Looking Glass Magazine Big Daddys Strip Club of the Month Issue
January 2003

Big Daddy's cabaret stripper on stage

The Strip Club of the month is  Big Daddy's Cabaret

 in Dixon, Missouri. See why many call Missouri a Southern State and what Southern Clubs have to offer that we can't quite match up here in the north. Note.....this is not St. Louis. This place is in the real Missouri. Located close to Fort Leonard Wood on the West side of Rolla, Big Daddy's closes at 5 a.m. Word travels fast in an Army barracks. If most of your customers are in the armed services you had damn well better treat them like honored guests or earn a bad rep in a hurry. This club delivers the goods. So put it in your club hopping travel plans.

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Especially for Dancers--Events, Feature Talent Showcases, etc.

Pure Talent, Continental, or another top talent agency having a "Feature Showcase" or contest? If you are at all interested in featuring this is one of your finest opportunities to make the connections that count. Or how about those special contests that get you the kinds of credits that get you ahead? We will be listing the key events that make the difference.

Your Horror Scope

 Get the straight scoop from the all seeing eye, the real truth about your Asstoological future, exclusively here from the Writers of the "Looking Glass" who tune into the cosmos and experience its dangers searching for ultimate destinies in the stars, in their unrelenting quest to serve you, our readers.

Dick Fitswell finds the Perfect Fit by Jack Corbett

And where does he find it? The Church, where else would you expect to see Dick Fitswell, the Man on a Quest for the Perfect Fit to find the perfect woman to satisfy the raging of his 18 inch penis? And while he's at it, he makes plans on taking the place over. Let's see here......Reverend Dick, Father Dick?

Observations from the D.J. Booth, Sapphires Christmas Party by Krazy Ted

With at least three feature entertainers at Club Sapphires, there's some Christmas partying going here at Club Sapphires and our man's right in the thick of it. Check out the tip of the iceberg on why they call our D.J. writer, Krazy Ted.

Letters from the Backdoor Man--Episode 7 of The Trailer Park Momma , "In Search of the Holy Tail" written by the Backdoor Man himself

 For a tale about evil pussy, check out Episode 7, as the backdoor man experiences once again, life in the raw.

The AK-47–the ugly assault rifle that armed the Communist Block by Jack Corbett

Introducing stellar feature entertainer, Jada Deville with the AK-47 automatic rifle. Arming over 50 armies world wide, in the 1967 seven day war Uzi armed Israeli troops replaced their submachine guns with AK-47s whenever they could. During the VIetnam War American soldiers snapped up captured Vietcong AK-47's to use instead of their unreliable M-16's. Next month..........the M-16, the second most prolific battle rifle of the 20th century after the AK-47.

The Madame and the Horsemaster by Morgan Hawke

This is the first of a new series in which Morgan Hawke takes you into the world of erotism. Morgan's good enough to write for Playboy. But the Looking Glass has got her. Too bad for "Playboy".

From club to Club, the search for strip club nirvana by Donald Smith

 Introducing Don Smith, our newest writer. Don's a D.J. at Club Alex's in Massachusetts.

The Streets of Ketchikan by Baron

Bars and topless clubs in Alaska--it's a long ways off to get there. To capture the mood of this isolated state and the wild and whooly air that permeates the area, takes a special touch. Baron lives in the Pacific Northwest, often making the trek to Alaska to ply a living commercially fishing. Expect to find here a literary canvas so poignant to carry you into a world you've never experienced.

Peter the Great--Peter finds out about Father Joseph--Episode by Jack Corbett

Peter, Tsar of Russia, in the late 17th and early 18th centuries, has been reincarnated into the 20th century. Now President of the United States, he's got God on his side--literally. As both his Attorney General and Secretary of Defense. The Tsas took on the Greek Orthodox Church. Now Peter is confronted with Catholic priests molesting young boys and hell's got to be paid. But is this up to God or the state?


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