Dynamic Repent Bar duo Mimi and Mali while Phang laughs

And what a dynamic Repent Bar duo they are. Because neither Mimi nor Mali work here while Phang came here just to laugh it up. Because Mai and Mimi are a trip. And a real sight to behold

Dynamic Repent Bar duo Mimi and Mali don't even work here but they are the show
Bottom row, Phang, Mali and Mimi don’t even work on Soi Six but they make new friends fast. Watch the two videos below to watch some real Thai charisma in action

Although I shot these two videos at the Spot and Repent Bar on Soi Phang, Mali, Mimi and I started out with dinner at the Surf and Turf Restaurant. I have a table reserved for us just a few feet from the water’s edge. The three ladies with me, Phang’s not much of a drinker but Mimi settles for beer. While Mali has her usual Long Island Tea. Like me, more than me even, she’s addicted to Long Island tea which has 2 1/2 shots of alcohol in each glass with coca cola, lots of ice, lime. It’s refreshing but it takes just 2 or 3 to knock you out.

From Surf and Turf we take a Bolt taxi to the Crazy Fox bar on Soi Chaiyapoon. Mali wants to start out there hoping to get Mimi half lit so she will be in a dancing mood by the time we hit Soi Six. An hour later we are at Hot Shots on Soi Six drinking with Marc but we don’t do any video until much later at the Spot Bar. In between bars we join Ninja at Sweet Bar. and then:

Our Dynamic Repent Bar duo Mimi and Mali get the Spot Bar rolling.

More than a dynamic repent bar duo, it’s actually a threesome that includes Phang with Mimi and Mali but Phang is normally not into the dancing. But Mali is almost impossible to say no to.

We are at the Spot Bar to catch a rare moment to find Phang dancing. Mali on the left, is hard to say no to.

If you watch and listen to this video closely you will be able to hear Mimi and Mali singing to the song they are dancing to. WE have just left the Sot bar and settled down with Koy in the Repent bar when Mimi decides to change the music.

I call Mali and Mimi our dynamic Repent Bar duo because Mimi never gets completely into her dancing until we hit Repent Bar. Where Mimi launches a great song that she loves dancing to. The synergy between Mimi and Mali is awesome to behold. With both women singing as they dance. Mimi’s voice is unusual. Her tone is shrilling. I mean that in a good way because no one’s voice sounds like Mimi’s. While Mali’s voice is much softer.

Dynamic Repent Bar duo with Phang laughing it up at her two friends
Mali at Sweet Bar with Ninga

Meanwhile Phang is laughing her ass off at Mali and Mimi. Mali goes into pushup mode two or three times. While Mimi gets down on the floor at least once with Mali. In a lot of ways Mali and Phang are very similar as both women treat a lot of what life throws at them with a grain of salt. Whereas Mimi is almost their polar opposite. With Mimi everything is either black or white. And when she sees black, she gets angry very quickly. Mimi more than any other Thai woman lets her emotions all hang out. One can see this in Mimi’s dancing. Which I find to be very thrilling.

The Gang at the Spot Getting Down Saturday Night

We’re at Hot Shots, Repent, Chile, and Sweet Bars, but the gang really gets down Saturday Night at the Spot

This picture is not of The Gang at the Spot It's Mali, Koy and Goy at REpent Bar

We are now less than one month from Pattaya Dancing Queen IV. But now Nikky bar is no more. Ever since Thailand’s powers that be have closed all the bars, restaurants, and other businesses from the Dolphin Roundabout to Naklua Soi 33. And Mali’s my drinking partner tonight.

Our first bar’s Chile Bar. Because we know that Thomas is here every Friday night. He’s German and he’s the bar owner. Thomas had come to be a judge for Nikky Bar’s Pattaya Dancing Queen II. But he had to head back to attend to his three Soi Six bars and left the party early. Tonight, I have high hopes that he can be a judge for Pattaya Dancing Queen IV. this upcoming July 7th. I really want Thomas to be a judge because I know he would be totally fair. So, Mali and I had our first drinks of the night sitting close to Thomas and his pals. But Thomas respectfully declines my invitation to be one of the five judges.

Our next stop is Hot Shots. Both Marc and the bar’s owner are there. We will be holding Pattaya Dancing Queen IV at Hot Shots. Which is a great bar that always has terrific music. Which is a rarity on Soi Six due to more than half the bars allowing their bar girls choose the music. Which I call Da Da Noise. Make no mistake. They don’t play that crap at Hot Shots. Because it’s a German bar that is owned and managed by Germans. Which is a good thing because Germans are too smart to play that electronic noise so many bar girls love dancing to.

