Dick Fitswell's Useless Appendage
by Jack Corbett


Dick Fitswell's once proud penis is reduced to a a flaccid  misshapen object after bizarre accident with his electronic pump up.

Image contributed by Scott Waggoner of Nugrafix

Fourteen days after his electronic pump up shorted out on him, Dick Fitswell came out of the coma. "I had this dream," he thought when he reached a barely conscious state, "that I had the perfect fit.  His memory came back faster than his doctor  thought possible.  He remembered a beautiful, willful Thai girl with firm pointy breasts skewered on his large penis, squirming and screaming as she tried to escape from his relentless, throbbing pleasure stick. "Right up the ass," Fitswell style, he nodded in approval as the memory came back to him like an apparition from the past.  He remembered the pump up and how six whores in a row had sucked the come out of him.  He remembered how he didnít think he could get off with this seventh girl, the most beautiful and enticing of them all and his having to rely on the pump up.  He vaguely recollected blanking out as indescribable pain coursed through his penis and scrotum.   Dick Fitswell slowly opened his eyes and saw the IV stuck in his arm.

"My penis," he screamed aloud, so loud that they could hear it outside the room,  that booming Fitswell voice, a cry of anguish that reverberated throughout the entire third floor of the hospital.  "It hurts. God it hurts.  I must check it.  See if itís all still there."  Dick Fitswell reached into his hospital gown with his left hand and grasped his appendage.  It was not even semi erect.  Just a flaccid  misshapen object he had never felt before------to be continued in the book which you can buy in paperback or two e reader formats from Amazon and lulu.com



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