St. Louis Metro East Strip Club Misadventures


For Jack Corbett the titillating excitement from spending 4 nights a week in the strip clubs was intoxicating

How we started 

It all started with Lori Mellon, the main female character in Jack Corbett's novel, "Death on the Wild Side".  Then he met Greyghost, and later on, the people who are the heart and soul of the Lost Angels.

Barred from another strip club  

Jack Corbett should be wearing a white t shirt that reads:  "I'm innocent."  But he still keeps getting barred from other clubs.   This time it happened on March 23rd when the owner accused Jack of raiding his club for dancers who hire on at Dollies Playhouse.   But the story line here is deep and it brings up events that happened three years ago.

Leeches get Jack Corbett thrown out of still another topless club

Within ten days of Jack's getting barred from Chameleon Club he gets barred from Dollies, a cub he had been doing business with for two years. Now why was that? Simple------He told the truth by giving live leeches to the boyfriend of a stripper who thinks it's fine to have her dance well into her pregnancy while he lives off the fat of the land. The Lost Angels group voted unanimously that this boyfriend receive their annual leech of the year award. Jack just delivered the message, telling him in front of every topless dancer in the bar----"Here's to you, the 1998 Lost Angels Leech of the Year, for having your girl friend dance pregnant while you sit on your ass. (Only partially completed)

Return to Visions   

Now barred from two clubs and with Friday night open, Jack Corbett returns to Visions, an upscale Metro East Club in Centerville, Illinois.   Revisiting memory lane Jack goes back to one of the few clubs that has never barred him.   This is one of the finest clubs he has ever been to and one of countless memories from the past.

Platinum Rendezvous  

Going to Platinum Club on business Jack Corbett runs into some old friends and meets someone he had never met who had backed him up in an Internet News Group.  Not long ago a sister club to Visions when it was Platinum Show Club, and the two clubs had the same owner,  Platinum Club along with a Hong Kong night club inspired the design for the Pink Giraffe t shirt which Jack designed to help promote his novel.   Like Visions, Platinum once again proves it's a class act and a club that is not to be missed.  

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