Although nearly all the video footage is from Sweet Bar and the Spot we are spending just as much time drinking at Hot Shots and Repent Bar.

I want to buy the right kind of microphone that can plug into the sound systems at Hot Shots and the Spot. Because you will notice if you watch this video closely, Mali’s singing at the same time she’s dancing.

Hot Shots might be a small bar, but it’s got a special atmosphere that no other Soi Six bar has. And Mali loves it here. But we can’t stay too long because I plan on us hitting four other bars. So Sweet Bar’s next.

Sweet Bar’s one of my favorite bars. The main reason I enjoy going there is Sweet Bar won’t put up with playing that electronic noise either. And that’s because the manager’s Chinese. And this Chinese manager enjoys and appreciates good music so he’s not going to be playing that da da garbage either.

The gang at the Spot is getting down Saturday Night with reckless abandon while Mali dances with practically everyone around her.

As our DJ, Silent Bob plays Oliver Cheatham’s Get Down Saturday night. This song became very popular when Oscar Issac and Sonoya Mizuno put on a tremendous dancing performance during the filming of Ex Machina. For those who have never watched Ex Machina on Netflix I heartily recommend that you do so. Oscar Isaac is way cool as he plays the genius who creates female robots who have minds of their own. Because he’s engineered them to have artificial intelligence. While I find Sonova Mizuno to be extremely attractive.

When I researched Sonoya MIzuno and Oscar Isaa I learned that Sonoya, who is half Japanese and half English, has studied ballet since she was 4.years old. and graduated from the Royal Ballet School. While Oscar Isaac has won numerous acting awards. For example, the New York Times ranked him as one of 25 greatest actors of the 21st century. While Vanity Fair named him as the greatest actor of his generation.

Needless to say, try as I might finding a Thai woman who can even begin to fill Sonoya’s shoes seemed impossible. I was thinking that only Mew, who had won first place at the three Pattaya Dancing Queen competitions, could come close. While speaking for myself, I find dancing to “Get Down Saturday Night” to be a lot of fun. But trying to compare myself to Oscar Issac? Well, that joke’s on me.

Not yet on of The Gang at the Spot this is one of the bar girls here who likes Mali

But tonight, the Gang at the Spot eggs Mali on. Who takes dancing to Get Down Saturday Night very seriously. And who is in my opinion very captivating in her own right doing it.

picutre of The Gang at the Spot

Repent Kittys Spot bar dancing marathon on Soi SIx

I would call this outing a tequila marathon except this time it’s a Repent Kittys Spot bar dancing extravaganza.

Notice in Repent Kittys Spot bar dancing marathon all the drinks on our talbe here at Repent Bar

We start off at Repent Bar with four slices of Pizza and a little laid-back drinking in mind with Koy and Goy, our cashier. But as soon as Goy sees Mali and I sitting down with Koy, she rushes up to us. Putting her arms around Mali and then me. I order a drink for Koy, one for Mali and a Thai whiskey and soda for me when suddenly Goy brings a few shots of tequila to us. A few becomes eight in no time and there’s just four of us to chug them down.

There are ten drinks on our table that starts off our Repent Kittys Spot bar dancing marathon Repent Kittys Spot bar dancing marathon
Mali and Goy

Mali’s the smallest of us by far. And it will be all Mali putting this Repent Kittys Spot bar dancing marathon into high gear.

Because when we leave Repent Bar for the Spot Bar it’s going to be little Mali getting the bar dancing. Mali’s the sparkplug and practically no one’s safe from her. Be it male or female. As the following video will demonstrate.

picture of Mali with new girl from the Spot during the Repent Kittys Spot bar dancing marathon
Mali with one of the girls from the Spot

I have no idea who the girl is in this picture. But she sure enjoyed dancing with Mali. Although I can’t say for sure about some of the guys in the video.

We head out to MJ Kitty’s next. Which completes our Repent Kittys Spot bar dancing marathon. Because the girls and the mamasan are all over Mali. By the time it’s all said and done, I get several messages from Gift telling me on Line that she and two other girls from Kittys want to compete for the upcoming Pattaya Dancing Queen IV competition. Which will be the first competition of its kind to ever be held on Soi Six. Five judges will decide who’s the number one, number two and number three dancers. Which is good for 20000, 10000 and 5000 baht. With Silent Bob playing DJ for this upcoming July 7, 2024.

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