Shae the stripper you won't want to miss

Stimmelators Gentlemen's Club standout from of North Webster Indiana
by Jack Corbett

Every once in awhile a newcomer comes to the profession who stands out over the others.  She's self assured.  Brash.  Yet still easily approachable.   Some of the other girls cry out...."What's she got that's so special?"

Shae's got it...that's what she's got.   The right look and the right temperament.   Outgoing and personable, quick on her feet and just as quick witted.  She knows what to do.....instinctively.   She knows just what outfits to wear and what colors look best on her.   And she's got eyes.  Above all she's easy to be around.  

Shae's almost a rookie as a dancer but in a very short period of time she's come a long way on that stage that separates the good ones from those who will never have it.  But it's her pictures that will really get to you...unless you get lucky enough to see her in person at Stimmelators in North Webster, Indiana.  


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