Will Angelica Knight be the greatest Butterfly of us all?

by Jack Corbett
A completely nude Butterfly


In Thailand a butterfly is a man who flits from bar girl to bar girl, never settling down with just one. And Pattaya Beach just two hours from Bangkok is the leading Paradise for up and coming butterflies. Here one finds over 2,000 bars, discotheques, and go-go nightclubs packed in a narrow strip 2 miles by a scant quarter mile wide. Our pioneering team for a hazardous mission into this last frontier of non-ending physical delights at the risk of getting aids, food poisoning or just succumbing to plain and simple drunkenness will consist of Big Daddy, the manager of the Iowa Playhouse near Omaha Nebraska, Boyd, representing the New York City bomb squad, Hawkeye, our Anthropologist presently working as D.J at the Playhouse for Big Daddy, PlOne who has a PHD in Computer Science, Angelica Knight as the token female in the group and myself as the party’s Historian along with many other miscreants scattered throughout the U.S. from the East to the West Coasts. Although for the most part our crowd is coming here for the scuba diving, the gorgeous beaches, and the food, Pattaya’s 20,000 bar girls, are here to provide whatever a man needs or could ever want. Whether men come here solitaire or to swing with a partner, it is almost unheard of for a woman to pay her own way to this Disneyland for adults. But Angelica Knight is, and it is likely that Thailand’s bars and bar girls have never seen the likes of Angelica Knight, who’s kick starting her career as a beginning feature entertainer with a flair and bravado that Featuredom’s not seen in years. Now working as a house dancer for Iowa Playhouse, Angelica Knight recently graduated from the Pure Talent School of Dance, and plans on tearing up the circuit as a new feature entertainer in the coming months, but first there’s her rendezvous with Thailand. Although I will be monitoring her Pattayaland depredations in a few weeks, I recently interviewed Angelica Knight for both "Wood Magazine" out of Wisconsin and "The Wild Times" of St. Louis to get some insight on her unique background and future plans while visiting Thailand that will indisputably put Angelica light years ahead of most other mortals.

The Wood Magazine: “What is your educational and professional background?”

Angelica: “I finished High School when I was just 16, and having nothing better to do with my time, I enlisted in the military because I was bored with the small town mentality where I was from”

The Wood Magazine: “And what did you do in the military and how long were you there?”
Angelica: “I was in 71 Delta for three years where I was in the AIT, Advanced Individual Training program?”

The Wood Magazine: “And what’s that?”

Angelica: “It’s training to be a military combined Para Legal and Courtroom Reporter. Then the army sent me to the West Point prep school for 6-7 months but I wound up leaving and getting an honorable discharge because I was a bigger party girl than the Army wanted for an officer.”
The Wood Magazine: “What do you plan on doing in Thailand?”

Angelica: “I’m going to prove you and Big Daddy (Angelica’s present boss, the General Manager of the Playhouse) wrong. I am going to prove that American girls can party better than all those Thai girls you two keep bragging on.”

The Wood Magazine: “What made you decide to go to Thailand?”

Angelica: “I thought it was high time for somebody to put the Sin back in Thailand and that I was just the one to do it.”

The Wood Magazine: “What do you expect the woman situation to be like in Pattaya?”

Angelica: “Just like it is here. They are all going to love me.”

The Wood Magazine: “Do you have any specific goals such as having more than thirty girls over the three weeks you are visiting Thailand, or having two or more girls at once? I’m predicting I’ll be sleeping with at least 20, and since I’ll be in Thailand for two months that’s a conservative estimate.”

Angelica: “Heck no. You don’t plan this ahead of time. If there just happens to be twenty girls in my bed it is not my fault. It will have just happened that way.”

The Wood Magazine: “I agree with you. I mentioned only twenty. Who knows, it might be thirty or it might be just ten. I have a tendency to be true to girls who mean a lot to me. Do you plan on seeing any palaces, temples, museums or other cultural things?”

Angelica: “I will want to see the palaces and ride the elephants and other things. You have to take care of the mind and not just the body. You can’t just take care of one and not the other.”

The Wood Magazine: “Do you have any advice for the rest of us?”

Angelica: “Just watch me and learn.”

In Thailand Big Daddy and the rest of us just expect Angelica to be one of the guys. Who knows, perhaps we can all get her to get up on the stage in a couple of Thai strip clubs. Angelica Knight is cocky with an outgoing brassy attitude that puts her in front of practically any group of adult entertainers you could ever name. But we think this cockiness is well earned. I ask all of you, how many women do we know who depend upon men to pave their way? And how many women who play one man off the other in search of the deepest pockets–women who are not self-starters running on God knows what as if they have no motors at all unless you call good looks or that thing between their legs a motor? All of them hohum, so utterly predictable and boring, and then there’s Angelica Knight who knows how to make and to save a buck who’s never boring , and God how we love her for being so different. While other women wait for a guy to take them on exotic vacations, Angelica’s got her money where her mouth is. For the record how many feature entertainers can we name who kick off their careers as professional entertainers by brazenly heading off to make an unforgettable impression on the adult entertainment industry of an entire country, especially one such as Thailand’s that enjoys a reputation for being the Sodom and Gomorrah of the modern world?

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