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Jack Corbett's wild times at the strip clubs in Washington Park

"Okay, Ill admit it, not everyone can get into these situations but just give me about four or five macho mugs and you will never know what I will get myself into. For that matter, neither do I."

The first party at Dollies Dawg, Philip21, and Pl/One meet Jack and his other friends for a long weekend in the Metro East, coming in from Canada, Indiana, and San Francisco. 


A Friday night at Dollies   A typical night at the club?  No such thing.  One of my favorite girls gets fired.  Dollies has a phone line just for Internet access.  We are on the net, the girl close beside me.  Everything is going smoothly and then it happens.

Doing the pole at Pops  Pops, an East Side night club that stays open twenty-four hours a day, is a favorite hangout for dancers completing their shift.   I am about to leave until  I find  two dancer friends of mine----and then the fun begins.

After hours at Pops  A different kind of look at the singles bar scene.  At 4 AM Satin after ending her shift at Dollies goes with me to Pops.  Lori Mellon's boyfriend on wobbly legs pathetically tries to start a fight and gets thrown out.

The Last Drunk   Alabama tells me this is the last night she can drink or it's rehab city.  We tie a good one on together.

Four days of solid clubbing in the Metro East   PlOne flies his own plane to Illinois from San Francisco.  Meanwhile Philip21 drives his Saab to Dollies from Indiana.  Philip's car breaks down in the parking lot.  The partying goes four days straight.  The group sees a lot of Lori, who seems to be a new Lori, older and wiser than the 25 year old rebel I first wrote about.  Then there's the other girls....Alabama, Marilyn Mynxx, Jessie, and Jade just to mention a few.

The night the police raided Chameleon--We were there the night the Chameleon got raided.  My buddy, Howard, and me.  Suddenly there were half a dozen Illinois State police officers in the room as it became deathly silent.   The music stopped and----------

My worse (or best) lines at the clubs--And all in one night.  Once again it's macho mug city, as Voodoo joins me for an afternoon and evening at C-Mowes, Chameleon, and Miss Kittys.  

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