XXX porn star Reagan Anthony’s climb to the top of ranks of Feature Entertainers
by Jack Corbett

Regan Anthony
Note.  This is the original front cover article Jack Corbett wrote about Regan Anthony for the "Wild Times Magazine"  Several months later  in July 2004 Regan won top honors as the 2004 Nudes-A-Poppin entertainer of the year.  The trophy must be seven feet tall, which is in proportion to all of Regan's performances Corbett is reported seeing  over the past year during which she always gave 110 %.

Just one and a half years ago, Reagan Anthony was just one of over 40,000 house dancers, a virtual unknown.

During this short span, Reagan Anthony’s climb to becoming one of the best known features on the circuit has been spectacular.

Yet she’s a paradox of what appears to be irreconcilable contradictions. When she mounts the stage as a visiting feature entertainer she’s announced as an XXX star. Yet she’s so much more exciting to watch than your typical porn star. She’s an electrically charged dynamo of pulsating energy, one of the best dancers to ever strut her high powered stuff on the stage. But in spite of her porn star credentials such adjectives as distant, prima donnish, difficult, and uncomfortable do not apply to her off the stage personality. If you are a club owner, she’s exactly what you are going to want to book–she’s that riveting to watch and a certainty to win over both your customers and house dancers with her raw intensity, yet so low maintenance that you will be asking her back again and again. In a word she’s charismatic, a feature entertainer I can recommend without hesitation and for all the right reasons. Just last weekend I saw her once again over at Big Daddys at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. She was more magnetic than I had ever seen her before. I could hardly wait to do the following interview of her.

Wild Times: “You seem to be everywhere. You just competied for the Golden G-String pageant in New Orleans several weeks ago. Last weekend you were in Missouri and here you are already featuring in Buffalo, New York. I first met you in Philadelphia, and not long after that we were all in Las Vegas for the Exotic Dancer Expo. You have become one of the most famous features practically overnight. If you were to give advice to a young house dancer who’s interested in becoming a feature, what would you tell her?”

Reagan: “I’d tell her to hook up with the Pure Talent Agency and not look back.”

Wild Times: “So you’d advise the girl to simply pay her money and enroll in the Pure Talent School of Dance?”

Reagan: “Definitely. That’s exactly what I told Jenni to do at Big Daddys when she was asking me what she would do.”

Wild Times: “ Did you attend their school of dance?”

Reagan: “No. I struck out on my own. I started with the Continental Agency where I learned a lot.”

Wild Times: “So Pure Talent did not encourage you to attend their school of dance?”

Reagan: “No. We skipped that step although for most I strongly recommend their school of dance.”

Wild Times: I’ve noticed that you have participated in most of Pure Talent’s Feature Showcases so the owners of the agency have gotten to know you and seen a lot of what you can do. What are some of the titles you’ve gotten recently?”

Reagan: “I’m Miss Petit Nude Universe. I got that one in North Caroline and I was second runner up for Miss Nude World.” (Miss Nude World was a fiercely contested contest drawing in entertainers from as far away as Holland and Australia).

Wild Times: “Now what’s this with your being a XXX adult star? You don’t act like a porn star to me.“

Reagan: “Well I actually enjoy dancing more on the stage than I do the adult movies although I find that to be exciting too.”

Wild Times: “So what kind of porn do you do?”

Reagan: “Mostly girl on girl.”

Wild Times: “What’s your latest project?”

Reagan: “‘Southern Angel’ should be hitting the adult videos about now. There are six different scenes including one about guns in one of the sexual parts. There is one guy-girl scene with me in it.”

Wild Times: “And I suppose you are the angel?”

Reagan: “Yes.”

Wild Times: “I still regard you as more angel than porn star. So what are some of your goals for the next year?”

Reagan: “To become more widely known than I already am. Which is one of the reasons I’m doing the adult videos in the first place. Club owners as well as most customers identify more with porn stars than they do with feature entertainers.”

Wild Times: “Well, I don’t care. To me you will always be more feature entertainer than porn star. Your heart is in the dance performance itself while providing a scintillatingly exciting show for your audience. You know who you remind me of?”

Reagan: “No. Who?”

Wild Times: “K.C. Cannons who just won Miss Nude World who was cover girl for Wild Times last month. As far as I know she’s not into porn at all, but the two of you are so much alike.”

Reagan: “Why’s that?”

Wild Times: “I think most club owners realize that they cannot possibly be making a mistake by booking K.C. for one thing. She always delivers first rate shows, and everyone likes her from the club owners to the house dancers not to mention the customers. As I said in “Wild Times” last month, K.C. is the Classy Lady of Featuredom. Since getting to know you better I think you are a lot like K.C. and someone I’d recommend without hesitation.”

Reagan: “I’m a lot different from K.C. in some ways. For one thing, I’m a lot wilder.”

Wild Times: “You are, and then again, you aren’t. You act wilder but beneath it all the two of you are much alike. You both have your feet firmly planted on the ground. How would you compare your style to hers?”

Reagan: “K.C. is much more choreographed. She has her shows well planned and organized whereas I just go with the flow. I change with the crowd.”

“Wild Times: “K.C. has great props and makes very skillful use of them. She will give you a few seconds of sensational fast moving action, and then she will slow down, do a shower scene or do something else whereas you go at a 140 miles an hour all the time. But I once saw K.C. do 140 miles an hour for entire minutes non strop.”

Reagan: “You did?”

Wild Times: “Believe me. She can turn the heat on and keep it at a white fever pitch. But so can you. The thing that makes you remind me of her is both of you have the complete package.

Three is nothing so addictive and that feels so good as tracking a great feature entertainer with a responsive camera. The subject in the view finder is a fast moving blur, the epitome of grace and form at mind boggling speed. The mind and eye can hardly keep up. One has to be able to feel the magic and to get higher than practically anyone else in the room on adrenaline alone. It is a moment of being one with the entertainer, of hoping for the most spectacular pictures you’ve ever taken. You want her to be the best she’s ever been, and then you see her, and she’s doing it. God, is she doing it, and there’s not many of them that can get your every muscle and nerve ending working together with her to preserve those precious moments in time–forever. There is nothing like it and only a few who can bring it all out of you. Reagan Anthony is one of those very rare few.

Regan AnthonyRegan Anthony performing at a Pure Talent Feature ShowcaseRegan Anthony on stage

Regan Anthony on the topless club stageRegan Anthony doing her feature actRegan Anthony featuring at Big Daddy's

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