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Looking for a hot feature entertainer to book?  Check here.  View her site and pictures.  Then check with the agencies at the bottom of the page if you can't find her contact information on a site. 



Brandi Morgan

This blonde bombshell is too much fun both on and off the stage.  But don't take our word for it.  Book her now. 



Damien Davidson

From Vicksburg, Mississippi Damien's is a leading feature entertainer who will galvanize your club while performing brilliant and innovative feature shows.  She's a bold and boisterous one with a heavy touch of Southern charm who is bound to get along well with both your club's customers and house dancers.  She can book her at Universal Talent by phone at 908-704-7242 .. 

Darien Ross

Jack Corbett called Darien Ross the Consummate Pro for all reasons in his feature profile of her in "Xtreme Magazine".   Glamorous both on and off the stage, Darien is bound to win over your club's clientelle.  As well as being a stellar feature entertainer, Darien  produces her own costumes and will custom design and make costumes for other feature entertainers and house dancers.  


Devin Lee

Devin Lee's got it all, stunning good looks and great attitude. 



Heather Monroe

On the stage she's in perpetual motion--moving so fast that the photographer can hardly track her without getting his shots blurry.  She's always changing positions--one moment she's down on the platform on her stomach, then she's up on her knees, then down again, constantly turning and twisting to the music. She's very exciting to watch and when you see her perform you can't help feeling that this is the way things should be with never a dull moment.




At the Lumberyard when she's back to normal, she's Kiara, but when she's out on the road or defending her home turf at the club wrestling for SPEW (Sexy Professional Exotic Wrestling), she's better known as Tiger Kiara.  Wrestling against humans whether male or female in the hot oil is no big deal for Kiara because her training regimen includes full physical contact with real Tigers, the kind that can snap a man's neck in half a second.  When she's not wrestling for keeps, Kiara awaits you at the Lumberyard.  Check the club's web site to view her pictures or better yet, to see if she's there.  The Lumberyard is one of the few clubs which puts logs its girls in  on its web site when they show up on their shift. 


Kelly Taylor

Maryland's Miss Exotic Dancer 2003, Kelly DiVine seems to float on the pole forever.  She is not to be missed.  Never boring, she's that rare gem who will keep you guessing what she's going to do on the stage next.  Kelly was Jack's favorite entertainer at the last showcase, a difficult feat considering there were 17  terrific women at that.  She gives terrific backrubs and when you are lugging a heavy camera around all night long, this is worth writing about.  So when you meet Kelly, just ask  for the DiVine backrub.


Leah Layne

To be in Leah Layneland is to enter a realm few can.  You can find her in the Alpha Pro Hall of Fame



Outspoken, easy going and outgoing, Lollytopps recently won Universal Talent's Showstopper of the Year award in Allenton, PA which is no surprise to us.  As an entertainer on your stage, Lollytopps is in perpetual motion, oftentimes a fast moving blur of unadulterated pure entertainment action.  She's one of the masters of the pole.  She's creative and innovative, on a quest for constantly introducing new shows and props.  We recommend her highly.  You can book her through the Pure Talent Agency by clicking on the agency's logo at the bottom of this page.



Paine and Pleasure

These two will make you double check your fantasies, and  yes, if you are honest with yourself you have to admit that being close to a good looking mother and daughter puts your libido in high gear.  But the real story of this upwardly mobile duo is not nearly as kinky as the story you really want to hear.  Pleasure, the young willowy blonde daughter could very well be one of the most terrific finds of today's entertainment world.  She's got youth, incredibly good looks, and a great attitude all together in one stunning blend.  Certainly her tying for first place for Cheri Magazine's Best All Natural Body at Nudes-A-Poppin in 2003 drives this point home.  Keep in mind there were over 70 contestants vying for that honor.  But the climb to the lofty top of featuredom is arduous and filled with hazard.  So when you think about it, who's better than Mom to guide a young girl down this craggy path?  And Mom, the second half of this dynamic duo, is something else.  You can trust us on this one.  To check Paine and Pleasure out


Serenna Starr

She's a live wire on the stage, and quite the model as we recently found out while shooting her for the 2004 Gun Calendar featuring the FAL battle rifle.  But although she's recently changed her stage name from Enigma  to Serenna Starr, she's still as enigmatic as ever.  You can book Serenna with the Pure Talent Agency. 


Sabrina Scott

When she features in your club you are going to find that Sabrina redefines the meaning of a dancer's acrobatics.  To quote Jack Corbett in his feature profile  in "Xtreme Magazine":  "Sabrina Scott raises the bar for features".   




Samantha Starr

One cannot help falling for this heroic feature entertainer you can book through the Pure Talent Agency.  As Jack published in "Xtreme Magazine", she's got the soul of a champion. 



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