Dick Fitswell takes over the Church
by Jack Corbett

Picture of Dick Fitswell when he was irreverend


Dick Fitswell gets the church congregation to worship him as the head of the church


"My fellow sisters and brothers. I know we’ve not been together that long since I’ve joined this congregation. But I know you feel as I do that it seems we’ve all been close for eternity and it’s eternity that’s at stake here. Our very souls lie in the balance when we weigh the forces of darkness against the forces of light." Dick Fitswell paused for effect from the pulpit as he looked out into the hundreds of anxious faces of the churchgoers he now held in his sway. Then continued, "You have been lied to by your minister but please put forgiveness in your hearts for he has been but a pawn in this travesty----this awful sin that has perpetuated itself upon Christians for over seventeen centuries. I have come from far away, appointed by a higher power, to reveal the truth Let’s take Holy communion together."

Dick Fitswell was lucky to have two bartenders close at hand. Dick took out his pocket knife and cut a one inch gash into the tip of his thumb. Once the blood started flowing he put his thumb over each wine bottle as he squeezed it with his other hand. The cut was deep, deep enough to produce enough blood to color the once pale green wine a medium red, Fitswell’s favorite color. Then he once again looked out at his new converts as the two bartenders prepared the communion glasses------to be continued in the book which you can buy in paperback or two e reader formats from Amazon and lulu.com

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