Angie the artist

Angie on her computer

We were surprised to suddenly find Angie online with us, then even more surprised after visiting her and seeing what she had on that computer of hers. Back in New York Angie had been a vital part of a rock band, then joined another one once she joined the St Louis Metro East strip club scene She's not only a female vocalist but one of the composers for the lyrics the band uses. When I got to her place one of the first things she did was to show me videos of her working with the two bands. Then she pulled out the lyrics for the music both bands were using and some of these lyrics she wrote herself.

Security conscious to the core Angie had the lyrics sequestered in various directories which she had password protected just in case. Her interest and work with music explains here keen interest in what goes into the Alphapro web site whether it is the writing there or the photography.

It seems that artists tend to flock together. 

In the St. Louis Metro East strip clubs Angie had made it a point to get to know as many Alphapro members as possible.  Which makes us think that Angie is a stripper for two reasons. First...her love of the stage as an end unto itself.

 And second----------The fact that dancing gives her the flexible schedule that makes it possible for her to get together with the band at odd times that are planned at the last minute or to immerse herself writing lyrics as the creative voice in her calls.  Nine to five jobs just wouldn't give her the freedom to fit her work schedule around her other activities.

Angie on her computer

But computers can take their toll. Here we see Angie frustrated with something that has just gone wrong-something that most of us have dealt with time and time again with our computers.

When it comes to web site work, high level digital photography and video the average person simply isn't that much interested. A true artist would have a natural curiosity on these subjects. Which might explain why Angie was so quick to handle the camera for the Jack-Kristal hot tub photo shoot. Or why she is anxious to get involved in similar ventures.

So if you are ever down in Brooklyn, IL club hopping, be sure to look her up at Fantasyland . We think you will be glad you did

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