s Repent bar. And slender little Mali who’s turned into a real showoff who can easily take over a bar like Mew or Pon. All three of them are on the Pattaya Beaches 2024 Eye Candy Calendar.

And then there’s Nikky, who’s hosted three Pattaya Dancing Queen contests with me. But the newest girl of them all is Lyn Lyn who works at the Crazy Fox who keeps wanting to play pool with me so she can kick my ass.

Picture of two sexy Thai girls shows that Jack's Birthday on steroids
Pretty Thai girls puts Jack's Birthday on steroids
k on the image below to watch Full Throttle Jack’s birthday part one.
Jack's birthday on steroids Picture of Lyn Lyn, Koy Nikky Tri and Tong

Larry Holmes Human Cobra of the boxing ring.

Calling him the Eastern Assassin doesn’t go far enough so I’m calling the former heavyweight champion Larry Holmes human cobra.

This picture has Larry Holmes human cobra of the boxing ring just right
Larry Holmes human cobra of the boxing ring comes off just right in this picture.

Notice his erect stance, and confident ever watchful eyes. This is the Larry Holmes during the first half of his career that made me think of him as Larry Holmes human tiger of the ring. Later as he became much older that look in his eyes disappeared. They called Larry Holmes the Eastern assassin. Which does not go far enough to capture just how formidable Larry Holmes was.

Larry Holmes human cobra fighting Ermie Shavers
Larry Holmes won real recognition as a great fighter when he defeated Ernie Shavers who is generally considered the hardest hitter in Heavyweight boxing History.

To watch Larry Holmes defeat Ernie Shavers Click here.

Larry Holmes had all the ingredients to make him one of the greatest heavyweight champions ever. Which more boxing experts agree on who often place him in the top 5 or 10 greatest heavyweight champions ever.

I’m elevating Larry Holmes to being the second-best heavyweight champions who ever lived. He’s got the eyes of the cobra snake, ever watchful, always watching his opponent’s every move. And every gesture. His eyes are confident showing his opponent that he cannot and will not lose.

But Holmes is a lot more than being just a very confident boxer. The Larry Holmes in his prime had the skills and ring intelligence to defeat any opponent with the exception of Muhammad Ali.

click on the picture above to watch Larry Holmes outpoint Ken Norton on Jone 9, 1978

HIs erect stance and ever watchful eyes made him appear like a cobra sizing up the right moment to strike. He was very fast, with one of the best jabs in heavyweight History. And he hit hard. He was six foot three and weighed 212 in his prime.

Let’s compare him for a moment to Joe Louis who is oftentimes rated the second-best heavyweight champion of all time. Louis’s was 1. and a half inch shorter than Holmes while weighing 197 pounds in his prime. Both men had formidable jabs. And while Louis could hit harder, Holmes footwork was better. I personally loved Joe Louis’s fighting style. He had great technique and ring intelligence. He would stalk his opponent, waiting for the right moment and then he would put him away.

I never liked Larry Holmes much because he was no Muhammad Ali until now, after watching a few of his fights on Dailey Motion or YouTube.

I did not see him make many mistakes whereas I’ve seen Joe Louis make a few such as his first fight against Max Schmeling when Schmeling knocked him out. Or his first bout with Billy Conn who probably would have won the fight on points had Conn not unwisely tried to out punch Louis in the final rounds. But Conn was a ramped-up Middleweight, and as we all know a good big man nearly always beats an equally good small man.

But as Mike Tyson said, “No One beats Ali,” Larry Holmes had been Ali’s sparring partner for years, had learned Ali’s boxing style and had become very successful at using Ali’s boxing techniques.

Years later father time got the better of Larry Holmes just as it does with all boxers who stay in the ring past their prime.

Larry Holmes vs Mic hael Spinks 1. On September 21, 1985 Larry Holmes was 48-0. Undefeated he was trying to best Rocky Marciano’s perfect record of 49-0. Instead, he lost the fight to the undefeated light heavyweight champion, Michael Spinks what was 24-0. Who became the first light heavyweight to ever defeat the reigning heavyweight champion. Spinks would win the rematch by a split decision.

Why did Larry Holmes lose to Michael Spinks?

In 1985 Holmes was 35, which was past his prime but not in my opinion why he lost. When I was just 26 getting my MBA in a statistics class, I wrote a paper on the statistical probability a reigning heavyweight champion faced when he gained weight over his optimum fighting weight in 5-pound increments. I also produced a statistical analysis of the probability a heavyweight champion had of retaining his heavyweight crown in five-year increments.

My premise was that a fighter seeking the heavyweight crown was at this peak and hungriest for his title on the day he won the title. He would be at his physical peak and at his optimum fighting weight.

Holmes weighed 212 pounds when he captured the heavyweight crown. But when he fought Michael Spinks, his weight had ballooned up to 225 pounds. He’s 13 pounds overweight and he looks it. Being much thicker around his midsection than he appeared in his earlier fights. I don’t recall the exact statistics I had compiled in my paper I did for the Saint Louis University statistics class. But I recall that if a champion heavyweight champion is 15 pounds over his optimum fighting weight, he has far less than a 50 % chance of keeping his title.

Although I only got a B in my statistics class, my professor who was Korean was totally enthralled with the paper I had submitted to him. He called me up to have me meet him in his office. Then he asked me, “Is this all your original work?”

I replied yes. Because who other than me would be so stupid as to write a paper about boxing in an MBA business school program. The professor then replied: “Let’s go to Las Vegas together. We will talk to Jimmy the Greek.”

“I had an appointment to see the professor again, but it snowed a lot that day and the professor could not come. I never asked to get my paper back, so it’s now lost forever.

LAS VEGAS, NV – JUNE 19: Evander Holyfield and Larry Holmes fight of the WBC, WBA, IBF heavyweight tittles on June 19, 1992 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. Holyfield on the fight with a 12 round unanimous decision. When Larry Holmes faces Evander Holyfield on June 19, 1992. His weight has gone up from 212 pounds to 233 pounds. He’s 43 years old when he gets outpointed by Holyfield and is just a shadow of his younger years. To watch the video, click on the picture above.
On 1-22-1998 Mike Tyson knocks Larry Holmes out. By this time he is no longer Larry Holmes human Cobra. Long gone that look in his eyes announcing boldly to his opponents, “I am going to dominate you because I know I cannot lose.

So as great a heavyweight champion Joe Louis was, Larry Holmes was the bigger man, was just as fast, could dance around the ring and his opponents almost as well as Ali and in my opinion made fewer mistakes than the great Joe Louis. ironically, although I’m calling him Larry Holmes human cobra, I find this description to be almost equally appropriate for Joe Louis.

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