Observations from the DJ Booth
by Krazy Ted

Kiwi Bike Mania

Here's wishing everyone a triumphant and prosperous new year... This month I'm simply going to ramble about one of my clubs traditions... The Sapphires Gentlemen's Club Christmas Party !!!

Preparations started weeks ahead of time for this annual extravaganza... Buhda, managing partner, cooked everything this year instead of catering... Buhda is a certified general chef so the food blew last years away... Kristin and Tom , the other partners along with Buhda, had limited edition shirts made for all 90 people at the party... We have a Secret Satan (er a Santa) gift exchange and that can be very scary with the notorious smart-asses that are at this party... The owners also get something for all the staff... I was pleased to see that the owners got all the DJs weapons.... Bonehead and Crow each got swords and I got a set of throwing knives.... I guess they figured if I take someone out from the booth I won't have to go up and down the stairs, thus, at my age, reducing the chance of fracturing a hip...

We also had some very distinguished guests this year... Kloey Love was our feature the week before the party.... She booked it last year after staying over another day and has booked next year for the same week... This party is serious good fun... Lexi Lamour and Carrie Bare also made special trips from all over the U.S. to come to this Christmas party...

Another tradition, I was unaware of last year, is that the guys dance for the girls.... I think it's a good thing because then the guys can see how hard dancing can really be on your body.... I couldn't move my arms for a week and a half... I think I'm in better shape this year but I also had been working on my pole tricks !!! Junior, one of our doormen, and I did a cowboy set.... Yes I got down to a G-string and a pair of chaps (and this is in front of Lexi, Carrie, Kloey, my bosses, two off duty cops, the wall of leather, business owners, the tattoo parlor guys, etc....) We were joined by Crow on stage and covered a bunch of the booze that was drank with our tips.... Wow the Rumplemintz must really have been flowing....

Kloey and Jake, her roadie, got me some killer software for desktop publishing.... Lexi and Eric, her roadie, got me a dick nose.... Yes there are pictures of everything.... I haven't seen them yet and that unnerves me greatly....

The Christmas Party emphasizes the closeness and comradary that is shared by everyone affiliated to Sapphires.... This is evident to the customers as well... They know we all have a good time together and it carries over so they have a good time , too.... It's unbelievable that some of the closest friends I've had in my life I've only known a little over a year.... It brings to mind this years limited edition shirts which read "We Are Family"..... It is so true....

Until next time,
Happy New Year,
Krazy Ted



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