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The St Louis Gateway Arch and the Old Courthouse

by Jack Corbett

Saint Louis Arch

St Louis was the Gateway to the West back in the 1800's.   Everything came through this city as a young nation expanded into a great power that spanned an entire continent.   The St Louis Gateway Arch, begun in 1963 and completed in 1965 was to symbolize the pioneer spirit that  transcended disease, climate, geographical barriers imposed by harsh mountains rivers and other obstacles,  wars with Mexico and Indians, and lawlessness when the six gun, rifle and shotgun ruled the frontier.  Six hundred and thirty feet high, I watched it go up during my High School years.

Over thirty years later, twice I came back to set up my cameras on a little tripod on the East side of the river--the first time with my old 35 mm Single Lens reflex, the second time with a new digital camera.  I thought about  the city's great variety of neighborhoods, of French, English, and German architectural styles, how old the city was, and how  friendly its people are compared to many other places.  And why not?  After all, there had been continued migrations of people flowing through to settle both here and in other places.   St Louis had never grown stagnate, always looking outward, contrary to what many others might claim.

Here I was over on the Illinois side.  There was a bit of a chill in the air but I would soon  be in a night club with my laptop   on the bar going through the pictures I was taking while surrounded by pretty women.   The arch is a glowing masterpiece of design embodying the synthesis of the old and the new.  It had to have been exciting living back then.  It still is.


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