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She will bring Feature Entertaining right to your doorstep
Jack Corbett

Picture taken by the author when he first met Adina performing as
a feature entertainer with the Pure Talent Agency at Big Al's in Peoria,
 Illinois (most of the pictures below are by Adina)


Professional photographer, model, financially independent web site designer, and owner of her own business, "Adina Winters entertainment" Adina Winters is the real deal.  Meeting Adina will probably destroy every preconception you've ever had about strippers and feature entertainers. 

 She's all natural, without a single tattoo with a lithe body that is completely unmarked by the fake breasts and silicon that's iconized adult entertainment for the past 50 years,  Adina doesn't do drugs and doesn't drink.  She's an avid snowboarder who chose to live in the Lake Tahoe area, home to some the most majestic mountains and finest ski resorts in the United States.  Your average adult entertainer doesn't do that.  And when you think about it, how many people do you know, how many people have you ever met, who have been able to live where  they want to live  spending their time doing what they want to do rather than what others expect of them?

Adina knows far more about computers than most of you reading these pages. She's her own web site designer.  Most of the pictures on it are hers.  But as accomplished as she is at anything that requires creativity and brains, she's equally adept on the ski resorts of some of the finest resorts in the U.S.  There's next door Squaw Valley site of the 1960 Winter Olympics to name just one of the excellent ski resorts surrounding Lake Tahoe.  Instead of being an avid skier, Adina's an accomplished snowboarder who goes all out trying to win the competitions near her.  Snowboarding, as a sport, is even more difficult to master than skiing, so most of us can only imagine at what level Adina competes.

But it is her business and her present views on the adult entertainment industry that interest me the most.  What Adina does is to bring the strip club experience to her customers' doorsteps where she will supply bachelor's style parties on demand.  As a feature entertainer Adina learned from some of the best starting with the Pure Talent Agency where I first met her doing feature showcases where she and more than a dozen aspiring feature entertainers performed shows for visiting club owners from across the U.S. who were there to decide on which feature entertainers they wanted to book.   But unlike most of the other feature entertainers, Adina took all that she learned, to add to the considerable skills she had already learned and would learn in the coming years to build her own business. 

Expect soon, a full blown interview in which Adina discusses the adult entertainment industry in the U.S. today, with its highs and its lows, what it does right and where it falls short of what it could do so much better.


Clean living Adina is fiercely competitive when it comes to her favorite outdoor sports. 



adina adina adina
 Redrum Collaboration  Shannon Brook Photography  Bryan Brazil
adina adina adina adina
 Shannon Brook Photography      Shannon Brook Photography





If you want to see even more of Adina you can visit her here at Jack Corbett's Xtreme Weapons, Guns and Babes

 if you still can't get enough of her you can book Adina Winters and her friends throughout the Lake Tahoe area for private shows, meets on the ski slopes and apres ski.  If you are outside this area,  Adina and her friends will travel anywhere in the U.S.  Just check her web site for details.

Or just buy my book and keep Adina with you forever.  You can get it and Adina in three flavors:  full color paperback, the black and white edition in paperback (much less expensive) and in Kindle e book from Amazon. 

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