Erectile Fitswell Saves Holland
by Jack Corbett

Dick Fitswell's ancestor Erectile Fitswell saves Holland from flooding by putting plugging a leaking dike with his large appendage


"But is he really cured?" Dr. Kwan asked herself as she watched Dick Fitswell pump the sheets the next night. This time he didnít get an erection and when he came his sperm wimped out on him in short underpowered spurts that would have gotten him laughed out of a convent.

"Heís reverting again," Dr Kwan noted in her memoirs, which she had entitled "My most unforgettable fucks." "I need that driving cock inside me again guided by his animal mindlessness.  I want the beast pummeling me.  I have to have him because he doesnít give a shit about whom or what he fucks.  I need to make him well-- to make him whole again so that I can feel him reaming me while he's exploding inside me. "Dick," she silently prayed to herself, I want to feel that huge piston of yours inside me and the thought of you not caring about me as you inject me full of your precious fluids.

She couldnít sleep that night but the next day a solution came to her. "I need to shock him.  Have to come up with something that will remind him of his past that will really piss him off.  Only then can I force him to release that animal passion  lurking in his subconscious.  And hopefully, this time, my cure will be long lasting. But that was the doctor in her reminding her of how she had taken the sacred Hippocratic oath that admonished all doctors to look after the welfare of their patients above all other considerations---to be continued in the book which you can buy in paperback or two e reader formats from Amazon and




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