26 Dick Fitswell Man in quest of the Perfect Fit Stories
by Jack Corbett

While the rest of us search for wealth, self actualization or the right career , Fitswell sets out looking for his Holy Grail, the perfect fit while finding himself at all corners of the globe, his quest relentless.  An astonished world of admirers and detractors await his next misadventure with abated breath


Naked breasts at Angkor Wat
"Pay Your Pal wants to destroy these ancient Angkor Wat sculptures because they show that topless clubs have existed for hundreds of years.  Therefore it's normal for women to show off their breasts and for us to hang out in strip clubs. 

Dick Fitswell while trying to stop the Mothers for a More Boring Nation and Pay Your Pal from bombing Cambodia's greatest national treasure in their ever lasting vendetta against nudity and sex. 
swan, Dick Fitswell and Howard the Fuck Duck
I had a normal child hood learning all about sex from Howard the Duck"---Dick Fitswell telling his psychotherapist about his first sexual experience at 11. 

He angers so many Christians that he has to live in exile running a Bangkok Whorehouse.

"You fools have been worshiping in the wrong place for 1700 years thinking he was crucified over there.  See how they are making an Arab bus station at the real Skull Hill."  Dick Fitswell 
topless club manager and Dick Fitswell

Don 't bother me until I have finished."  Dick Fitswell when the manager of the topless club caught him banging one of the dancers in the phone booth

Dick Fitswell as minister of the Church
Let me be your minister from now on."  Dick Fitswell after telling the real story
Fitswell's Big Dick'sSoi 6 Bar  
"As long as you are going to be a dick, you might as well be a big one."  
Dick Fitswell after opening up his Soi Six
 Bar in Pattaya, Thailand, Big Dick's. 

Dick Fitswell book
Finally--the book that tells the real story about Dick Fitswell--the man, the real truth, and the legend.   Now on sale at Amazon.


Here are 26 stories of the legend of Dick Fitswell with his 18 inch dick looking for the perfect fit


Meet Dick Fitswell as he picks a woman up in a Country Western Bar.

Dick Fitswell gives up on his favorite swingers' bar

Dick Fitswell at the strip club

Dick Fitswell at the St Louis Country Club

Dick Fitswell at the Biker Bar

Fitswell goes skiing

Fitswell in Hong Kong

Fitswell goes to Canada

Fitswell meets the Canadian socialized Health Care System

Fitswell and the surgeon's knife

Fitswell has a religious conversion

Dick Fitswell goes to Church

Dick Fitswell makes his move on the minister's wife

Dick Fitswell finds the Perfect Fit

Dick Fitswell biggest plans go down in Flames

Dick Fitswell at the Whorehouse

Dick Fitswell becomes a cabby in Bangkok

Dick Fitswell running the Whorehouse

Dick Fitswell's useless appendage

Dick Fitswell meets Howie the (Fuck) Duck

Dick Fitswell has his first "woman"

Dick Fitswell's ancestor, Erectile Fitswell, saves Holland

Gonad Fitswell, the truth about Henry the 8th beheading two wives

Dick Fitswell celebrates Christmas

Dick Fitswell--on the job at America Online

Dick Fitswell works for Microcrap

Dick Fitswell tries to save Cambodia from Pay Pal

Dick Fitswell moves to Thailand



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