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Beware the Pattaya Go-Go Dancer. Chiang Mai Kelly tells what it's really like to live with 6 Thai go go girls

Jack Corbett meets Chiang Mai Kelly--April 2011

Living with Six Thai Go-Go Girls--April 2011

No Money No Honey--June 2011

Fitting in on Soi Buakhow--August 2011

My Third Roommate, the Yabba (Crack) Lady--Nov 2011

Three Drunk Hookers in a Thailand Night Club--Jan 2012

Pet, 19 year old Thai Whore Noviate--April 2012

18 year old Pet's debut at topless dancing--June 2012

Chiang Mai Kelly's Thailand Odyssey--September 2012

Kelly barfines his little Pet January 2013

Banging the Daughter of the Thai Princess May 2013



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