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Coming Special Events that might make a big difference in your career as an exotic entertainer
by Jack Corbett

These events occurred in 2002.  I've kept them up just to show what types of events are available. 

July 20th-21st and August 17th-18th___________Nudes a Poppin. Billed as the world's largest beauty pageant, "Nudes-A-Poppin" is held every year at the Ponderosa Sun Ranch, Nudist Colony in Roselawn, Indiana. Both house dancers and feature entertainers compete in two basic categories, one for features and the other for the house dancers. Numerous awards are given and there is a special category for male dancers. This is a good place for both aspiring house dancers and features to get credits and it is also a great opportunity to meet the people running Continental Agency, feature entertainers, and a few highly regarded photographers specializing in the adult industry. Last year I had over 90 signed releases from the contestants. An estimated 5,000 spectators attended. Call Ken Shinkle at Continental Agency for details at 727-363-7100 or the Ponderosa Sun Ranch at (219) 345-2268 You can even go to Ponderosa Sun Ranch's web site at for still more information. Or read my article in a past issue of "The Looking Glass" while viewing pictures Renee and I took at last year's Nude's-A-Poppin as covered in "Xtreme Magazine" for my East Coast readers.

Expo 2002 in Las Vegas August 27th through 29th. If you are interested in furthering your career as a feature entertainer or you are a house dancer wanting to get ahead don't miss this event. This one's Exotic Dancer's 10th anniversary Expo. There will be a three day trade show where you can visit with feature entertainers while seeing the latest innovations in the multi billion dollar adult industry at over 250 booths. There's compelling seminars for both club owners and dancers that will dramatically enhance your knowledge. Club owners from across the U.S., feature entertainers, porn stars, photographers, magazine owners, and people representing nearly every aspect of this huge industry will be here. This year's expo will be held at Mandalay Bay. Call Exotic Dancer at 727-726-3592 for details and do read my article in a previous issue of The Looking Glass while browsing its pictures on last year's Expo.

Pure Talent Feature Showcase in Pennsylvania in October-----Stay tuned for more information here on its location and date. In the meantime consider calling Pure Talent at 727-796-9600 for details. Please read below my explanation of just what a Feature Talent Showcase is and do read "Inside a Pure Talent Feature Showcase" in the February issue of "The Looking Glass".

What is a Feature Talent Showcase?

Talent Agencies will often showcase several or more of their feature entertainers at a hosting club which will benefit from the increased traffic the feature entertainers provide. These clubs are often club chains which can further benefit from the close look they will get of the visiting features some of whom they will book for their own featured events. Features typically pay their own travel and other expenses to these feature showcases, gambling that they will be able to line up roadtrips with the visiting club owners and managers they will be meeting and dancing for at the hosting club. So why should some of you housedancers be interested in a feature showcase? Simple...You will have the chance to meet the owners or chief talent scout of the agency close and personal.

In the middle of November, 2001 I was Pure Talent's photographer at their Feature Showcase at Regina's in Springfield, Missouri. Ten to fifteen club owners showed up to watch the features perform here and every club made at least one booking. A house dancer from one of the St Louis Metro East Clubs followed me to the event. She was able to meet the owners of Pure Talent and the club allowed her to do a special set for them. Some of the Regina's house dancers interested in featuring were able to meet the owners of the agency and have special photography done both for the agency and magazines catering to the exotic dancing industry. This event will be covered in more detail in a later issue of the Looking Glass. My stories and pictures are now being published in both "Exotic Dancer's Bulletin" and "Xtreme Magazine".


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