Renee the Great----Precocious Dollies Playhouse strip club bartender
by Jack Corbett

You must meet this slim precocious bartender at Dollies Playhouse if you want to really experienced this Washington Park Illinois strip club.  Here you will find  a  down home friendliness equally mixed with laissez-faire attitudes and off the wall humor that permeates the place--that comes from the dancers, managers, and bartenders. And when you really think about it the bartender is the one who you usually deal with first when you come to Dollies Playhouse.

And Dollies has not only the best bartenders we've ever seen in this business but the prettiest. And we are not just talking all makeup, silicon, and plastic making a great first impression but beauty that first appears on the surface then grows on you as you realize that the pretty face pouring your drinks is much more than just a pretty face.

That's Renee. Don't ever mistake her youthfulness and enthusiasm for naiveté. After all, Hawk, her dad, is the club's general manager. So she's seen a lot more than she sometimes lets on. If she wasn't clowning around so much she'd be one of the most glamorous, sexy ladies around. I asked her about that once and she replied: "I really can't keep a straight face long enough to do sexy pictures. I really don't take that very seriously."

Ya really got to love her. You watch her as she tends bar. And you see her face undergo a myriad of expressions. Sometimes she's contemplative. Other times she's rolling her eyes, sticking out her tongue, wrinkling up her nose, or every now and then just plain dancing behind the bar. She's amused at everything she considers funny that's going on around her and much of the time she's laughing at herself.

But trust me, Renee is much more than a clown or just another cute girl. Our interview was short although a small group of us had been drinking together at the bar stools for hours. Renee's answers were given between pouring drinks for the customers. They were quick and direct leaving no doubt as to how she felt about what I asked her.


Jack........."Would you like to be a dancer?"

Renee......"No. Honestly, no."

Jack.........."Why not?"

Renee......."My body is mine. Not something to gawk over."

Jack.........."Renee, suppose a man invited you to go to a convention with him. For about a week. And he offered you a twenty thousand dollar car to go with him, would you go, if he didn't mean much to you?"

Renee......."No. Absolutely not."

Jack.........."What do you think of the girls that would agree to that kind of proposition?"

Renee......."I think that they have very low self esteem and that they think very little of themselves to degrade their bodies like that."

Jack.........."What do you think your dad would think of you for saying this considering that he runs this place and there are girls who do that sort of thing not only here but also in many places like it?"

Renee......."He would think it's okay. I've been raised with very high morals."

Jack:........"What are you doing here, being in a topless club where a lot of things might go on that you don't approve of?"

Renee......"To make good money. My dad was here for years. So people here are like a second family. Howard for instance. I'd never want to go anywhere else. Another topless club that is."

Jack........."What do you think of all those people out there who would like to close clubs down?"

Renee......"To each their own. If they don't like it, they don't like it. They don't have to go to them."

The interview was short yet in just a few statements Renee said quite a bit about not only her own feelings but about her father and many of the people she works with. This establishment is one of the best places to drink and have a good time. Lots of good people, starting with the people who work there, and some very fine bartenders.

To see more pictures of Renee the Great and Jack click here.

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